Club Activities

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AndrewMorning RunRun1.19 mi0:0808-25-19
RichardMorning RideRide33.21 mi2:0308-25-19
SaraMorning Ride with the stupid kidsRide33.18 mi2:0308-25-19
JuliaLong RideRide33.20 mi2:0508-25-19
ChristinaFirst ride in a long time Ride30.34 mi1:5108-25-19
JanetMorning Ride with Superkids.Ride33.27 mi2:0308-25-19
Richard57 Solo with HillsRide57.04 mi3:3408-24-19
SaraWorkout on our course with warm up and cool downRun7.05 mi0:5608-24-19
JuliaMorning RunRun7.50 mi1:0508-24-19
NiaMorning RunRun8.44 mi1:0908-24-19
JanetMorning RunRun5.11 mi0:4208-24-19
DanielMorning RunRun4.74 mi0:4308-24-19
JuliaTesting the HamstringRun1.34 mi0:1208-23-19
MithilaLunch RunRun0.62 mi0:0908-23-19
NiaLast EZ in lake placid Run4.98 mi0:4008-23-19
JanetNYCVRide18.20 mi1:0408-23-19
DanielAfternoon RunRun5.06 mi0:4508-23-19
ChristinaTempo RunRun6.09 mi0:4908-23-19
MithilaMorning RunRun1.20 mi0:1108-23-19
MithilaMorning RunRun1.97 mi0:1808-23-19
AndrewMorning RunRun2.89 mi0:2108-23-19
SaraFun trail runRun3.30 mi0:3108-23-19
JanetMorning Run 7 miles...section along creek did not Run6.17 mi0:5408-22-19
DanielAfternoon RunRun6.16 mi0:5008-22-19
ChristinaFirst mountain bike rideRide6.95 mi1:0508-22-19
MithilaAfternoon RunRun2.94 mi0:3208-22-19
NiaTempo workoutRun8.39 mi1:0308-22-19
RichardMorning RunRun4.34 mi0:4108-22-19
SaraEasy runRun3.84 mi0:3408-22-19
Julia3k, 2k, 1k workout Run5.60 mi0:4308-22-19
RichardEvening RideRide13.49 mi0:4608-22-19
ChristinaRecovery RunRun3.56 mi0:3408-22-19
MithilaAfternoon RunRun0.68 mi0:0608-21-19
JuliaRichmondVRide18.56 mi1:0008-21-19
NiaEasy run w/ strides Run5.35 mi0:4208-21-19
SaraCoach: it’s workout day. Mother nature: it’s timeRun1.88 mi0:1508-21-19
Juliasuper easy recovery runRun1.98 mi0:1908-21-19
AndrewMorning RunRun2.04 mi0:1508-21-19
ChristinaLong run w/ hill repeats in the middleRun6.53 mi0:5608-21-19
JanetMorning Ride with the girls. Forgot to start GPS 2Ride21.58 mi1:2708-21-19
DanielEvening RunRun4.83 mi0:4208-21-19
JuliaMorning RunRun5.67 mi0:4608-20-19
NiaTime trial cooldownRun2.75 mi0:2408-20-19
DanielEvening RideRide24.17 mi1:1208-20-19
RichardMorning RunRun3.50 mi0:3108-20-19
SaraAfternoon RunRun3.04 mi0:2708-20-19
RichardTrek Shop RideRide26.28 mi1:2708-20-19
ChristinaRecovery RunRun4.99 mi0:4608-20-19
JanetMorning RunRun7.62 mi1:0208-20-19
NiaTT warmup Run1.72 mi0:1508-20-19