Andrew's Activities

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ActivityDateDistanceTimeTSSAve HR
Lunch Hike04-23-2223.05 mi8:330.0077.1
Morning Ride04-21-2217.49 mi1:05192.88124.9
Morning Run04-18-222.05 mi0:1718.35141.1
About as much as could do with covid lung. 04-17-221.45 mi0:1212.76139.3
Lung washing covid out04-08-222.01 mi0:1620.49152.9
Lung washing04-06-222.96 mi0:490.0079.6
18 hours after covid shot and crazy wild winds. Wh03-31-2217.47 mi1:06191.68118.9
Hail. So it bounces off and keeps you dry03-26-223.83 mi0:3647.53154.8
Yes, Ethel was a tree ….03-20-222.40 mi0:2025.32150.6
Why are there mosquitoes in mid March. Ride to eve03-19-220.98 mi0:051.78102.057
Billy the mountain. 03-18-223.77 mi0:3641.44140.4
White Clay with Viktor part 103-16-225.60 mi0:4928.73112.2
White Clay with Viktor part 203-16-225.67 mi0:4926.29109.2
Morning Ride03-15-2217.45 mi1:05218.41119.3
Nothing to report except the damned bridge on the 03-08-2217.48 mi1:03228.01122
Yay. Trail!03-07-222.08 mi0:1822.19149.3
Super muddy ride at Marsh Creek Eve though it’s be03-05-229.16 mi1:2133.51121.123
Running on dregs with tired legs. 3rd day in a ro03-03-2217.45 mi1:06207.72118.9
Short thing is starting to be habit03-02-2217.45 mi1:04207.18123.719
Awesome night ride with best friends!03-01-2210.32 mi1:3846.40120.626
No wind and sun so just awesome02-28-223.01 mi0:2426.12141.4
Ride into rock climbing at Safe Harbor. 02-27-222.48 mi0:2229.83117.9
Ride out from rock climbing02-27-222.97 mi0:179.36110.6
Windy and cold is getting old. But at least it wa02-25-222.02 mi0:1521.52156.2
Make yer mind up weather. 02-24-2218.08 mi1:13206.25129
Morning wardrobe malfunction ride. Disgustingly w02-23-2217.53 mi1:04235.67127.5
22F AM. 60F PM. Where were all the KH’s this mor02-21-2217.77 mi1:08225.68127.2
Ride to Safe Harbor for winter outdoor rock climbi02-20-224.72 mi0:3291.22121.4
Short to save Achilles and leave room to go to PRG02-19-222.01 mi0:1516.56137.7
Groundhog, you are wrong. At least for today…..02-17-2217.59 mi1:10187.15120.988
Ice on the chin, made me grin. Ice on the trail ma02-15-2218.47 mi1:17186.66120.988
Blowing super bowl fug away.02-14-222.04 mi0:1620.56151.6
I’ll eat my candy with the pork and beans. Some s02-12-2213.04 mi4:470.0086.2
Tales of two rides, 20 on the way in, 50 on way ho02-09-2217.52 mi1:05170.67123.736
This mornings ice was twice as nice as last nights02-08-2217.66 mi1:07199.18120.988
Keeping it short to take care of Achilles02-07-221.45 mi0:1111.31135.4
Slipping on partly thawed trails02-06-224.08 mi0:3650.28149.2
Short one in freezing rain. Still taking it easy o02-04-222.00 mi0:1619.98150.7
yuk out there this morning. 02-03-222.70 mi0:2325.49143.7
Another water bottle freezing ride! 02-01-2217.63 mi1:10181.37120.988
Dodging cars that think it’s ok to drive like dick01-31-222.24 mi0:1826.16157.9
NC trails on frozen ground and beautiful loaner bi01-30-2212.68 mi1:5780.91115.7
NC on light snow with Eric and Bo01-29-2211.49 mi1:55107.19128.7
Sunrise at New Bern01-28-223.12 mi0:2531.87150.3
Morning Run01-26-222.07 mi0:1720.97148
Morning Run01-25-221.45 mi0:1215.48155.3
11F but getting it done without reinjury01-21-221.46 mi0:1213.24141.1
35F and raining chez moi, but went anyway. 01-20-221.46 mi0:1111.08132.5
Gotta love 7am meetings and riding across ice in t01-19-2217.61 mi1:06229.65120.988
