Richard's Activities

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ActivityDateDistanceTimeTSSAve HR
57 Solo with Hills08-24-1957.04 mi3:34216.10135.3
Evening Ride08-22-1913.49 mi0:4646.60134.6
Morning Run08-22-194.34 mi0:4158.69146.5
Trek Shop Ride08-20-1926.28 mi1:2799.59139.6
Morning Run08-20-193.50 mi0:3131.90135.7
Morning Ride08-18-1917.17 mi0:4459.55160.5
Medford Lakes Sprint Triathlon Run08-18-193.15 mi0:2433.20162.1
Evening Ride08-16-1916.03 mi0:5154.13138
Morning Run08-15-195.08 mi0:4654.87138.9
Evening Ride08-13-1933.23 mi1:52129.04143.7
Hammerfest 08-11-1937.79 mi2:13137.43136.9
Lunch Run08-10-192.54 mi0:219.3283.8
Morning Ride08-10-1950.19 mi2:54176.39133.4
Evening Ride08-08-1918.74 mi0:5063.08150.7
Evening Ride08-06-1924.23 mi1:2289.11140.9
Lunch Run08-02-194.98 mi0:4046.62140.4
Afternoon Ride08-01-1923.10 mi1:30-1.000
More swimming 07-30-191.09 mi0:35-1.000
Trek Shop Ride07-30-1924.48 mi1:2088.37141.9
Morning Run07-30-196.01 mi0:5762.53136.7
Morning Ride07-28-1934.01 mi2:12121.87129.6
Morning Ride07-28-1934.07 mi2:12118.19128.3
Started with John, Simon and John, dead battery, b07-27-1947.47 mi2:45209.32145.3
Afternoon Activity07-26-192.13 mi0:27-1.0099
Afternoon Activity07-24-192.02 mi0:26-1.00121.7
Afternoon Run07-24-193.16 mi0:2530.54145.6
Evening Ride07-23-1923.99 mi1:1786.56143.4
Morning Run07-23-193.11 mi0:2728.95138.2
Hot hot hot friggen hot07-21-1946.93 mi2:44160.72128.6
NJ State Tri Run - cut to 2 miles due to heat07-20-192.02 mi0:1521.32163.5
Morning Run07-20-190.29 mi0:02-1.000
NJ State Tri Bike07-20-1910.85 mi0:2939.54164.2
Watopia07-19-1912.41 mi0:3543.65141.7
It was warm, actually is was hot and wet07-18-194.15 mi0:3344.99151.8
Evening Ride07-16-1924.65 mi1:1893.38147.6
Morning Ride07-16-1947.39 mi2:53210.20145.7
Night Ride07-15-190.00 mi0:007.77118.2
Pre race day run with SKE07-13-192.61 mi0:2225.09140
Three Amigos Run around the Lake07-12-193.16 mi0:2533.37151.9
Quickie in the Cuyahuga State Park - torrential do07-11-192.43 mi0:1925.30152
Morning Run07-10-193.91 mi0:3646.04138.949
Evening Ride07-09-1921.33 mi1:1389.37148.9
Sime Superkids some solo07-07-1922.94 mi1:3492.89119.7
Morning Run07-07-193.25 mi0:2730.69142.4
100 K and got very wet twice 07-06-1965.38 mi4:16235.56129.2
Lunch Run07-05-196.82 mi1:0676.55138.3
Hot as hell07-04-1939.04 mi2:22139.38131.473
Girly Ride07-03-1927.56 mi1:4081.54123.3
Trek Shop Ride07-02-1921.32 mi1:1489.72147.5
Fast COS B Ride07-01-1935.72 mi2:06148.87144.7
Morning Run06-29-193.02 mi0:2632.17145.6
Death ride06-25-1921.39 mi1:2191.48142.9
First COS Ride06-24-1934.47 mi2:08145.37142.3
Afternoon Run06-23-191.04 mi0:1829.24106.944
What a beaut06-23-1940.70 mi2:35168.69131.6
Damn flu06-19-192.80 mi0:5061.31137.912
Afternoon Run06-17-193.13 mi0:4642.75118.9
Afternoon Run06-17-192.66 mi0:3370.54125.4
Another shop ride06-11-1924.35 mi1:2198.36149.6
Richmond06-10-1927.96 mi1:3076.78109.8
Wiss with boys 06-08-195.83 mi0:5845.47118.2
Short fat burner06-07-1930.98 mi2:1693.28119.2
Evening Run06-05-196.87 mi1:0369.30140
Fast Shop Ride06-04-1925.15 mi1:2595.74142.9
Run with Jon in Kenosha, WI06-01-194.63 mi0:4049.02147.4
Shorty on the Chicago Waterfront05-31-192.54 mi0:2125.92139.3
Quickie before work05-30-193.79 mi0:3534.64133.3
London05-29-1929.88 mi1:3077.00119.5
Short fat burner05-28-1919.28 mi1:3348.34102.8
Morning Run05-27-198.09 mi1:2451.7796.5
Some solo and some group05-26-1957.37 mi3:21221.13139.5
Afternoon Run05-24-194.08 mi0:3538.35139.2
Run with Janet and Lynda05-23-194.03 mi0:3845.61139.187
Morning Run05-22-193.86 mi1:0925.91103.4
Strong ride with B & D05-21-1924.64 mi1:2775.58125.8
What a beaut!!!05-21-198.13 mi1:1280.82141.6
It's warm outside05-19-1940.27 mi2:32161.45131.6
Morning Quickie05-17-195.60 mi0:5060.43145.8
Little ride and a little crit05-16-1934.53 mi2:04109.55125.4
MTB after dinner05-15-197.16 mi0:5233.07113.6
Watopia05-13-1931.55 mi1:3290.60132.3
First bit of ride05-11-1938.76 mi2:25156.61138
Remainder of ride. GPS died05-11-194.23 mi0:1718.35135.4
Morning Run05-09-195.06 mi0:4452.57146
More hills05-07-1913.79 mi1:0872.50135.6
Afternoon Ride05-07-197.14 mi0:5028.24103.2
Morning Run05-04-195.54 mi0:4858.60145.4
Afternoon Run05-03-193.68 mi0:3343.09140.2
Make A Break For It04-30-1913.07 mi0:4849.13106.4
Morning Run04-28-195.09 mi0:4258.85140.4
Fat Burner04-27-1951.07 mi3:52226.35133
