Nia's Activities

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ActivityDateDistanceTimeTSSAve HR
OBX ride: queen of the mountain edition (7!)04-20-1931.00 mi1:3592.18147.5
Makeshift track workout04-20-196.01 mi0:4466.93160.1
Swim brick run04-19-190.82 mi0:0420.75144
The most supremely awful 5k ever04-19-193.89 mi0:3144.07179.4
Afternoon Run04-18-193.15 mi0:2531.68157.9
Afternoon Swim04-18-190.46 mi0:11-1.000
Obx ride: long edition 04-17-1950.11 mi2:40130.31139.8
Beach intervals04-16-195.03 mi0:3843.66164.1
Warm up ride before run 04-16-196.52 mi0:2116.69137.6
OBX ride 1: wind edition 04-15-1935.01 mi1:4594.69146.5
Shakeout run after car ride04-14-193.30 mi0:2525.79147.6
Hot track04-13-196.01 mi0:4367.75168.6
Run with saw in the rain04-12-193.03 mi0:2521.69145.2
Richmond04-12-1913.12 mi0:3537.41163.3
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)04-11-1921.05 mi1:0366.33143.1
Intervals 04-10-194.65 mi0:3526.92131.9
Birthday ride!!04-09-1916.09 mi1:1371.69152.4
It’s hot04-08-194.60 mi0:3841.46153.2
Ske ride04-07-1941.17 mi2:19127.56146.9
Lil’ circlez 04-06-195.09 mi0:3659.92166.5
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)04-04-1919.74 mi1:0056.57148.2
The run where Sara got a bloody nose04-03-194.20 mi0:3339.53153.4
?I’ve been in the (welsh) valley04-02-1914.17 mi1:0767.47152.8
Afternoon Run04-01-194.01 mi0:3220.12133.1
Trackkk03-31-196.01 mi0:4159.89165.7
Brick runs 03-30-192.06 mi0:1327.83178.5
Skills+ ride + bricks03-30-1922.43 mi1:22152.32154.4
Afternoon Run03-29-195.01 mi0:4047.39160.2
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins03-28-1923.84 mi1:1568.34153
Afternoon Run03-27-194.44 mi0:3624.74127.3
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)03-26-1919.48 mi0:5854.96159.1
Extra .25 for the weekly miles03-25-190.20 mi0:008.15153.009
Post swim dreadmill workout03-25-194.95 mi0:4148.56170.4
Afternoon Run03-24-191.03 mi0:067.92179.3
Afternoon Ride03-24-1917.81 mi1:0266.04130.7
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)03-19-1920.88 mi1:0056.53161.8
Post swim run03-18-193.01 mi0:2530.31160.9
The time I was assaulted by my bike (and mail truc03-17-1939.97 mi2:24121.51143.2
London03-16-1920.62 mi1:0046.900
Haddonfield 5k03-16-195.12 mi0:3786.36171.1
Ladies and Gentlemen... it’s shorts weather03-14-1929.82 mi1:4278.23139.9
Afternoon Run03-13-194.51 mi0:3639.31154.2
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)03-12-1919.97 mi1:0057.89155.1
Pre-Swim run03-11-194.10 mi0:3436.58156.3
Watopia03-10-1931.10 mi1:30104.21165
Afternoon Run03-10-196.01 mi0:4864.24160.9
6wk Beginner FTP Builder Week 4 Tempo03-07-1924.67 mi1:0972.79161.7
Dreadmill workout (see picture)03-06-194.35 mi0:3414.78123.7
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins03-05-1926.16 mi1:1566.29160.1
Evening Run03-04-193.43 mi0:2641.31166.1
Watopia02-24-1934.06 mi1:31121.53170.5
Tracc. 02-23-195.68 mi0:4383.99167
Leg Speed Set 102-21-1916.85 mi0:5035.23148.2
Run with RPI xc team 02-20-194.93 mi0:4145.72157.7
Lunch Run02-18-194.25 mi0:3745.34161.6
?I can’t feel my face when I’m outside?02-17-1933.46 mi1:56104.37147.6
Any weather is shorts weather!02-16-193.42 mi0:2357.48166.4
Leg Speed Set 102-14-1916.09 mi0:5035.990
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins02-12-1924.76 mi1:1479.09156.5
Evening Run02-11-192.60 mi0:2021.39160.3
Cold02-10-1925.23 mi1:3891.89150
TRACK, white, & pink02-09-193.76 mi0:2837.34131.7
Afternoon Run02-08-192.01 mi0:1513.39148
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins02-07-1926.06 mi1:1581.38162.6
Afternoon Run02-06-195.30 mi0:4038.20146.7
Leg Speed Set 102-06-1916.75 mi0:5036.340
Hot/ cold SKE ride02-03-1933.80 mi2:05124.02151.2
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins01-31-1924.28 mi1:1271.51158.6
Extra .3 for the mileage 01-30-190.20 mi0:000.000