Barking spiders at the Wiss. 01-15-2213.65 mi1:5158.22118.234
Back to running day 4. So far so good01-14-221.44 mi0:1110.42128.3
First ride to work of the year. 22F am. 40F pm. 01-13-2217.78 mi1:10208.17120.988
Return to running. Day 3. Brrr. Was not long ago m01-11-221.48 mi0:1212.92139.6
Day 2 return to running. Dog would not go far, so 01-10-221.34 mi0:1212.03133.5
Starting back again. Day 1. Small and slow. On ice01-09-221.42 mi0:1112.85142.9
Great way to start the year. Although a little mud01-03-228.05 mi1:2060.45121.2
Wiss or wuss…. With Charlotte and other friend12-26-2110.73 mi2:0578.42106.4
Christmas Day MTB!12-25-2113.89 mi1:4542.2194.9
Nothing much. But dog, and daughter, did not want 12-24-211.68 mi0:340.0072.7
Afternoon Run10-27-212.32 mi0:3813.3983.2
Suffering the back pain, but getting something don10-24-215.05 mi1:430.0093.3
Back test part 2. Dirty dogs rule, OK…10-23-214.47 mi1:300.00111.5
Back test part 1 after steroid shot. Go!10-22-213.07 mi0:530.0083.8
Supposed to be 3m hike, but back was really aggrav10-10-212.52 mi0:430.0076.8
Back test. No go. 10-08-212.20 mi0:460.0075.1
Back not good this am, but walk went ok10-06-211.53 mi0:270.0092.8
Trail walk. Minimal back issues even though bad to10-06-211.39 mi0:290.0073
Morning hike with Lauren10-03-213.00 mi1:440.0075.5
2nd hike of the day. This one a little faster. Bac10-03-213.02 mi0:520.00106.3
Stopped twice on bench. But felt better like that.10-02-211.53 mi0:300.0089
Morning Hike10-01-210.96 mi0:170.0062.2
Ok for about a mile, then bad again. Last day with10-01-211.49 mi0:320.0073.6
Short hike. Mostly pain free09-30-210.69 mi0:120.0093.3
Better than yesterday but still some pain. Not to09-30-211.39 mi0:280.0077.2
Better. Kept at 3.5 mph most. Stopped several time09-29-211.55 mi0:290.0076
Had to stop lots and stretch. Very painful. 09-27-211.54 mi0:320.0078.1
As far as I could walk. Barely made it bacm09-26-210.82 mi0:190.000
Lunch Ride09-11-2110.04 mi1:3664.63106.8
City of Rocks, ID. Hike and climb at Stripe Rock w09-10-212.83 mi1:020.0090.5
Morning Hike09-09-212.08 mi0:550.0086.2
Big Sky! Montana09-07-2128.89 mi3:09155.7483.5
Awesome single track in Montana. Beautiful scenery09-06-2115.71 mi2:43125.65113.3
Oops09-03-215.35 mi0:5068.01148.2
Commute the long way via Phoenixville. Ate dirt in08-31-2126.84 mi1:47248.46112.5
Morning Ride08-30-2118.06 mi1:07232.02114.6
Port Clinton south on AT08-28-2113.57 mi5:350.0068
Keeping the volume down for Achilles 08-26-212.05 mi0:1517.85144.7
Up Flowing Springs hill the gravel way. And down t08-26-2123.86 mi1:3761.19114.8
Saw more bikes than cars. Love that! And rocking 08-25-2118.05 mi1:08248.74119.2
Morning Run08-24-212.91 mi0:2224.65141.1
Orienteering the side of Mt Misery with Wyatt. 08-22-213.94 mi1:0343.55119.9
Second part of ride in the Wiss. Sweaty but fun! 08-21-2112.44 mi2:0474.23114
Riding the Wiss. 08-21-219.37 mi1:2332.11121
Now that’s what I call a hill! Trail run Catskill08-18-218.07 mi1:22100.60142.5
Was all prepped for the Wiss. but rode with Nia in08-15-2131.89 mi2:0074.14115
‘Long run’ (at least for me) with Nia. 08-14-214.01 mi0:3338.33144.1
Riding to work and working on Achilles strength. 08-04-2117.24 mi1:03213.69110.3
Rediscover running. Checking out Achilles. 08-03-211.30 mi0:1011.73141