Started watch late AGAIN!!!!04-26-193.65 mi0:3336.42140.5
Afternoon Run04-22-192.78 mi0:2325.33139.8
25 mph wind out, sprint back04-20-1931.22 mi1:38109.91137.5
Morning Run04-19-193.31 mi0:2634.24156.5
Nice and Long04-17-1950.86 mi2:46134.65121.9
Beach Run04-16-193.63 mi0:2933.65141.4
Quick segment04-16-196.37 mi0:2027.54133.37
Playing in the Wind04-15-1930.46 mi1:42103.35133.9
Recon in Corolla04-15-197.28 mi0:2325.43142.1
Afternoon Run04-13-193.66 mi0:3141.01152.1
Watopia04-13-1920.53 mi1:0052.15128.7
Afternoon Run04-10-194.69 mi0:4245.89137.3
Testing old Powermeter04-10-190.59 mi0:037.77118.2
More hill repeats04-09-1913.27 mi1:0368.50135.8
Afternoon Run04-08-195.02 mi0:4450.87141.1
Superkids Ride 2 for today04-07-1923.69 mi1:3076.29123.8
Welsh Valley Repeats04-02-1914.36 mi1:0977.33139.5
Afternoon Ride03-30-1915.49 mi0:5856.47126.292
Fiver on Friday03-29-195.04 mi0:4356.89149.6
Lunch Run03-28-193.11 mi0:2631.07146
Afternoon Ride03-24-1927.37 mi1:18112.00131.9
Zwift Academy 2018 Semi-Final Workout #2: Capacity03-21-1910.75 mi0:5152.64125
Afternoon Ride03-17-1939.59 mi2:26161.59138.2
Afternoon Run03-15-194.08 mi0:3642.28142.1
Evening Ride with da gurls03-14-1930.02 mi1:4396.71130.4
Afternoon Run03-13-194.01 mi0:3434.19134.6
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)03-12-1917.44 mi1:0051.28115.7
Afternoon Run03-11-195.58 mi0:4752.86141.2
Lunch Run03-09-194.96 mi0:4053.76151.8
Innsbruck03-09-1926.53 mi1:1686.65142.1
Treadmill workout03-06-190.00 mi0:3327.61124.6
London03-06-1914.88 mi0:4242.55127.5
Seven in the snow03-04-196.98 mi1:1175.82137.2
3R Park Perimeter Loop Reverse Flat Race - 3 Laps 03-03-1924.16 mi1:1583.02142.3
Took a wrong turn and my run ended up a bit longer03-02-196.49 mi1:0364.97137.4
Afternoon Run03-01-193.96 mi0:3639.06138.8
Afternoon Run03-01-190.00 mi0:000.0154
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins02-28-1918.87 mi1:0551.70118.9
6wk Beginner FTP Builder Week 4 Tempo02-26-1919.24 mi0:5748.59125.7
Watopia02-25-1920.95 mi1:0070.61127.3
Watopia02-23-1937.31 mi1:49144.16140.4
Afternoon Run02-22-194.22 mi0:3836.56131.2
London02-21-1920.30 mi0:5853.37117.9
Snow and freezing rain 02-20-194.00 mi0:4145.03139.8
Lunch Run02-18-197.51 mi1:0679.61145.6
Afternoon Ride02-17-1925.65 mi1:4285.48125.9
Morning Run02-16-193.16 mi0:2935.23148.5
NYC02-14-1920.45 mi1:0073.98132.2
Afternoon Ride02-10-1924.17 mi1:32102.36141.2
London02-09-1933.21 mi1:40132.36136.8
Afternoon Run02-08-194.79 mi0:4149.24147.9
Leg Speed Set 102-07-1917.64 mi1:0034.85110.8
Afternoon Run02-05-199.68 mi1:29108.54143
Afternoon Ride02-03-1934.80 mi2:13144.72138.7
Getting lost in West Goshen02-02-194.65 mi0:4344.57133.9
Watopia01-31-1930.67 mi1:27104.77141.3
Afternoon Ride01-27-1927.09 mi1:40105.33135.6
Afternoon Run01-26-192.71 mi0:2227.66148.9
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins01-24-1912.81 mi1:1353.04111.4
iiittttt''''sssss vvvveeeerrrryyyy cccooollldddddd01-20-195.77 mi0:5151.81135.8
Watopia01-19-1929.97 mi1:46127.49139
Strength Reps - Set 201-15-1910.24 mi0:3527.39112
Strength Reps - Set 101-15-1911.88 mi0:4625.1998.4
Afternoon Run01-13-195.09 mi0:4446.68137.1
Watopia01-12-1921.67 mi1:0181.06134.9
London01-10-1921.48 mi1:0164.11133
London01-08-1917.96 mi0:5247.91116.5
Morning Run01-06-198.71 mi1:1886.96139.6
Afternoon Ride01-06-1920.06 mi1:2072.50127.2
Afternoon Run01-03-195.25 mi0:4844.26131
SKE Juniors Ride01-01-1932.25 mi2:03125.92133.7
Three Cougars and a Hunter12-30-1810.02 mi1:3489.74131.6
Verrrry Cold and Windy - my Superkids and true cha12-29-1836.97 mi2:19134.55129
NYC12-28-1830.18 mi1:27124.01140.1
Afternoon Ride12-27-1827.98 mi1:3487.92130.4
Afternoon Run12-25-185.66 mi0:5251.04132.7
Morning Run with friends and family12-24-187.01 mi1:0368.30135.2
Afternoon Ride12-23-1828.79 mi1:41104.26136.2
Afternoon Run12-22-184.17 mi0:4249.54142.6
Tour of London - Stage 5 (A)12-21-1834.36 mi1:3698.31128.7
Morning Run with a birthday girl, a Ukrainian, an 12-20-185.20 mi0:4647.93136.2
Tour of London - Stage 4 12-19-1818.96 mi0:5685.98145.5
Afternoon Run12-19-183.50 mi0:3333.09134.4
Tour of London - Stage 3 (A)12-17-1828.60 mi1:12108.11147.6
Tour of London - Stage 2 (A)12-15-1825.92 mi1:17106.95155.2
London12-13-181.37 mi0:041.1990.5
Tour of London - Stage 1 (A)12-13-1832.99 mi1:25122.32148.4
London12-12-1822.13 mi1:0269.63135.1
Watopia12-11-1819.79 mi1:0157.84120.2