Evening Run01-30-193.63 mi0:3036.37169.3
Hilly run in the rain and snow01-29-195.66 mi0:4557.12167.1
Leg Speed Set 101-29-1918.92 mi1:0042.59148.3
SKE ride01-27-1926.90 mi1:3781.79143.3
Ske run01-26-193.32 mi0:2633.00167.2
Stoga senior night01-25-191.31 mi0:35-1.000
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins01-24-1925.72 mi1:1385.540
Dreadmill run before swim practice 01-24-193.03 mi0:2422.18150.4
Leg Speed Set 101-23-1918.19 mi0:5539.19147.3
SKE Dark Tunnels01-21-1925.12 mi1:0789.52161.7
Extra .3 the watch didn’t get for the weekly miles01-21-190.30 mi0:023.36156.2
Dreadmill run with watch01-21-194.75 mi0:3846.22169
London01-20-1933.51 mi1:40104.33160.1
Strength Reps - Set 2 WORKOUT 2/201-17-1912.45 mi0:3538.70167.3
Strength Reps - Set 1 WORKOUT 1/201-17-1915.12 mi0:4534.18162.8
Strength Reps - Set 201-15-1916.31 mi0:5045.81152.7
MAP Test 15 w 60 s01-13-198.91 mi0:2535.27161.5
Watopia cool down01-13-193.03 mi0:102.22136.1
Zwift: death test warmup01-13-197.43 mi0:2020.06154.7
Afternoon Run01-12-195.00 mi0:3978.89163.7
Winter windy-land01-10-193.00 mi0:2228.25170
3. Thursday - SST: 4x601-10-1921.02 mi1:0056.59164.2
Strength Reps - Set 101-08-1918.82 mi1:0030.510
Ske hill ride01-06-1927.97 mi1:4493.02146.5
Evening run with Christina 01-05-195.00 mi0:4048.71162.9
Watopia01-03-1919.75 mi1:0042.54149.6
Afternoon Ride01-01-1931.31 mi1:57104.25144.6
SKE group run12-30-185.51 mi0:4252.77164.2
SKE ride with WIND????????????12-29-1836.86 mi2:18117.10140.7
NYC12-28-1833.00 mi1:35106.73165.1
Activity12-27-1828.01 mi1:3497.11156.7
The soup run12-26-185.00 mi0:4052.52167.8
Christmas Eve run in vfp????12-24-185.01 mi0:4155.55166.6
SKE ride12-23-1837.43 mi2:10129.06152.2
SKE run in vfp12-22-184.30 mi0:3946.99159.6
Tour of London - Stage 5 (A)12-21-1822.18 mi1:0055.12151.7
Afternoon Run12-20-183.01 mi0:2429.64166.9
Welcome Workout12-20-1821.99 mi1:0258.83157.9
London12-19-1820.77 mi1:0050.97154.7
Tour of London - Stage 3 (B)12-17-1818.57 mi0:4746.79164.6
Afternoon Run12-16-184.01 mi0:3040.09173.7
Tour of London - Stage 2 (A)12-15-1825.87 mi1:2277.24157.5
London (recovery ride)12-13-1814.99 mi0:4535.79152
London12-12-1820.99 mi1:0046.69156.4
Short on time...12-11-1815.57 mi0:4544.59167.4
Watopia12-10-1820.21 mi1:0065.30163.3
Rain, rain, go away I want to ride outside someday12-02-1832.50 mi1:35104.27166.9
Wet rat run 12-01-183.54 mi0:3143.70173
Watopia11-29-1810.41 mi0:3021.35146.9
SKE ride 11-25-1830.10 mi1:46102.82151.9
Afternoon Run11-24-183.45 mi0:3140.55160.8
NYC11-22-1820.76 mi1:0046.72150.6
Morning Run11-21-182.62 mi0:2226.59156.4
Dreadmill run after swim 11-19-181.32 mi0:1011.74166.8
SKE ride... got a little lost11-18-1820.59 mi1:1376.81153.5
Very muddy, leafy, and rocky run up the mountain t11-17-184.70 mi0:4256.17158
Watopia11-15-1810.31 mi0:3022.420
Evening Run11-12-182.01 mi0:146.60124.4
Morning Ride11-11-1815.96 mi1:0367.48158.1
NYC11-06-1810.40 mi0:3029.530
Garden of the gods run 11-04-181.74 mi0:1627.54152.6
Elevation is not fun! 11-03-182.16 mi0:1715.40144.9
NYC10-30-188.81 mi0:2919.730
Dreadmill run w/ watch10-29-182.50 mi0:2015.75144.1
Morning Ride10-28-1832.40 mi2:04124.25149.6
Morning Run10-26-184.40 mi0:3247.73175.8
Cool down10-26-180.53 mi0:057.57171.8
Pre meet10-25-182.14 mi0:1713.09133.3
Taper: 1 mile tempo10-24-183.26 mi0:2516.98129.7
8wk Race Day Prep Week 8 Taper Intervals10-23-1811.16 mi0:3824.540
Last workout before districts 10-23-183.77 mi0:2934.31154.5
Tempo run10-22-184.00 mi0:3036.41169.7
Morning Run10-21-182.05 mi0:1616.55155.3
NYC10-21-1818.83 mi1:0042.590
Afternoon Run10-19-185.55 mi0:3859.11164.7
Run with strides feat. the beast10-18-185.00 mi0:3935.93144.4
Watopia10-18-1812.57 mi0:4419.940
Quickie after shopping for new racing shorts10-17-182.65 mi0:1911.66132
Cross training 10-17-1811.76 mi0:3824.00140.3