Rediscover road bike. Cardio of 12,000 ft elevatio08-02-2117.37 mi1:04202.99114.2
Bagged a 14er with Charlotte! Mt Elbert. Chased of07-30-2115.76 mi6:320.0098.2
Last day of Collegiate Loop ~175 miles and 40,000 07-28-2114.44 mi6:490.0098.1
Day 11 continental divide trail north, Lake Ann pa07-27-2117.96 mi8:030.0088.8
Day 10 continental divide trail north. Amazing day07-26-2119.56 mi8:330.00102.6
Day 9 continental divide trail north. Amazing wild07-25-2110.57 mi4:230.0081.2
Day 8 continental divide trail north. Crazy lightn07-24-2117.13 mi7:480.0092.3
Finished Colorado trail section south. Turning nor07-23-2113.61 mi5:320.0095.5
Day 6 Colorado trail. Shavano. Camped at base of 07-22-2117.99 mi7:080.0088.2
Day 5 on Colorado trail. Rest day, kinda! Few hou07-21-2114.05 mi5:230.0091.1
First half day 4 Colorado trail hike. Amazing desc07-20-217.00 mi3:100.00104
Second half day 4 Colorado trail. Afternoon. 07-20-216.87 mi3:010.00110.9
Day 3 Colorado trail hike. Awesome views. Altitude07-19-2115.75 mi7:140.0098.8
Day 2 Colorado trail hike. Long day. Lots elevati07-18-2115.81 mi6:560.00108.5
Day 1 of Colorado trail hike with Charlotte. . St07-17-214.81 mi2:070.00100.2
Achilles training......with a big fat dog07-16-211.73 mi0:360.0094.2
Wading through tick fields in VFP on 9m hike back 07-14-218.68 mi2:340.0087.1
Hike with Eric plus Pumpkin Loop 07-13-215.04 mi1:250.0087
Hike with Eric in ironwoods. 07-12-214.14 mi1:210.0084.3
Danville river trail07-11-213.47 mi1:020.0077.2
Would not be seen dead on an E bike07-11-2115.37 mi0:560.0084.1
Downtown Danville 07-10-212.07 mi0:380.0088.1
E bike test. Fun!07-04-217.15 mi0:350.00100.6
Sunny street walls, hot as balls, 1 mile hill will06-30-212.02 mi0:1518.03143
Beautiful summer ride with Rich and Janet. Bearly 06-27-2137.43 mi2:25100.18108.2
Show up messes, after last nights excesses, MTB wi06-26-218.17 mi1:2538.6597.3
Ride to rock gym and back. Got soaked!06-26-214.86 mi0:2872.91107.6
Run back from Labcorp for fasting blood draw06-25-212.28 mi0:1823.54153.8
Second round trip to Labcorp. Still fasting. 06-25-215.00 mi0:2930.37116.8
Mileage low and slow, to injuries we say no!06-23-212.09 mi0:1618.40143.5
Ride to Birdsboro rock climbing area06-23-212.15 mi0:3616.4098.7
Long run! At least for Achilles it is!06-22-212.88 mi0:2325.27141.7
Rediscovering road bike. And taking it easy on Ach06-22-2117.16 mi1:02221.00114.2
Achilles strengthening without overdoing. 06-21-212.60 mi0:2325.15140.6
Overnight training hike. Listening to dueling owl06-19-2111.75 mi4:290.00129.3
Achilles progress great. Injuries we hate. 06-18-212.07 mi0:1719.43145
Afternoon Run06-17-212.11 mi0:1720.48147.4
Fair Oaks Park after dark. Sweet place is a treat.06-16-2110.45 mi2:0369.77107
Taking it easy in the Achilles. But still feels l06-14-211.41 mi0:1111.45136.1
This run was test, to see if after a rest, Achille06-13-212.06 mi0:1625.26148.6
Swim in the Perkiomen. High flow and cold. Brrrr06-13-210.51 mi0:280.000
Lehigh Gap to just short of Delaware Water Gap ove06-05-2131.04 mi12:000.0094.6
Evening Ride06-02-217.45 mi1:4048.2698.8
This overnight gave me a fright, had to put on the05-30-2114.98 mi5:230.0092.2
Heavy thunderstorms at Harmony Hill05-26-216.93 mi1:1036.61106.8
Afternoon Ride05-25-211.67 mi0:43296.22107.3
Remembering what swimming is and muscles that were05-23-210.58 mi0:290.000