Almost the perimeter of VFP12-09-187.46 mi1:0969.45133.6
NYC12-08-1821.24 mi1:0282.74131.2
Kids wanted a 420 run - so I gave them a 420 run12-08-184.20 mi0:3740.74137.7
Watopia12-05-1819.44 mi0:5555.95136.3
London12-04-1822.04 mi1:0184.9955.2
Quickie while waiting for Daniel12-03-183.09 mi0:2633.36153.1
London12-03-1820.72 mi1:0065.7690.4
Watopia12-01-1818.56 mi0:5264.88127
Afternoon Run12-01-183.21 mi0:3426.49111.5
Lunch Run11-30-186.50 mi1:0147.32116.3
WBR 3 Laps Jungle Circuit Hilly Race (35.7km/22.2m11-29-1815.24 mi0:4758.63125.7
Watopia11-29-183.70 mi0:1327.12111.2
Watopia11-28-1815.83 mi0:4853.471.3
Superkids Fall Ride 711-25-1824.96 mi1:3042.7199.5
Loch Raven Trail Running11-23-187.99 mi1:1937.0976
Morning Run11-22-184.03 mi0:3137.22142.771
Watopia11-21-1835.24 mi1:5097.09120.9
Hooky in the Wiss with my boys11-20-189.04 mi1:0462.51127.1
Lekker Hilly Run with J & A11-18-185.28 mi0:5665.84140.9
Afternoon Ride11-18-1819.09 mi1:1283.10141.6
Afternoon Run11-17-184.02 mi0:3536.17133.3
NYC11-16-1825.35 mi1:31111.18131.2
Afternoon Run11-14-184.00 mi0:3540.49140.6
Watopia11-14-1816.43 mi0:4653.82143.2
Afternoon Run11-12-185.84 mi0:5648.77127.9
Afternoon Ride with Andrew11-11-1819.15 mi1:1879.49135.5
Lunch Run11-10-184.16 mi0:3841.12138
London11-09-1833.24 mi1:3597.18128.8
Afternoon Run11-08-186.23 mi1:0356.02129.2
NYC11-07-185.59 mi0:1832.95134.7
Afternoon Solo11-07-1825.76 mi1:33108.28141.2
Superkids Fall Ride 611-04-1829.64 mi1:51109.16132
Lunch Run11-03-185.05 mi0:4638.57127.1
Quicky with A and D11-01-1820.61 mi1:1275.39136.9
Watopia10-31-1815.76 mi0:4254.47133.7
Stunning Fall Hike10-31-184.46 mi1:38-1.000
Afternoon Run10-30-182.65 mi0:2224.57142.4
Tour of New York - Stage 410-30-1816.76 mi1:0472.73137.9
NYC10-30-185.25 mi0:1515.24126.8
All frighten GPSs of mine screwed up today. Nevert10-29-181.25 mi0:1215.42135.1
Superkids Fall Ride 510-28-1823.42 mi1:3279.60125.3
Tour of New York - Stage 210-25-1812.26 mi0:3438.37124.2
NYC10-25-182.67 mi0:086.78112
NYC10-24-1818.23 mi0:5463.92118.5
Tour of New York - Stage 110-23-1819.39 mi1:0374.96132
NYC10-22-1816.38 mi0:5048.28121.1
NYC10-19-1830.35 mi1:3791.93122.2
Watopia10-18-1832.49 mi1:3294.51135
Watopia10-17-1820.11 mi1:0055.92127.2
Watopia10-16-1816.03 mi0:4642.28128.3
Superkids Fall Ride 4 - stuck in one gear for most10-14-1827.30 mi1:4095.87131.4
London10-13-1831.89 mi1:3497.31118.7
Morning Activity10-12-1830.11 mi1:2976.04123.4
Watopia10-11-1818.52 mi0:5557.80125.8
Watopia10-11-1815.73 mi0:4548.49127.8
Watopia10-10-1815.85 mi0:4644.45131.9
Watopia10-09-1815.58 mi0:4540.46121.5
Superkids Fall Ride 310-07-1826.66 mi1:3483.30128
Fast finish!!!10-06-187.03 mi1:0167.11139.9
Afternoon Ride with Andrew10-05-1839.42 mi2:18136.22133.2
Quickie at work10-04-183.14 mi0:2429.78150
Little solo through VFP10-02-186.82 mi1:0669.30138.2
Superkids Fall Ride 109-30-1822.95 mi1:2497.75139.2
Superkids Fall Ride 209-30-1813.54 mi1:0328.7092.7
Morning Ride - Kase's Corner09-29-1837.02 mi2:09138.62131.8
Afternoon Solo09-28-1835.01 mi2:20113.61122.7
Innsbruck09-27-1816.68 mi0:5046.00134.8
Innsbruck09-26-1816.80 mi0:4756.00135.8
Following the XC runners09-26-183.39 mi0:3551.15134.7
Evening Ride09-22-186.30 mi0:2518.51116.5
Morning Run09-20-185.01 mi0:4552.19136.917
Watopia09-20-1815.77 mi0:4355.11136.3
Innsbruck09-19-1816.70 mi0:5046.03124.9
Morning Run09-18-186.45 mi0:5863.36138.5
Birthday ride with my family09-16-1836.10 mi2:12117.25123.4
Morning Run09-15-187.01 mi1:0576.66140.2
Watopia09-14-1823.42 mi1:0871.30127
Innsbruck09-13-1822.23 mi1:1270.82122.2
Afternoon Run09-12-183.22 mi0:3130.36131.4
Testing Kickr Number 209-11-185.98 mi0:1727.11128.8
Innsbruck09-11-1816.87 mi0:5246.57127
Afternoon Run09-10-187.53 mi1:0863.16130.8
Innsbruck09-09-1833.11 mi1:50100.93124.7
UMLY Swim - three of three today09-07-181.37 mi0:40-1.000
Morning Run - two of three today09-07-186.04 mi1:0062.62135
Innsbruck - one of three today09-07-1821.08 mi1:0668.04130.8
Tour of Innsbruck - Stage 209-06-1814.96 mi0:5868.71147.3
Damn it's hot out there09-06-184.89 mi0:4754.64139.9
Lunch Run09-04-183.12 mi0:2727.49134.3
Innsbruck09-04-1815.38 mi0:4554.44120.2
Morning Run09-03-183.68 mi0:4134.96124.6
Kase's Corner Ride09-02-1850.01 mi3:07138.30121.6
First longer run in a while09-01-188.00 mi1:0879.83144.2
Longer Superkids Ride09-01-1841.68 mi2:26138.29127.8