XC workout 10-16-185.32 mi0:4162.91165.7
Afternoon Run10-15-184.01 mi0:3337.20158
Ske fall ride10-14-1830.79 mi1:5777.45130.3
CAL championships10-13-185.07 mi0:3936.64128.5
Premeet with strides 10-12-183.11 mi0:2413.21121.3
Recovery run + weights in the gym10-11-183.01 mi0:2625.53155.7
Easy central league meet10-10-185.09 mi0:4166.29168.8
8wk Race Day Prep Week 7 Taper Intervals10-09-1812.14 mi0:4025.60136.8
Premeet 10-09-184.19 mi0:3337.11155.2
Tempo workout10-08-187.00 mi0:5366.43169.9
Cadence analysis 10-07-180.49 mi0:037.97121.1
Morning Ride10-07-1835.10 mi2:06111.38143.6
Watopia10-06-185.77 mi0:209.670
Afternoon Run10-06-186.08 mi0:4756.19143.6
Race cool down10-06-185.91 mi0:227.100
William Tennent Race10-06-186.08 mi0:4756.19143.6
Afternoon Run10-05-183.16 mi0:2525.47146.6
Recovery run and creek!10-04-186.02 mi0:4754.70159.6
MUDDY Rose tree race10-03-187.00 mi0:5570.59156.3
Cross train 10-02-1812.21 mi0:3926.38142.3
Pre meet10-02-183.09 mi0:2635.15161
Part of workout10-01-186.10 mi0:4680.78165.8
SKE ride 09-30-1833.99 mi2:05120.84148.7
Paul short race and cool down09-29-185.01 mi0:3858.48165.2
Pre meet09-28-183.29 mi0:2721.36135.1
Recovery run09-27-184.26 mi0:3438.97163.8
Afternoon Run09-26-184.48 mi0:3572.40166.6
Pre meet09-25-183.01 mi0:2323.13153.7
Easy tempo workout09-24-185.42 mi0:3956.18169
Innsbruck09-23-1820.35 mi1:0056.68139.4
XC workout09-22-186.51 mi0:5376.97174.2
Recovery run and weights 09-21-184.17 mi0:3341.13168.2
Last mill road ever ☹️ 09-20-184.51 mi0:3448.61155.6
Morning Run09-19-183.15 mi0:2637.53162.7
Recover run 09-18-183.73 mi0:2841.35176.2
Death by mud09-17-186.01 mi0:4682.56173.3
Belmont plateau race 09-15-185.01 mi0:38107.82167.6
Pre meet09-14-183.00 mi0:2434.15167.9
Recovery run09-13-184.51 mi0:3746.70170
Xc home meet 09-12-186.02 mi0:50110.77175.5
Easy peasy pre meet09-11-183.25 mi0:2620.25137.3
Wet fartlek run at Mill Road09-10-184.62 mi0:3750.31177.1
Easy spin to clear legs 09-08-1816.77 mi0:5946.66142.2
MUDDY 2 mile race 09-08-182.00 mi0:1229.82167.98
Warm up and cool down 09-08-182.02 mi0:1851.79161.8
Pre meet run 09-07-184.47 mi0:3852.34161.4
Easy xc run in the lightning????09-06-184.24 mi0:3546.04170
Tempo run with xc09-05-185.29 mi0:3970.69178.7
Morning Run09-02-181.00 mi0:093.71123
Long ske ride09-01-1850.69 mi2:57138.71138.4
MUDDY Oakbourne relays xc relay 08-31-185.50 mi0:4341.80127.4
“Easy” pre meet run 08-30-184.84 mi0:3860.03167.2
Death by heat08-29-184.05 mi0:3144.83171.7
‘Stoga xc tempo run08-27-185.00 mi0:3860.30175.9
Long ride with team ladder back 08-26-1847.87 mi2:49148.00144.3
‘Stoga Xc time trial08-24-187.13 mi0:5479.97173.9
A nice fun dip in the falls08-23-185.03 mi0:4154.68159.4
Hills, weights, death oh my! #stogaxc08-22-185.57 mi0:4668.09175.3
Muddy ‘Stoga xc run #bigboimiles08-21-186.20 mi0:5167.11175.1
Morning Run08-20-184.00 mi0:3245.18177.1
Innsbruck08-19-1823.87 mi1:1556.15141.5
'stoga xc run08-17-185.50 mi0:4262.45177.7
'stoga xc run08-16-185.04 mi0:4052.92176.3
'stoga xc run08-15-185.10 mi0:4254.54175
'stoga xc time trial08-14-183.88 mi0:3348.31172.8
bike of AG nationals08-12-1812.23 mi0:3339.35168.8
Run #2 of AG nationals08-12-181.86 mi0:1216.97175.7
Run #1 of AG nationals08-12-181.79 mi0:107.08136.4
quick ride to loosen up08-11-184.31 mi0:1911.38125.7
shakeout run08-11-181.51 mi0:1212.21152
Course preview 08-10-180.98 mi0:26-1.000
Shake out run on the way to age groups08-09-182.05 mi0:1513.28146.8
“Track” workout pre age groups 08-08-182.49 mi0:1826.73161.6
8wk Race Day Prep Week 8 Taper Intervals08-07-1811.87 mi0:3925.33136.4
Run on way to y&j nationals08-02-181.51 mi0:1112.40156.6
Evening Run08-01-182.32 mi0:1626.31155.5
8wk Race Day Prep Week 8 Taper Intervals07-31-1812.05 mi0:3825.72134.7
“Easy” run with ske 07-30-184.01 mi0:3036.92159.5
Post ride run07-29-180.67 mi0:044.90168.6