Overnight hike in Michaux State Forest05-22-2112.43 mi4:440.0084.9
Afternoon Ride05-20-2110.07 mi2:1691.2683.5
Morning cobwebs across the face slowed the pace05-18-213.23 mi0:2936.32146.1
Remembering how to do the road bike thing with Ric05-18-2125.41 mi1:2065.44126.4
Spring trail run in bright sun05-17-215.00 mi0:4047.09144.1
White clay, will always make your day, put a smile05-16-2114.05 mi2:0670.7096.3
Rocky section of AT with overnight loaded pack05-15-2113.05 mi4:570.0089
Afternoon Run05-14-218.03 mi1:1573.56131.1
Evening Ride05-13-216.43 mi1:0637.1197.5
Run before MTB, short warm up. 05-11-212.70 mi0:2224.53137.7
Sunset at Marsh Creek, where a tyre sprang a leak,05-11-2110.05 mi1:3575.46110.1
26 mile Pinchot trail loop with overnight camp05-08-2122.98 mi7:530.0079.6
Well would have been longer, but my fat lazy dog w05-06-211.87 mi0:1617.09136.2
Morning Run05-05-213.31 mi0:3034.63140.9
Heavy and slow. Full rack of ribs from weekend st05-04-212.90 mi0:2226.25146.5
Harmony Hill, we miss our friend Bill, to ride in 05-04-2110.58 mi1:4152.6495.1
Lunch Run05-01-210.50 mi0:045.23113.6
Getting some vitamin D in05-01-215.32 mi0:4047.17143.7
Pave the way, Richmond VA, run as light as a feath04-30-213.12 mi0:2625.76127.5
Ride to climbing area at Birdsboro!04-28-212.30 mi0:2169.2589
Tired legs and Covid shots, were we fast - not a l04-27-2110.09 mi1:3952.1194.3
Rediscovering road bike04-25-2136.48 mi2:1671.86109.8
Day after vaccination, should be cause of hesitati04-24-215.26 mi0:4562.66145.9
Some off beaten track steep stuff on Mt Misery, th04-24-2111.61 mi1:2964.57119.8
Morning Run04-23-214.12 mi0:3336.92136.1
What a lark, White Clay in the dark, but cold on t04-22-2112.58 mi2:0265.33108.9
Run with my pup, even if late to wake up, hit best04-21-212.33 mi0:1927.48159.4
Fixed the bike squeak, for a ride at Marsh Creek, 04-20-2111.32 mi1:4456.50101.3
Clearing my head. Running with a dog always makes 04-19-212.39 mi0:1825.25150.8
Ride to climbing area at Birdsboro 04-19-212.02 mi0:1857.9590
White Clay looks different in the day, unfortunate04-18-2114.76 mi2:1974.0899.2
Leaping dogs, over large logs, slippery mud, fall 04-15-213.02 mi0:2634.70144.9
Night play at White Clay. Awesome ride with Charlo04-13-2113.80 mi1:5557.74121.288
Morning Ride04-11-211.44 mi0:119.44116.2
Humid and sticky, temperature control is tricky, b04-11-216.86 mi1:0146.25121.8
Damp in the air, run if you dare, but trails are s04-10-215.03 mi0:4249.47143.9
Morning Run04-07-213.42 mi0:3132.12136.2
Misery loves my company, ride as sweet as honey, b04-07-2110.75 mi1:0646.04118.2
Valley Forge single track commute home. 04-07-2110.52 mi0:5734.46114.3
Marsh Creek sunset, the best you will get, 04-07-218.60 mi1:2144.1797.8
Kylo dog is back, hip recovery on track, alas he i04-06-213.42 mi0:3038.96147.4
Shenandoah River Park04-04-2112.47 mi1:2846.94123.216
Western Slopes. 04-03-216.91 mi1:2160.33103.2
Second ride in Western Slopes Park04-03-217.26 mi1:2956.3898
Super technical section of trail in Shenandoah 04-02-214.00 mi0:4727.55106.3
Afternoon Ride04-02-218.67 mi1:3144.18123.216
Lunch Run04-01-216.02 mi1:0830.1398
Hike in Shenandoah where the bootless junkies roam04-01-216.06 mi2:090.0079.1
Yawn, second run of the morn, short one, so my dog03-31-211.21 mi0:0914.55161.1