Testing Kickr - not working with my iPad08-31-181.92 mi0:063.31103.7
London08-31-1815.50 mi0:4950.06126.2
Watopia08-30-1819.36 mi1:0547.89116.1
Another run in hell - 104 deg Fahrenheit 08-29-183.11 mi0:2627.87139.5
Run in hell. 100 deg Fahrenheit 08-28-183.12 mi0:2529.22144
COS B08-27-1821.77 mi1:2294.87140.4
Morning Ride with Superkids08-26-1831.05 mi1:55102.56127.6
Post ride three miler08-26-183.08 mi0:2750.36140.057
Afternoon Recon08-25-1831.18 mi1:54100.20128.3
Last ride with Max08-24-1815.77 mi1:0251.13125.3
Solo sightseeing08-23-1823.26 mi1:4480.82121.8
Morning Run08-23-184.15 mi0:3638.88139.1
Afternoon Run08-22-181.23 mi0:1015.75129.3
Medford Lakes Triathlon - Run (started Garmin a bi08-19-182.96 mi0:2229.33160.3
Medford Lakes Triathlon - Bike08-19-1817.28 mi0:4661.39159.6
Clear the lactic acid08-18-1821.58 mi1:2371.41116.9
Morning Run08-17-185.88 mi0:5368.43142.1
Some track with with the younger Superkids08-15-181.69 mi0:1417.96122.1
Watopia08-15-1819.53 mi1:0049.98122.7
Afternoon Ride08-12-1837.67 mi2:27139.78131.415
Sight-Seeing on the NJ Coast08-10-1834.89 mi2:4487.6299.2
Afternoon Run08-09-184.98 mi0:4447.52131.5
Afternoon Run08-08-183.47 mi0:2776.41141.4
Hot Afternoon Run with Andrew 08-03-185.21 mi0:4455.85143.6
Afternoon Run08-02-184.64 mi0:4042.46137.4
Watopia07-31-1832.02 mi1:3967.56121.7
Afternoon Run07-30-183.11 mi0:2727.06129.5
Watopia07-30-1813.01 mi0:3836.23122.3
Afternoon Ride07-29-1823.21 mi1:28116.68125.8
Afternoon Run07-27-183.08 mi0:2633.27141.1
Evening Ride07-26-1827.28 mi1:42102.76130.304
Watopia07-25-1830.02 mi1:5071.06119.2
Afternoon Run07-25-181.78 mi0:1362.07132.3
Morning Run07-24-185.09 mi0:4251.97146.2
Wet Afternoon Ride07-22-1821.08 mi1:1567.91124
NJ State Triathlon07-21-1811.18 mi0:3344.23161.3
Pre race warmup07-21-186.16 mi0:2127.77132.4
Morning Run07-21-183.05 mi0:2250.28148.413
GPS was dead - took Max's file07-19-1822.38 mi1:1695.21133.5
Stoga track with some hill repeats at the end07-18-183.59 mi0:27117.13138.7
Watopia07-17-1815.93 mi0:4660.32130
Afternoon Run07-16-183.01 mi0:2531.72147.3
Morning Run07-14-181.57 mi0:1315.28136.3
Flatland Cup Run with Andrew 07-14-185.80 mi0:5158.56138.075
Afternoon Run07-12-182.20 mi0:1827.39133.3
Afternoon Run07-11-182.52 mi0:1881.53135.4
Watopia07-11-1815.00 mi0:4548.31129.3
Afternoon Ride07-08-1823.56 mi1:3375.46119
Morning Run07-07-183.14 mi0:2250.28148.413
Vincentown Triathlon - Bike07-07-1814.38 mi0:4241.75133.192
Afternoon Run07-06-183.11 mi0:2535.84140.9
Afternoon Ride07-04-1828.63 mi1:45114.16124.1
Morning Run07-04-183.35 mi0:2550.31139.2
Afternoon Run07-03-182.99 mi0:3440.04128.3
Evening Ride07-02-1826.64 mi1:46106.01132.4
Early practice before heat struck07-01-1815.13 mi0:5162.24135.8
Morning Ride06-30-1811.65 mi0:3027.77132.4
First triathlon in two years - bike06-30-1812.36 mi0:3547.94161.8
First triathlon in two years - run06-30-183.05 mi0:2465.24142.15
Morning Run06-30-183.03 mi0:2533.40142.044
Morning Activity06-30-180.03 mi0:00-1.000
Morning Swim06-30-180.76 mi0:13-1.000
Watopia06-28-1815.96 mi0:4548.77144.8
Morning Run06-26-187.28 mi1:0383.86140.4
Long ride with a few Superkids06-25-1841.59 mi2:41150.83128.8
Afternoon Ride06-24-1812.20 mi0:4537.10124.6
Morning Run06-22-184.19 mi0:3450.37138
Segment exploring north of Seattle 06-22-184.17 mi0:3440.64133.375
Afternoon Run06-20-183.07 mi0:2284.12140.8
Morning Run06-19-185.61 mi0:4959.12144.9
Afternoon Ride06-17-1827.12 mi1:43118.79114.7
Morning solo06-16-1826.10 mi1:4284.80123.6
Afternoon Run06-15-184.88 mi0:4360.19138.8
Afternoon Ride06-14-1816.89 mi1:1581.32128.7
Afternoon Run06-13-185.45 mi0:4995.77134.4
COS B06-11-1833.35 mi2:09137.72136.4
Bike/Run Bricks06-10-182.06 mi0:150.000
Morning Ride06-10-1810.67 mi0:3836.24132.6
Morning Ride06-10-1810.94 mi0:3757.64133.5
Great Run with my Superkids06-08-184.27 mi0:4355.88140.1
Afternoon Run06-07-182.77 mi0:3238.08145.3
Evening Ride06-07-1820.31 mi1:24102.06132.3
Afternoon Run06-06-184.40 mi0:37103.60138
Chesterbrook Trails with Max06-05-183.71 mi0:3952.06147
Morning Run06-02-184.76 mi0:4346.21134.4
Evening Ride05-31-1810.31 mi0:3746.56128.3
Evening Ride05-31-186.82 mi0:2927.23128
Morning Ride with Max05-30-1816.48 mi1:0153.74127.7
Evening Run05-30-182.56 mi0:1842.17140.6
Morning Ride05-28-1822.84 mi1:25102.81133.8
Lunch Run05-27-185.70 mi0:5161.27140
Afternoon Run05-26-182.66 mi0:1859.68146.1