Wrong bends and dead ends⚠️ #skeride07-29-1822.90 mi1:2458.73131.4
Track workout with coach’s surprise! +donuts!!07-28-183.19 mi0:2436.90168.6
easy SKE run07-27-183.12 mi0:2530.67161.5
Quick post ride run 07-26-180.70 mi0:046.15166.1
Afternoon Ride07-26-1830.45 mi1:5194.85143.8
Wet fast-tracks workout07-25-184.32 mi0:2937.91158.6
Wet post workout run07-24-181.35 mi0:0913.16173.3
Power Surges #207-24-1819.84 mi1:0051.99154.8
Afternoon Run07-23-184.71 mi0:3748.24164.4
Wet SK elite ride 07-22-1820.68 mi1:1064.48144.8
Afternoon Run07-22-180.50 mi0:033.50162.1
Morning Run07-22-182.10 mi0:1425.10152.8
NJ State Triathlon swim07-21-180.27 mi0:06-1.000
NJ State Triathlon run07-21-183.06 mi0:206.92117.6
NJ state triathlon bike 07-21-1811.12 mi0:3110.47108.7
Pre race shakeout run07-20-181.22 mi0:098.99152.5
Post ride run07-19-181.02 mi0:068.44172.5
SKE ride07-19-1826.61 mi1:3188.44148.8
Fast-tracks workout07-18-183.68 mi0:2544.44163.3
Watopia07-17-1820.15 mi1:1289.08161.1
Recovery run from Iowa07-16-183.01 mi0:2429.71164.5
Afternoon Swim07-14-180.25 mi0:07-1.000
Lunch Run07-14-181.01 mi0:087.51148.4
Afternoon Ride07-13-183.67 mi0:156.78121.6
Afternoon Run07-12-182.24 mi0:1818.80145.2
Evening Run07-11-183.08 mi0:2036.84163.2
8wk Race Day Prep Week 7 Day 4 - Taper Intervals07-10-1817.59 mi0:5741.60148.1
Afternoon Run07-09-182.67 mi0:2026.19164.9
Afternoon Run07-08-182.03 mi0:1340.75171.5
25 miler + some bricks 07-08-1834.79 mi2:13140.45142.9
Morning Activity07-07-180.00 mi0:00-1.000
Morning Swim07-07-180.23 mi0:05-1.000
Morning Ride07-07-1814.42 mi0:4114.45118.5
Morning Activity07-07-180.00 mi0:00-1.00126
Morning Run07-07-183.17 mi0:219.52126.2
Afternoon Run07-06-183.09 mi0:2530.60160.7
TT#3 Dynamic TT Course Work07-05-1820.01 mi1:0255.13135.5
Morning Run07-04-183.29 mi0:2342.58158.2
Afternoon Ride07-04-1831.20 mi1:54107.05145.1
8wk Race Day Prep Week 4 Z6 Intervals07-03-1819.08 mi0:5553.47156.5
Evening Run07-03-181.40 mi0:1014.51173.6
Afternoon Run07-02-183.01 mi0:2427.39163.1
Morning Ride07-01-1815.74 mi0:5460.92151.4
Morning Run07-01-181.88 mi0:1317.20175.8
Ride around crit course with some surges 06-29-1814.10 mi0:5065.03151.357
Morning Run06-26-181.38 mi0:0910.36137
Morning Run06-24-183.21 mi0:2229.35179.6
Morning Ride06-24-1810.74 mi0:3110.93117.2
Evening Ride06-23-183.23 mi0:126.36128.7
Afternoon Run06-22-184.56 mi0:4046.02156.3
Afternoon Ride06-21-1818.23 mi1:1571.79144.6
Evening Run06-20-184.12 mi0:3443.72159.5
4wk PRL Prep Week 1 Day 6 - 40/20's #106-19-1815.55 mi0:4944.00140.2
25 mile ride followed by bricks06-17-1831.53 mi1:47124.94150
HOT brick run 06-17-181.47 mi0:0936.97180.8
Afternoon Run06-16-187.00 mi0:5577.33173.4
Afternoon Run06-15-185.01 mi0:4154.30167
Afternoon Ride06-14-1819.22 mi1:1978.48151.4
Evening Run06-13-184.01 mi0:3049.07171.6
Tractor Pulls06-12-1820.05 mi1:0059.45149.6
Morning Run06-10-182.01 mi0:1457.86178.8
Morning Ride06-10-1821.01 mi1:13105.53158.5
Afternoon Run06-08-184.04 mi0:3140.24167.1
Afternoon Ride06-07-1818.36 mi1:1367.56143
Evening Run06-06-183.31 mi0:2135.12163.5
Afternoon Ride06-06-1810.22 mi0:3656.55146.9
Evening Run06-05-182.96 mi0:2227.71171
Lunch Run06-04-181.47 mi0:1110.52151.2
Morning Run06-03-180.24 mi0:022.48134.5
Afternoon Ride06-02-182.71 mi0:105.14121.4
Afternoon Run06-01-181.81 mi0:1517.79153.9
Afternoon Run05-31-181.27 mi0:0812.44135.3
Afternoon Ride05-31-1810.19 mi0:3454.59156.8
Evening Run05-30-183.01 mi0:2036.20164.3
8wk Race Day Prep Week 8 Day 1 - Taper Intervals05-29-1812.93 mi0:4232.42138.3
Morning Ride05-28-1822.51 mi1:2088.90154.4
Lunch Run05-28-183.51 mi0:2636.57170.8
Afternoon Ride05-27-1826.06 mi1:3588.73149.4
Afternoon Run05-26-184.00 mi0:2956.92169.5
Afternoon Run05-25-185.26 mi0:4654.45160.3
Afternoon Ride05-24-1818.76 mi1:0977.31154.5
London: injured calves05-22-185.52 mi0:189.84134.9
Evening Run05-21-183.16 mi0:2938.63163.2