Return to AT again, for longer hikes I train, watc03-20-2120.02 mi6:490.00104.4
Afternoon Run03-19-212.95 mi0:2225.78147.8
VFP single track, there and back, but the train wa03-17-2117.39 mi1:4370.80118.7
Ride to work on trails. 03-17-2110.27 mi0:5041.27125.7
Morning Run03-16-211.96 mi0:1516.71141.9
Hike on the AT, sack not too weighty, to test my b03-13-2118.59 mi6:190.00113
Afternoon Ride03-12-216.08 mi0:2810.13123.252
Afternoon Ride03-12-216.00 mi0:2510.32123.252
Morning Ride03-10-2117.96 mi1:03201.00124.152
Morning Ride03-10-2117.87 mi1:02227.99124.5
Test after Sunday’s run, where ribs somehow became03-09-211.87 mi0:1518.88148.3
Run 2 of the day, no dismay, feeling better alread03-09-211.40 mi0:1012.58147.5
Slippery trails to start, keeping upright is an ar03-07-217.82 mi1:0084.12159.2
Back on the trails, snow melting03-04-214.60 mi0:3851.63153.2
22 on the way in, 52 riding home, morning swaddlin03-03-2117.91 mi1:09235.10123.7
Groggy and zombie like, indulgence the previous ni03-01-213.61 mi0:2734.08151.7
Paint a ceiling, be warmed up, run with feeling, f02-27-213.15 mi0:2227.39149
Ride with Rich and Daniel02-26-2127.13 mi1:3834.49124.116
Shorts and shirt, but still can’t run on dirt, sno02-25-213.61 mi0:2735.97158.4
Sun glare off the road ice, frightened as mice, bu02-24-219.55 mi0:3824.95115.8
Yellow springs, wet you bring, streams running alo02-24-219.30 mi0:3927.33119.1
3 steps forward, one back, lots of ice on the blac02-23-213.44 mi0:2735.16150.4
Crazy 30 minute cardio in snow, as kids not allowe02-22-215.21 mi0:2716.88116.7
Viscous snow, cuts you way down low, top layer of 02-21-217.04 mi1:1095.87157.6
Paths are done, roads no run, but what ya gonna do02-20-214.78 mi0:3751.49154.6
Why do we never get an answer When we're knocking 02-17-219.49 mi0:3631.63123.2
Afternoon Ride02-17-219.38 mi0:3928.87117.5
10k Tempo Tuesday in the rain, trail deserted to m02-16-216.21 mi0:4763.79154.6
Oh corporate park, this is not a lark, I know you 02-15-213.43 mi0:2629.19142.8
8 miles in deep snow, but not really that slow, se02-13-218.02 mi1:27117.43155
Hilly and chilly, tempo crazy, under sky’s that’s 02-12-216.02 mi0:4651.69144
Too much snow to run in the woods, so stuck runnin02-11-213.86 mi0:2939.53156.5
Bumpy semi trodden snow covered trail, made this r02-10-212.55 mi0:2130.93160.1
Who says winters bad, these conditions make be gla02-06-2123.91 mi1:3635.03124.116
Run with Rich, without a hitch, for the most, trai02-05-215.87 mi0:5448.02136.8
2 miles of snowy trail, effort of more, red line t02-04-212.15 mi0:2131.51151.9
MTB play in the snow, but which way to go, cop clo02-03-219.26 mi0:5149.12129.3
I was wowed, as CVT was ploughed, except for the s02-03-219.16 mi0:4214.79119.942
Shin deep snow on the trail, snowy branches impede02-02-212.52 mi0:2232.92149.1
Rushing with Russians at Rushton, shoes crunching 01-31-216.63 mi1:1396.05158.7
Ridley Park, just before dark, orienteering test, 01-30-214.72 mi1:0982.63149.7
Harmony Hill, that was the drill, Katie lost a ped01-29-219.41 mi1:1942.83121.645
Dog is back, runs on track, leg looks well, as far01-28-213.01 mi0:2229.79150.4
Expected morning snow, when I was ready to go, but01-26-212.92 mi0:2222.85138.9
Outside is where it’s happening, although the weat01-25-2118.06 mi1:10197.76121.645