Afternoon Ride05-25-1835.04 mi2:17100.38118.1
Evening Ride05-24-1821.32 mi1:1491.36139.7
Afternoon Ride05-23-183.84 mi0:1727.77132.4
Second part of ride05-23-1812.22 mi0:4841.75133.192
London05-22-1816.86 mi0:4758.94104.1
Afternoon Ride05-20-1821.83 mi1:2192.87134.5
WBR 50km Race 5 Laps Jungle Circuit Hilly 05-19-1832.41 mi1:43107.78138.2
Afternoon Run05-18-184.76 mi0:4448.76136.5
Evening Run05-16-182.91 mi0:2531.80134.7
Hot Hot Hot05-15-1823.42 mi1:3168.71117.7
Afternoon Solo - avoid Flint Road. It’s gravel05-14-1834.47 mi2:16137.06133
First bit of afternoon solo05-14-186.86 mi0:2522.94129.4
Afternoon Ride05-12-1835.40 mi2:06138.76135.9
Afternoon Ride with Andrew05-11-1837.91 mi2:17156.88139.4
Evening Run05-09-184.87 mi0:4555.84128.8
Short ride with Daniel05-08-1821.51 mi1:1778.68134.8
Quickie with J05-07-1830.02 mi1:5099.63127.7
Morning Run05-05-184.08 mi0:3644.65135.4
Long solo05-01-1853.44 mi3:17198.39132.7
Picked up a few strays04-28-1836.15 mi2:21137.10129.3
Afternoon Run04-27-184.83 mi0:4348.44140.7
Evening Run04-25-184.08 mi0:3346.29136.7
Lunch run04-24-183.00 mi0:2533.40142.044
Evening Ride04-23-1828.97 mi1:42108.33134.6
Ride home from crit04-22-189.10 mi0:3831.01123.9
Ride to crit to watch younger kids race04-22-186.74 mi0:2925.95126.8
Successful Ride with the Ladderback Crew04-21-1838.78 mi2:28180.75144.5
Nice afternoon run with my Superkids Elites04-20-185.36 mi0:4761.30146.7
Evening Run04-18-183.78 mi0:3336.43140
London04-17-1822.32 mi1:0085.64135.7
London04-15-1832.69 mi1:32103.09110.3
Some with J and some solo04-14-1851.14 mi3:16183.72131.2
Afternoon Ride04-13-1819.30 mi1:2581.14131.4
Morning Ride04-13-1813.42 mi0:5254.01137.9
Watopia04-12-1816.33 mi0:4561.50133.5
Evening Run04-11-184.31 mi0:3454.19139.9
Afternoon Run04-09-184.21 mi0:4748.37130.6
Afternoon Ride04-08-1812.06 mi0:5059.48122.2
Superkids Run04-07-184.88 mi0:4361.81145.4
Death on two wheels - Thanks Ladderback Friends04-07-1848.43 mi2:57214.26147.1
Evening Ride04-06-1816.85 mi1:0478.66128.4
Evening Run04-04-182.38 mi0:2022.67140.7
Solo on the Island03-31-1831.53 mi1:4995.08128.5
Afternoon Run03-31-185.08 mi0:4742.26130.2
Easy run through Corolla, NC03-30-185.82 mi0:5352.97132.3
Evening Ride03-29-1814.07 mi0:5541.49117.4
A little longer and faster than yesterday03-28-1833.64 mi1:43108.73137.2
On the Beach03-28-184.74 mi0:4156.05135.3
First Spring Break Training Ride - was a little ch03-27-1821.99 mi1:1674.24128.1
Spring Break Day One03-26-185.17 mi0:4556.16136.3
12x1min MAP03-24-1815.45 mi1:0051.39124.3
A Quickie through the hood03-23-183.59 mi0:3132.41136.5
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 3 - Tempo with Finale!03-22-1813.24 mi0:3931.65124.5
Lunch Run03-21-183.14 mi0:3035.63139.3
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 2 - HIT 45sec #203-20-1818.16 mi0:5442.93122
First out long ride with the Superkids - big group03-18-1827.22 mi1:43130.88141.4
Morning Ride03-17-1816.72 mi1:0868.95136.8
Afternoon Ride03-17-185.72 mi0:4441.75133.192
Lunch Run03-16-183.62 mi0:3131.08151.3
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 3 - Tempo into Sprints03-15-1818.30 mi0:5445.63132.3
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 2 - HIT 45sec #103-13-1815.84 mi0:4837.05121.7
WBR 2 Laps Greater London Flat Race03-08-1818.57 mi0:4577.88156.1
London03-08-182.08 mi0:0711.91100.6
RBC GranFondo Whistler PrimaFondo with Trek Red Tr03-04-1823.34 mi1:0183.18150.3
TT efforts03-01-1816.14 mi0:5037.46128.4
TT efforts02-27-1814.46 mi1:1177.64113.1
ZHR Masters Weekender02-25-1821.85 mi1:0188.21146.4
Afternoon Run02-24-183.80 mi0:3443.21137.8
Watopia02-24-1819.71 mi0:5365.06136.6
Watopia02-23-1819.59 mi0:5766.45123.8
Afternoon Ride02-21-1816.37 mi0:5660.20135.6
I am officially the third fastest in my family now02-20-1820.49 mi1:1976.67133.8
Got my a$$ handed to me by four cougars02-20-185.13 mi0:4351.29144.1
Medio Fondo02-18-1826.09 mi1:4096.84132.3
Afternoon Run02-17-185.31 mi0:4874.27145.5
Watopia02-17-1823.50 mi1:0880.53145.6
FTP Test (shorter)02-13-1812.33 mi0:4541.62142.8
Watopia02-11-1832.39 mi1:30125.88141.6
Afternoon Run02-11-183.56 mi0:3128.68146.3
Afternoon Run02-10-185.01 mi0:4354.28148.9
Watopia02-08-1822.62 mi1:0085.24135.8
London02-04-1828.34 mi1:2796.29134.3
Watopia02-03-188.44 mi0:2417.65127.4
Watopia02-03-1813.89 mi0:5258.37156.8