Afternoon Ride05-20-1821.79 mi1:2074.82146.8
WU, 10x100 sprint, WD05-20-182.31 mi0:1725.51155.4
Post swim meet shakeout run05-19-180.57 mi0:054.99147
Afternoon Run05-18-185.11 mi0:4351.38160.4
TT#3 Dynamic TT Course Work05-17-1820.02 mi1:0156.47159.6
Evening Run05-16-185.55 mi0:4157.26163.3
Lunch Ride05-15-1833.50 mi2:07127.27151.9
Evening Run05-14-183.07 mi0:2837.31162.6
2 miles WU, 10x200 sprints, + WD05-13-184.50 mi0:3427.65128.2
Afternoon Run05-12-180.35 mi0:024.11172
Afternoon Ride05-12-1843.49 mi2:34137.38144.2
Afternoon Run05-11-184.69 mi0:4147.34161.9
London05-10-1819.44 mi1:0054.32147.7
Evening Run05-09-183.46 mi0:2436.56167.5
Afternoon Ride05-09-1810.15 mi0:3758.89155.8
Afternoon Ride05-08-1810.79 mi0:3437.56156
Short recovery ride on CVT05-07-1810.75 mi0:3437.19153.1
Morning Run05-06-180.49 mi0:043.68132.5
Morning Ride05-05-183.50 mi0:159.37130
Lunch Run05-05-181.09 mi0:0910.76165.5
Lunch Swim05-05-180.35 mi0:10-1.000
Evening Swim05-03-180.74 mi0:16-1.000
Afternoon Swim05-03-180.40 mi0:11-1.000
Afternoon Ride05-03-1812.63 mi0:4744.93149.2
Afternoon Swim05-02-180.53 mi0:13-1.000
Evening Run05-02-182.14 mi0:1619.90168.9
8wk Race Day Prep Week 7 Day 4 - Taper Intervals05-01-1818.29 mi0:5641.57144.5
Afternoon Run04-29-181.98 mi0:1329.82167.98
Brick rides. Had to use phone04-29-1813.78 mi0:5165.03151.357
Track workout w/ bike computer04-28-182.66 mi0:1941.82174.6
Afternoon Run04-27-184.00 mi0:3541.93167.3
2018 PRL100 Prep Week 2 Day 5 - Power Surges #104-26-1820.06 mi0:5949.90156.4
8wk Race Day Prep Week 5 Day 1 - Micro bursts04-24-1822.08 mi1:0560.77145.3
Morning Ride04-22-1825.08 mi1:2795.52158.9
SKE team run: should have been 504-20-184.11 mi0:3558.09168.4
2018 PRL100 Prep Week 12 Day 6 - XX SST 2 x 20min04-19-1828.06 mi1:1689.27164.9
Evening Run04-18-184.52 mi0:3244.88162.4
2018 PRL100 Prep Week 12 Day 2 - 6x3min Vo2 increa04-17-1825.58 mi1:1468.03150.5
Afternoon Run04-16-184.07 mi0:3742.21157.5
London04-15-1831.74 mi1:3085.73154.1
Afternoon Run04-14-183.08 mi0:2145.20170.7
Afternoon Run04-13-183.45 mi0:3041.41168.5
2018 PRL100 Prep Week 3 Day 5 - Neuromuscular Powe04-12-1822.16 mi1:0274.78163.4
2018 PRL46 Prep Week 6 Day 5 - 5 x 5min 100rpm04-10-1819.80 mi1:0051.75146.4
Afternoon Ride04-08-1814.90 mi0:5161.45151.5
Richmond04-06-1819.84 mi0:5762.94166.1
4wk FTP Booster Week 4 Day 4 - Sub-threshold XX #204-05-1816.97 mi0:4854.95173.8
4wk FTP Booster Week 4 Day 1 - Progressive 11's #204-03-1819.11 mi1:0052.67157.7
Morning Run03-31-181.53 mi0:1023.73169.1
Morning Ride03-31-1813.29 mi0:4152.26154.7
Afternoon Run03-31-181.25 mi0:0911.03169.6
Afternoon Run03-30-185.01 mi0:4049.40164.9
Afternoon Ride03-29-1814.03 mi0:5337.81136.6
Afternoon Ride03-28-1833.55 mi1:43106.98155.8
Morning Run03-28-183.90 mi0:3347.68170
Afternoon Ride03-27-1823.23 mi1:1988.67159
Afternoon Run03-26-184.98 mi0:3957.81173.6
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 1 - HIT 80% FTP #203-25-1818.42 mi0:5449.19158
Afternoon Run03-24-185.05 mi0:4056.19175.4
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 6 - Tempo with accelera03-23-1819.97 mi0:5958.53151.9
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 5 - 40/20's #203-21-1819.23 mi0:5651.51151.4
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 2 - HIT 45sec #203-20-1818.19 mi0:5345.12131.8
SKE ride, windy!!!03-18-1827.17 mi1:39101.79149
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 6 - Tempo with accelera03-17-1816.13 mi0:4952.90150.9
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 5 - 40/20's #103-16-1816.70 mi0:5145.46160.6
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 4 - Endurance03-15-1820.71 mi1:0045.65160.6
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 2 - HIT 45sec #103-12-1816.90 mi0:5237.93154.5
WBR 3 Volcano Flat Lap Race03-11-1813.84 mi0:3652.27173.4
