Club Activities

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JackLeg Speed Set 1VRide13.10 mi1:0002-21-19
NiaLeg Speed Set 1VRide16.85 mi0:5002-21-19
DanielAfternoon RunRun2.57 mi0:2302-21-19
RichardLondonVRide20.30 mi0:5802-21-19
SaraAfternoon RunRun3.69 mi0:3002-21-19
DanielSKE Strength Builder 75 minsVRide17.37 mi1:1402-21-19
JuliaSKE Strength Builder 75 minsVRide21.95 mi1:0602-21-19
JuliaAfternoon RunRun4.51 mi0:3702-21-19
JuliaTreadmill RunRun3.82 mi0:3502-20-19
RichardSnow and freezing rain Run4.00 mi0:4102-20-19
JuliaLeg Speed Set 1VRide16.40 mi0:5002-20-19
Tyler10-12wk FTP Builder Week 1 (Skip if you are in shaVRide26.61 mi1:2902-20-19
JuliaMorning RunRun3.59 mi0:3902-20-19
JackLeg Speed Set 1VRide13.43 mi1:0002-20-19
BenLondonVRide22.61 mi1:1502-20-19
NiaRun with RPI xc team Run4.93 mi0:4102-20-19
KaylaLeg Speed Set 1VRide17.46 mi1:0002-20-19
JanetMorning RunRun6.01 mi1:0002-19-19
DanielJon's MixVRide17.32 mi0:5402-19-19
SaraLeg Speed Set 1VRide16.46 mi1:0002-19-19
ChristinaLeg Speed Set 1 VRide2.53 mi0:1102-19-19
JuliaMile Workout w/ Reagan!!Run6.72 mi0:5502-19-19
SaraLunch RunRun5.15 mi0:4602-18-19
Tyler4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 1 - HIT 80% FTP #1VRide8.97 mi0:2802-18-19
JuliaLunch RunRun5.15 mi0:4602-18-19
NiaLunch RunRun4.25 mi0:3702-18-19
JanetNYCVRide14.99 mi0:5102-18-19
DanielLunch RunRun7.13 mi1:0002-18-19
RichardLunch RunRun7.51 mi1:0602-18-19
JuliaAfternoon RideRide32.74 mi1:5502-17-19
ChristinaAfternoon RideRide32.73 mi1:5602-17-19
Nia?I can’t feel my face when I’m outside?Ride33.46 mi1:5602-17-19
DanielAfternoon RideRide32.26 mi1:5102-17-19
RichardAfternoon RideRide25.65 mi1:4202-17-19
KaylaAfternoon RideRide24.64 mi1:4002-17-19
SaraAfternoon RideRide32.70 mi1:5502-17-19
DanielAfternoon RunRun0.97 mi0:0702-16-19
NiaAny weather is shorts weather!Run3.42 mi0:2302-16-19
KaylaAfternoon RunRun0.25 mi0:0102-16-19
DanielAfternoon RunRun2.36 mi0:1402-16-19
ChristinaWarm upRun0.89 mi0:0602-16-19
RichardMorning RunRun3.16 mi0:2902-16-19
KaylaAfternoon RunRun0.24 mi0:0102-16-19
SaraAfternoon RunRun3.64 mi0:2402-16-19
JuliaMileage between everythingRun5.50 mi0:5002-16-19
JackAfternoon RunRun2.28 mi0:1202-16-19
ChristinaMy watch being stupid and stopping my workout in tRun0.75 mi0:0402-16-19
BenAfternoon RunRun2.26 mi0:1402-16-19
KaylaAfternoon RunRun0.24 mi0:0102-16-19
JuliaMorning RunRun7.01 mi1:0002-16-19