Two hours biking followed by a 40 min run - not a 02-03-184.60 mi0:4249.61138.875
Random lengths01-30-1818.66 mi1:1061.20140.6
Following my runners and coaching from the bike.01-27-184.52 mi0:3425.04108.6
Damn that was long so early in the year.01-27-1859.67 mi3:45287.88149
London01-25-1814.08 mi0:4627.99159.1
London01-24-1822.38 mi0:5779.65135.4
First Superkids outside ride of 201801-21-1823.64 mi1:3459.52114.6
Afternoon Run01-20-183.85 mi0:3342.75149.8
First Ladderback Ride of 201801-20-1835.86 mi2:12155.80143.2
Watopia01-19-1828.44 mi1:2972.54137.3
Tour de Zwift - D01-15-1824.33 mi1:2083.58153.9
Treadmill test of calf01-15-180.89 mi0:0843.9799.9
Afternoon Run01-13-183.82 mi0:3341.32137.1
Singing in the rain - what a glorious day - lalala01-12-184.28 mi0:3838.68135.6
Tour de Zwift - D01-11-1824.41 mi1:0268.76153.7
Strength Reps - Set 201-11-1817.48 mi1:0035.33125
Tour de Zwift - Day 201-08-1818.82 mi0:5376.30142.6
Trainer Test01-07-181.29 mi0:042.7669.3
Watopia01-07-1817.48 mi0:5052.22140.2
Morning Run01-07-180.20 mi0:020.00126.8
Watopia01-06-1815.29 mi0:4540.33134
Watopia01-05-1830.25 mi1:59108.71127.6
Strength Reps - Set 101-02-188.73 mi1:0030.37115.3
New Years AM Run with friends 01-01-185.45 mi0:4554.76146.6
Afternoon Run12-31-176.63 mi0:5773.24143.2
Afternoon Activity12-30-1718.75 mi1:0079.75147.3
Another very chilly run - but have to say that it 12-29-174.15 mi0:3852.52144
Z-R2Rc 2.0 Ride12-29-1719.12 mi1:0364.96141.8
Verrrry cold today, but still a nice run12-27-174.02 mi0:3848.75138.2
Exploring Chesterbrook Trails12-26-175.07 mi0:5164.57136.2
Watopia12-25-1723.44 mi1:1669.81135
Remembering Jason12-24-176.23 mi0:5269.21153.3
Chesterbrook Trails12-22-176.60 mi1:1183.75140.6
4wk FTP Booster Week 3 Day 6 - Threshold block #1 12-21-1713.91 mi0:4845.17126.4
Evening Solo12-19-176.83 mi0:5764.40138.275
Watopia12-17-1728.27 mi1:3097.310
Snowy run 4.5 with Superkids and rest solo12-16-178.20 mi1:17118.45141.8
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 3 - Tempo with Finale!12-14-1719.92 mi1:0058.29145.7
Watopia12-11-1723.67 mi1:0761.88141.6
First section of run in cold snow, then phone died12-09-171.83 mi0:150.000
Rest of VA run in the snow with Janet and Andrew12-09-176.61 mi0:5764.40138.275
Zwift - Richmond12-08-1715.52 mi0:4437.16132.3
Battery died with 1/2 mile to go12-06-175.24 mi0:5048.71133.1
Second of the day - just because I can12-05-1718.22 mi0:5639.44104.2
Zwift - London12-05-1720.24 mi1:0048.2584.2
Picked up a Drexel student on our Superkids ride. 12-03-1723.21 mi1:3584.57128.7
First Superkids Team Run to kick off the new train12-02-174.49 mi0:3853.38145.8
Night Orienteering with Wyatt12-02-172.80 mi0:4049.43142.8
VFP Recon for Superkids11-29-174.64 mi0:4351.99139.9
Zwift - 10-12wk FTP Builder Week 4 Day 211-28-1717.31 mi0:5844.69119.8
MTB with Bruce, Rick, Lance and others11-26-1720.77 mi2:04162.65147.1
Afternoon Ride11-25-1721.12 mi1:2279.60132.104
Bring on the turkey 11-23-175.10 mi0:4349.61138.875
Zwift - 10-12wk FTP Builder Week 3 Day 411-21-1727.20 mi1:2582.28115
MTB with Andrew, Bruce and Rob, followed by some f11-19-1714.07 mi1:3586.54128.865
Lunch Run11-18-173.46 mi0:3032.15142.8
Zwift - 10-12wk FTP Builder Week 3 Day 311-17-1718.87 mi1:0446.454.7
Afternoon Run11-16-175.29 mi0:5152.10136.6
Zwift - 10-12wk FTP Builder Week 3 Day 111-14-1718.18 mi0:5546.2523.9
Zwift - Watopia11-13-1715.85 mi0:5031.42112.2
Zwift - Watopia11-11-1726.07 mi1:1573.06116.4
Calf seems to be ok again11-10-173.30 mi0:3054.15144.475
Zwift - Watopia11-08-1722.94 mi1:1555.42128.8
Afternoon Ride11-05-1729.73 mi1:54102.76130.304
The Lumberjack went for a bike ride with a broken 11-04-1730.15 mi1:46102.76130.304
Afternoon Ride11-03-1721.81 mi1:2179.60132.104
Another beaut on the MTB11-02-1727.72 mi2:13139.78131.415
Lunch Run10-31-171.42 mi0:1222.91142.6
Zwift - London10-31-1725.47 mi1:1762.79129.7
Zwift - London10-30-1721.31 mi1:0255.15130.9
Last time for shorts?10-28-1723.37 mi1:2398.35143.3
I guess it's time to get on the Zwift during the w10-26-1719.60 mi1:0241.2855.4
Night Ride on MTB10-23-1724.30 mi2:06130.24134.123
Afternoon Ride10-22-1723.33 mi1:3173.77124.7
Lunch on South Street, followed by coffee in Manay10-21-1755.23 mi3:36266.06143.35
Vanja dragged my tired legs through the country si10-19-1728.18 mi1:4497.10131.3
F'ed up calf muscle yet again 10-19-172.58 mi0:2633.40142.044