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 1 - HIT 80% FTP #103-07-1818.75 mi0:5244.87154.9
London02-28-1817.84 mi0:5929.39134.2
WBR 4 Volcano Circuit Laps Race02-25-1827.78 mi1:1590.83163.5
Hill Sprints02-23-1819.88 mi1:0067.78159.9
Afternoon Ride02-21-1817.13 mi0:5773.75164.2
Bambino Fondo02-18-1830.57 mi1:37118.33165.1
VO2 & AC02-15-1821.53 mi1:0958.67134.1
Hill Attacks02-13-1820.57 mi1:0146.78157.7
Watopia02-11-1830.58 mi1:3094.33164.8
Hill Sprints02-09-1813.53 mi0:3844.31157.4
Evening Run02-08-182.00 mi0:1519.25154.429
Quickie after swimming 02-06-181.00 mi0:078.40165.133
London02-04-1832.79 mi1:30135.73145.4
Strength Reps - Set 201-31-1818.03 mi1:0038.38151.5
Watopia01-28-1833.41 mi1:3089.05162.5
Beautiful team run at VFP01-27-186.03 mi0:4663.34177.3
Leg Speed Set 101-24-1820.67 mi1:0045.56146.9
Superkids Ride: first outside ride of 201801-21-1830.54 mi1:48105.36151.4
Afternoon Run01-21-181.00 mi0:078.42166.9
Afternoon Run01-20-185.55 mi0:4558.68175.6
FTP O/U - Shorter01-19-1811.06 mi0:3333.89159.3
Strength Reps - Set 301-18-1820.89 mi1:0061.70161.1
London01-14-1827.87 mi1:08114.89164.1
3. Thursday - SST: 4x601-13-1820.78 mi1:0059.94152.6
Strength Reps - Set 201-10-1819.28 mi1:0042.95155.8
Afternoon Run01-10-184.00 mi0:3140.42167.8
Afternoon Run01-08-183.16 mi0:2834.39161.16
Morning Run01-07-181.95 mi0:1619.25154.429
Watopia01-07-1828.91 mi1:41108.21167
Treadmill run01-06-183.30 mi0:2634.39161.16
2. Wednesday - T: 3x10 @65-75 RPM01-04-1821.07 mi1:0553.83157.6
Strength Reps - Set 101-03-1820.08 mi1:0038.39158.4
Cold run, still recovering from wisdom teeth remov01-02-181.70 mi0:1326.69157.95
Day 6 of Zwiftmas - Group ride: trainer kept cutti12-30-1718.65 mi1:1078.680
London: first ride after wisdom teeth removal12-29-175.00 mi0:1611.39133.1
4wk FTP Booster Week 3 Day 6 - Threshold block #1 12-25-1715.69 mi0:4841.630
Afternoon Run12-24-176.21 mi0:4966.14171.9
London12-23-1729.59 mi1:2970.72158.3
Afternoon Run12-20-174.13 mi0:3540.40158.1
4wk FTP Booster Week 3 Day 1 - Progressive 11's12-20-1720.61 mi1:0154.26162
Afternoon Run12-18-172.55 mi0:2124.18157.9
Watopia12-17-1729.58 mi1:3194.390
Afternoon Run12-16-172.99 mi0:2527.23158
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 7 - Max Aerobic declini12-15-1718.64 mi0:5957.630
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 3 - Tempo with Finale!12-13-1721.24 mi1:0059.430
Afternoon Run12-13-174.10 mi0:3639.95156.8
Afternoon Run12-11-173.82 mi0:3343.75160.4
Last run before GM12-05-171.40 mi0:1129.82167.98
Taper run under super moon12-04-171.90 mi0:1619.25154.429
SKE ride12-03-1722.60 mi1:3387.57149.167
Pre swim practice run12-02-174.46 mi0:3849.47167.9
Neighborhood run, recovery from sickness 11-30-172.57 mi0:2124.69152.133
Afternoon Ride11-26-1726.88 mi1:43104.92149.012
Afternoon Ride11-25-1715.36 mi0:5165.03151.357
Afternoon Ride11-19-1720.31 mi1:2487.57149.167
Afternoon Ride11-08-1711.45 mi0:4343.02143.3
Afternoon Run11-06-174.00 mi0:3343.36167.014
Recovery ride with SK11-05-1734.34 mi2:04117.66146.111
“Warm” November ride11-04-1735.87 mi2:08117.66146.111
Solo ride on cvt11-01-1712.43 mi0:4043.02143.3
Afternoon Ride10-28-1723.29 mi1:2587.57149.167
Lunch Run10-27-170.20 mi0:023.36156.2
Morning Run10-27-171.73 mi0:1619.25154.429
Afternoon Run10-26-171.28 mi0:1229.82167.98
Afternoon Run10-25-172.36 mi0:2124.69152.133
Afternoon Run10-24-170.99 mi0:088.40165.133
Afternoon Run10-23-174.02 mi0:2834.39161.16
Ride with the superkids, also happy birthday jack!10-22-1723.32 mi1:2787.57149.167
Afternoon Run10-20-174.24 mi0:3649.80164.533
Afternoon Run10-19-174.56 mi0:4051.47163.691
Afternoon Run10-17-175.31 mi0:4760.94158.367
Afternoon Run10-16-173.97 mi0:3343.36167.014
30 miles + 4 miles with the young superkids10-15-1733.98 mi2:17117.10140.7
Afternoon Run10-14-171.45 mi0:1229.82167.98
Afternoon Run10-13-172.23 mi0:1935.09156.133
Afternoon Run10-12-173.76 mi0:3243.36167.014
Afternoon Run10-10-174.69 mi0:3649.80164.533
Afternoon Run10-09-174.72 mi0:4151.47163.691
Morning Run10-07-176.55 mi0:5378.47174.05
Afternoon Ride10-07-1721.54 mi1:3087.57149.167
Afternoon Run10-06-174.00 mi0:3341.17158.312
Afternoon Run10-05-174.63 mi0:3960.78162.018
Afternoon Run10-04-174.65 mi0:3960.78162.018
Afternoon Run10-03-171.38 mi0:1113.52159.42
Afternoon Run10-02-176.62 mi0:5188.94175.3
Morning Ride10-01-1726.63 mi1:3887.57149.167
Afternoon Run09-28-172.65 mi0:2432.08158.955
Afternoon Run09-26-173.40 mi0:2940.40156.683
Afternoon Run09-25-172.64 mi0:2229.40168.1
Morning Ride09-24-1743.39 mi2:38137.38144.2
Afternoon Run09-22-173.94 mi0:3041.16169.7
Morning Run09-21-175.00 mi0:4151.47163.691
Zwift - Watopia09-20-1713.17 mi0:4130.600
Afternoon Run09-19-176.21 mi0:5478.47174.05
Afternoon Run09-18-175.92 mi0:5478.47174.05
Morning Ride09-17-1741.67 mi2:38137.38144.2
Belmont park race (5k) 09-16-173.11 mi0:2229.40168.1
Race warm up 09-16-171.10 mi0:1013.43154.625
Easy pre race run09-15-172.36 mi0:2124.69152.133
Afternoon Run09-13-170.99 mi0:0913.43154.625
Afternoon Run09-12-171.40 mi0:1229.82167.98
Afternoon Run09-11-176.11 mi0:5366.43169.9
Afternoon Ride09-10-1726.91 mi1:41104.92149.012
Morning Run09-09-172.15 mi0:2024.69152.133
Watched died during run09-08-171.03 mi0:0913.43154.625
League meet race09-06-173.11 mi0:2024.69152.133
Afternoon Run09-06-171.68 mi0:1619.25154.429
Afternoon Run09-05-172.26 mi0:1835.09156.133
Morning Ride09-04-1727.69 mi1:43104.92149.012
Morning Run09-03-177.65 mi1:040.000
Afternoon Run09-01-171.78 mi0:1519.25154.429
Afternoon Run08-31-172.72 mi0:2329.40168.1
Afternoon Run08-30-174.56 mi0:4446.59143.9
Afternoon Run08-29-175.68 mi0:4660.94158.367
Afternoon Run08-28-174.87 mi0:4151.47163.691
Recovery ride after my 5k swim yesterday08-27-1721.36 mi1:2179.43151.05
Afternoon Run08-25-173.93 mi0:3142.57172.9
Afternoon Run08-24-173.99 mi0:3243.36167.014
Afternoon Run08-23-175.13 mi0:4357.27168.2
Morning Run08-22-175.02 mi0:4371.77170
Afternoon Ride08-20-1725.67 mi1:2384.15155
Morning Run08-18-176.00 mi0:5266.43169.9
Morning Run08-17-173.90 mi0:3549.80164.533
Morning Run08-16-173.41 mi0:2940.40156.683
Morning Run08-15-173.34 mi0:2834.39161.16
Morning Run08-14-174.10 mi0:3649.80164.533
Morning Run08-11-173.02 mi0:2432.08158.955
Morning Run08-10-173.33 mi0:2940.40156.683
Afternoon Ride08-09-1713.42 mi0:5065.03151.357
Morning Ride08-06-170.00 mi0:006.91125.425
Morning Ride08-04-175.08 mi0:2010.93117.2
Evening Run08-02-171.69 mi0:1326.69157.95
Afternoon Ride08-01-1716.07 mi0:5665.03151.357
Evening Run07-31-172.99 mi0:2229.40168.1
Afternoon Run07-30-171.23 mi0:078.40165.133
Afternoon Ride07-30-1712.05 mi0:4143.02143.3
Morning Ride07-29-1716.86 mi0:5165.03151.357
Afternoon Run07-28-172.51 mi0:2024.69152.133
Evening Run07-27-170.50 mi0:033.36156.2
Evening Ride07-27-1719.35 mi0:5965.03151.357
Evening Run07-26-172.94 mi0:1835.09156.133
Afternoon Ride07-26-1714.33 mi0:5365.03151.357
Zwift - Watopia - 8wk Race Day Prep Week 4 Day 1 -07-25-1715.88 mi0:5044.910
Evening Run07-24-173.60 mi0:3041.16169.7
Morning Ride07-23-1738.17 mi2:31137.38144.2
Part of NJ Tri07-22-1710.50 mi0:3110.93117.2
Treadmill run after swim07-21-173.00 mi0:2332.08158.955
Morning Ride07-20-1715.90 mi0:5665.03151.357
Evening Run07-19-172.80 mi0:1721.58151.783
Afternoon Ride07-19-1710.38 mi0:4243.02143.3
Zwift - Watopia(intervals)07-18-1718.07 mi0:5984.130
Afternoon Run07-17-172.10 mi0:1835.09156.133
Afternoon Ride07-16-1720.70 mi1:1879.43151.05
Afternoon Ride07-15-1720.10 mi1:1379.43151.05
Afternoon Run07-14-175.65 mi0:4760.94158.367
Zwift - Watopia - Thursday workout(part1)07-13-1714.10 mi0:4442.060
Zwift - Watopia (part 2)07-13-171.71 mi0:053.490
Evening Run07-12-172.56 mi0:1426.69157.95