Afternoon Ride10-18-1722.32 mi1:2173.85130.7
Lunch Run10-17-173.13 mi0:2365.24142.15
Chilly Fall Solo10-16-1735.03 mi2:22119.34124.2
Ride with two HP kids10-15-1726.65 mi1:41102.76130.304
Another short ride with the younger Superkids10-15-174.40 mi0:1927.77132.4
Zwift - London10-14-1715.05 mi0:5066.550
Shorti with V & M10-13-1716.49 mi0:5856.47126.292
Afternoon Run10-12-174.54 mi0:3645.48147.2
Afternoon Ride10-10-1732.81 mi2:0688.52116.3
Quickie in the Park10-08-175.63 mi0:4559.91146.5
Ride with my pie friends :-)10-07-1746.09 mi2:49210.20145.7
Quickie with Janet10-06-1725.07 mi1:3786.54128.865
Night time run10-05-177.41 mi1:1183.75140.6
Great afternoon in the park10-03-177.24 mi1:0473.12140.1
Garmin died on the trails10-01-170.44 mi0:027.77118.2
Second Day in the Allegrippies10-01-179.93 mi1:1479.60132.104
Morning of 2nd day in Allegrippis10-01-179.05 mi1:0898.96131.6
First time on the Allegrippies trails - unbelievab09-30-1713.60 mi1:2686.54128.865
Afternoon Run09-28-175.06 mi0:5764.98139.1
VFP Solo09-26-177.31 mi1:0879.28144.1
Long ride with the 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 years old09-24-1736.57 mi2:22139.78131.415
Fiddy - to look for Frank and Sara in D-Town - the09-23-1751.01 mi3:08173.47128.5
An hour at night on the VFP single track 09-21-179.11 mi0:5656.47126.292
Evening Run09-20-175.95 mi0:5172.18142.6
Quickie with Janet09-18-1723.06 mi1:2686.54128.865
Morning Ride09-17-1731.30 mi2:01130.24134.123
Afternoon Solo09-15-1733.61 mi2:18139.78131.415
Evening Run09-14-175.54 mi0:4956.20143.6
In Da Hoodz09-12-176.03 mi0:5560.10139.7
Evening Ride09-11-1717.64 mi1:0356.47126.292
Good bye D.C. 09-09-174.82 mi0:4652.19136.917
2 States and Roosevelt Island09-08-176.61 mi1:0154.97125.65
Great Ride with the Superkids09-04-1727.75 mi1:4599.80128.9
Lunch Run08-31-173.08 mi0:2531.56149.3
Quick solo before track running08-30-1723.76 mi1:3877.68122.7
3 miles of pain08-30-173.00 mi0:2234.50139.3
Lunch Run08-28-173.06 mi0:2529.03142.4
COS B+ Ride08-28-1727.50 mi1:35106.65144.3
Kase's Corner Ride08-27-1729.73 mi1:49102.76130.304
Morning Ride with Vicki and my family08-26-1751.76 mi3:240.000
Afternoon Solo via Dark Tunnels08-25-1732.51 mi2:01130.24134.123
Young kids practice followed by 6x80008-23-175.49 mi0:38109.03143.7
Afternoon RideNot feeling to good - but still mana08-21-1722.38 mi1:1979.60132.104
Three laps to teach Pradhit how to draft08-20-173.03 mi0:137.65108.9
Quick solo before Superkids practice08-20-1719.01 mi1:0669.72133.6
Morning Ride with my Family - so blessed to be abl08-19-1721.90 mi1:3196.28135.1
Afternoon Run08-16-175.58 mi0:39114.24135.3
Afternoon Run08-14-174.35 mi0:4042.48136.4
Beautiful morning run in MI - last one before head08-11-176.48 mi0:5664.40138.275
Morning run in MI with J, A & kids08-10-173.66 mi0:3132.15142.8
Short ride with Andrew and kids08-09-1713.85 mi1:0556.47126.292
Beautiful run in Northern MI with Janet 08-09-173.48 mi0:3032.15142.8
Another little recon in MI08-08-1713.32 mi0:5056.47126.292
Short MI recon ride08-07-1711.11 mi0:5056.47126.292
Evening Run08-02-173.77 mi0:2850.36140.057
Real workout with the boys (not me, but them)08-01-1710.86 mi0:3641.75133.192
Sick as a dog, but still riding with the Superkids07-29-1714.55 mi0:4841.75133.192
Afternoon Run07-26-175.74 mi0:5282.78135.3
Morning Ride07-23-1737.10 mi2:27176.94137.5
Evening Run07-19-173.93 mi0:3644.09140.9
Friggen bonked on this one07-17-1725.71 mi1:4099.17135.2
Superkids Ride07-16-1721.00 mi1:1879.60132.104
Afternoon Ride07-15-1719.31 mi1:1079.60132.104
Pre Track Practice Ride07-12-1713.65 mi0:5755.78131.8
18 x 200m (100 walks in between)07-12-173.97 mi0:2257.34146.3
Morning Run with Janet and Andrew 07-08-175.34 mi0:4452.46140.138
Afternoon Run with H-P kids07-07-171.95 mi0:150.000
Track practice with the Superkids - night before o07-05-174.25 mi0:28101.79143.7
Run after bike - Slowed right down for Sara who wa07-04-172.47 mi0:2036.59142.1
Nice Superkids H-P Ride07-04-1721.30 mi1:2182.15130.2
Great Ride with COS B+ Group07-03-1731.25 mi1:49121.65141.8
Ride to COS07-03-172.10 mi0:087.88127.5
Hot Hot and friggen HOT - solo - with full stomach06-30-1728.06 mi1:5789.94122.4
Ride with boys, got two flats at same time and onl06-29-1717.49 mi1:1066.77120.9
Afternoon Run06-28-173.31 mi0:22107.60138.4
Afternoon Ride06-28-179.54 mi0:3632.95129.5
Afternoon Run06-27-176.08 mi0:5661.53137.8
COS B+ with Sasha06-26-1737.11 mi2:08128.38136.2
Afternoon Ride06-25-1719.68 mi1:1788.42122.3
Post Bike Run06-25-174.47 mi0:3851.79145.5
Last day of Bike Week06-22-1724.16 mi1:3987.13130.3
Afternoon Run06-21-175.39 mi0:3896.54141.1
Afternoon Ride06-20-1726.45 mi1:4082.13126.3
Great ride with the Superkids HP team06-18-1731.93 mi2:02130.24134.123
Lunch Run06-17-175.10 mi0:4359.32143.2
Afternoon Run06-16-172.38 mi0:2633.40142.044
Short run with little kids, then track workout wit06-14-175.89 mi0:40138.63150.8
Hot as Hell06-12-1736.73 mi2:24134.65129.7
Long Friday06-09-1758.08 mi3:50244.24137.7
5 x 1200s06-07-173.87 mi0:2847.60148.8
Home to Stoga for track workout06-07-173.74 mi0:3239.59148.4
Zwift - Watopia 06/06/201706-06-1719.45 mi0:5556.60135.6
Afternoon Run06-02-174.92 mi0:4149.61138.875
Afternoon Run05-31-173.53 mi0:23100.70134.3
Zwift - London, UK 05/30/201705-30-1717.23 mi0:5238.28136.1
Afternoon Ride pre Superkids Transition Practice05-28-1711.99 mi0:4341.75133.192
McKaig Family Hike05-28-171.52 mi0:2650.36140.057
Lunch Ride05-27-1741.50 mi2:33171.36141.8
Evening Run05-24-172.82 mi0:1743.57143.3
Hello Cassatt my old friend05-23-1718.58 mi1:1273.69134.6
Afternoon Run05-22-175.89 mi0:5649.82129
Lekker Ride through the country05-20-1738.48 mi2:22151.32140
Evening Run05-17-172.97 mi0:2750.36140.057
Evening Run05-17-170.28 mi0:020.000
Work 5k with Mirko and Vanja05-17-173.04 mi0:2237.13170.9
Afternoon Swim05-16-171.55 mi1:00-1.000
Afternoon Ride05-15-1728.04 mi1:47103.51132.5
Afternoon Run05-14-173.09 mi0:2830.58141.1
Nice morning walk05-14-173.68 mi1:0375.09138.567
Zwift - Watopia 05/13/201705-13-1716.47 mi0:4844.39140.4
Pre Track Workout ride05-10-1713.60 mi0:4937.58135.6
7 x 400 and some05-10-172.33 mi0:1451.57144.1
Easy run through the burbs05-09-175.11 mi0:4951.37136.6
Evening Run05-03-173.20 mi0:1953.06146.5
Short Superkids Workout05-02-1710.14 mi0:4036.30123
Morning Ride with Janet - a bit humid though05-01-1738.61 mi2:34109.83117.6
Amazing morning in NJ. First Open Water Swimming, 04-29-1718.06 mi1:0779.60132.104
Evening Run04-28-176.33 mi0:5757.87133
Superkids Bike Practice04-27-1730.27 mi1:46117.34138.2
Evening Run - vPower2Run App04-27-171.10 mi0:080.000
Afternoon Run04-24-176.76 mi1:0161.57134.55
Morning Ride04-23-1734.41 mi2:02135.89141.3
Evening Run04-21-171.61 mi0:1217.87138
Afternoon Ride04-21-1720.70 mi1:1573.01131
Afternoon Run04-20-174.82 mi0:4148.82142.4
Hill repeats with the Superkids in VFP - without N04-18-1712.50 mi0:4951.29137.3
Short run after hill repeats on bike 04-18-171.97 mi0:160.000
Ladderback Ride with my 16 yr old son04-16-1752.37 mi2:50206.13144.3
Avalon - Run Number 4 - last one04-14-173.34 mi0:2931.99136.9
Avalon - Ride Number 5 and the last one04-14-1723.00 mi1:1579.43132.9
Avalon - Ride Number 404-13-1732.14 mi1:4792.20121.3
Avalon - Ride Number 304-12-1724.67 mi1:2986.54128.865
Avalon - Ride Number 2 - 1 mile Sprints04-11-1720.29 mi1:1372.31130.9
Avalon - Run Number 3 along beach04-11-174.27 mi0:3842.48140.1
Avalon - Run Number 204-10-173.23 mi0:2840.49142.3
Avalon Ride Number 104-10-1732.12 mi1:52108.86129.4
Avalon - Run Number 104-09-175.22 mi0:4357.80143.2
Afternoon Ride04-05-1725.23 mi1:2686.24138.5
Afternoon Ride04-03-1719.09 mi1:1869.19129.9
Second Superkids ride for Weekend04-02-1724.69 mi1:3486.54128.865
First ride of the weekend with the Superkids04-01-1723.31 mi1:3786.54128.865
Zwift - Watopia 03/30/201703-30-1715.23 mi0:4151.92105.9
Zwift - London, UK 03/27/201703-27-1718.74 mi1:0370.92151.8
Evening Run03-23-174.68 mi0:3967.52140.944
Evening Run03-22-173.95 mi0:3637.51136.4
Zwift - London, UK 03/19/201703-19-1721.75 mi1:0076.82132
Zwift - Watopia 03/18/201703-18-1723.44 mi1:0763.57148.5
Afternoon Run03-17-174.49 mi0:3951.66138.3
Zwift - Watopia - SST (Short)03-16-1717.72 mi0:5048.84101.4
Tried running in VFP in the snow, but it proved to03-15-173.83 mi0:4048.03138.4
Zwift - London, UK - The Gorby03-14-1718.45 mi0:5746.18111.2
Zwift - London, UK 03/12/201703-12-1725.87 mi1:1167.08133.5
Afternoon Run during snow storm with Janet03-10-174.64 mi0:4246.92140.4
Ideal riding weather! Nice to work against strong 03-09-1734.49 mi2:08128.96137.2
Evening Run03-08-177.23 mi1:0771.25136.4
Afternoon Run with Janet03-06-174.74 mi0:4249.61138.875
Zwift - London, UK 03/05/201703-05-1723.84 mi1:0959.94115.4