Afternoon Ride07-12-1712.90 mi0:5065.03151.357
Afternoon Run07-11-173.12 mi0:2628.24153.333
Afternoon Ride07-08-176.06 mi0:2310.93117.2
Morning Run07-08-171.14 mi0:0813.43154.625
Afternoon Run07-07-171.86 mi0:1426.69157.95
Evening Run07-05-172.65 mi0:1835.09156.133
Morning Ride07-04-1721.04 mi1:2079.43151.05
Lunch Run07-04-173.13 mi0:2634.39161.16
Evening Run07-03-171.34 mi0:1013.52159.42
Zwift - London07-03-1715.01 mi0:4444.530
Morning Ride06-30-179.36 mi0:4934.4373.2
Morning Ride06-28-175.15 mi0:3110.93117.2
Afternoon Run06-26-172.04 mi0:1729.98170.3
Morning Ride06-24-1712.07 mi0:3843.02143.3
Afternoon Ride06-22-1724.53 mi1:42104.92149.012
Morning Run06-22-171.40 mi0:1326.69157.95
Indoor due to Thunderstorm06-21-1720.01 mi0:5478.570
Afternoon Run06-21-174.13 mi0:2734.39161.16
Morning Run06-20-174.02 mi0:3441.17158.312
Afternoon Ride06-20-1722.41 mi1:2687.57149.167
Zwift - Watopia - SST (Med)06-19-1728.57 mi1:2579.730
Afternoon Ride06-18-1726.17 mi1:50104.92149.012
Afternoon Run06-16-172.42 mi0:2634.39161.16
Zwift - London - FTP Test (shorter)06-15-1714.78 mi0:4540.260
Afternoon Ride06-14-1718.07 mi1:1279.43151.05
Evening Run06-14-174.54 mi0:3141.16169.7
Treadmill run06-13-173.00 mi0:2229.40168.1
Morning Ride06-11-175.63 mi0:1810.93117.2
Lunch Ride06-11-1721.73 mi1:0779.43151.05
Morning Ride06-10-1719.97 mi1:0065.03151.357
Morning Ride06-10-171.76 mi0:066.91125.425
Afternoon Ride06-07-1713.57 mi0:5465.03151.357
Evening Run06-07-174.81 mi0:2940.40156.683
Afternoon Run06-05-171.83 mi0:1935.09156.133
Morning Run06-04-170.42 mi0:035.68147.075
Lunch Run06-03-170.41 mi0:1013.52159.42
Afternoon Run06-02-172.00 mi0:1519.25154.429
Evening Run05-31-172.60 mi0:1619.25154.429
Afternoon Ride05-31-1717.56 mi1:0565.03151.357
Zwift - London, UK 05/30/201705-30-1711.65 mi0:3535.800
Afternoon Run05-29-171.40 mi0:1013.52159.42
Afternoon Ride05-28-1712.11 mi0:4443.02143.3
Afternoon Run05-28-172.04 mi0:1426.69157.95
Morning Run05-27-170.59 mi0:045.68147.075
Afternoon Run05-26-174.65 mi0:3441.17158.312
Zwift - Richmond, VA - Zwift Academy Month 3 Sessi05-25-1715.99 mi0:4839.990
Afternoon Ride05-24-1721.73 mi1:1879.43151.05
Evening Run05-24-173.37 mi0:1721.58151.783
Zwift - London, UK 05/23/2017 (with dog)05-23-1713.38 mi0:4333.080
Afternoon Run05-21-170.81 mi0:057.00163.767
Afternoon Ride05-21-177.93 mi0:2910.93117.2
Morning Ride05-20-1733.04 mi2:01117.66146.111
Zwift - Watopia - Thursday Workout(partial)05-18-173.12 mi0:116.180
Ride05-17-1717.00 mi1:0565.03151.357
Evening Run05-17-172.65 mi0:1821.58151.783
Zwift - Watopia - The Wringer(workout)05-16-1712.42 mi0:4428.250
Afternoon Run05-15-175.00 mi0:4159.01168.389
Afternoon Run05-14-171.40 mi0:1013.52159.42
Afternoon Ride05-14-1725.61 mi1:3887.57149.167
Zwift - Watopia 05/13/201705-13-1718.39 mi0:5837.300
Afternoon Run05-12-175.61 mi0:4666.61172.825
Evening Run05-11-171.40 mi0:1013.52159.42
Zwift - Watopia - FTP Test (shorter)05-11-1714.39 mi0:4536.090
Afternoon Run05-10-170.68 mi0:067.00163.767
Evening Ride05-09-1711.42 mi0:4943.02143.3
Afternoon Run05-09-172.23 mi0:1835.09156.133
Evening Run05-09-170.29 mi0:023.36156.2
Morning Run05-07-170.53 mi0:045.68147.075
Afternoon Run05-06-171.10 mi0:0813.43154.625
Lunch Ride05-06-179.22 mi0:4943.02143.3
Afternoon Run05-04-172.69 mi0:2432.08158.955
Afternoon Ride05-04-178.29 mi0:3110.93117.2
Zwift - Watopia 05/03/201705-03-171.65 mi0:0617.330
Afternoon Run05-03-173.16 mi0:2628.24153.333
Evening Run05-02-171.03 mi0:079.26180.1
Afternoon Ride05-02-170.00 mi0:006.91125.425
Evening Ride05-02-179.78 mi0:4043.02143.3
Afternoon Run05-01-173.31 mi0:2834.39161.16
Afternoon Run04-30-171.76 mi0:1166.79184.1
Afternoon Ride04-30-1716.78 mi1:0293.62155.5
Ride after OWS04-29-1718.06 mi1:0779.43151.05
Morning Ride04-29-1716.97 mi1:0465.03151.357
Afternoon Run04-28-173.19 mi0:2229.40168.1