The only pain, felt at Green Lane, was the tingly 01-24-2111.39 mi1:3642.70124.116
Orienteering course, on the trail of a horse, lost01-23-214.86 mi1:0074.61151.8
Very sad, my doggies leg is bad, to my dismay, he 01-21-212.94 mi0:2219.86128.9
Was bit by a dog, running across a bog, it’s not t01-20-214.01 mi0:3441.65142
Conditions not dire, but some ice crunching under 01-19-219.31 mi0:3741.95150.7
Sunset in the park, just before dark, caught it ju01-19-219.04 mi0:3845.76148.9
To pee or not two pees, that’s what the cold does 01-18-2122.25 mi1:2863.98126.8
Nothing. Surprised I even recorded it 01-17-213.11 mi0:217.20123.514
Apparently a coronary is near, you had better fear01-16-217.77 mi1:0664.79166.5
Sun rays creeping, through willows that are weepin01-15-213.93 mi0:3547.49151.6
Up before crack of dawn, while curtains were still01-14-212.95 mi0:2230.77154.1
Ride to work. Met Nia on the ride home. 01-13-2118.10 mi1:11206.26110
What a crime, almost forgot the rhyme, dog finally01-12-212.38 mi0:1925.14151
Twenty and dark, made the dog bark, since lake too01-11-212.91 mi0:2224.67140.6
Cheslen with Wyatt, why don’t you try it, if you l01-09-218.50 mi1:20104.89154
As mornings get light, time is less tight, current01-08-212.94 mi0:2230.99151.7
Run before the sun, is never fun, getting out of m01-06-212.92 mi0:2230.84158.4
Take your mark, for a run in the dark. 01-05-212.90 mi0:2128.95150.8
Get out of bed, while eyes are still red, run 3 mi01-04-212.92 mi0:2231.31158.8
Warm weather made me crazy, got off my arse and wa01-02-214.00 mi0:3550.17157.4
Warm weather, brain light as a feather, jumped rig01-02-210.01 mi0:030.000
Run after swim, dog was not allowed in, water was 01-02-211.35 mi0:1112.55144.4
Testing my hammy, where it attaches to my fanny, b12-29-202.05 mi0:1621.64153
My shadow says it all, my bike is very tall. 12-28-2017.03 mi1:1726.32121.781
In these times that are covidian, I missed the mer12-23-2021.59 mi1:2763.45119.1
Way to go, run in the snow, less than Marsh Creek,12-20-208.02 mi1:22113.81155.5
Ran 10k, a nice way to start the day, deep snow al12-19-206.25 mi1:16104.60155.6
24 degrees, some what a freeze, easier to stay in 12-16-204.17 mi0:3750.25150.8
Follow the white lines, which are full of brine, a12-15-2018.03 mi1:12240.02129.5
Beat the rain, without a strain, just got up early12-14-202.08 mi0:1721.21145.6
Saw 2 bear, but hardly a scare, because only twats12-13-206.38 mi1:5337.9474.9
Run in the fog, almost lost the dog, so foggy you 12-12-204.65 mi0:3956.50150
Glen Onoko, was no joko, rocky and steep, almost m12-12-202.05 mi0:3926.6796.5
30 mins between meetings, means this run was somew12-10-202.35 mi0:1920.93138.7
Morning Ride09-23-2015.41 mi0:58215.29128.7
Morning Ride09-17-2017.51 mi1:06217.42107.7
Morning Run08-28-202.01 mi0:3925.1588.5
Climb a cascade and success is made, many steps to08-27-205.03 mi1:5740.2277.4
No strife on a ride with my wife. Beautiful canal08-26-2011.52 mi1:0929.00121.859
Short and technical08-26-201.14 mi0:1718.6795.6
Easy ride with Nikki, first time on a bike for 10y08-25-209.47 mi1:1042.82121.859
Half of our 6 mile hike. So far, should have gone08-25-203.41 mi1:020.0068.4
No kudos needed, its a walk and not a run. Just 2 08-24-201.00 mi0:260.0092.8
Birchrunville cafe was one of the stops, no Flowin08-22-2053.77 mi3:17121.74113.3
My birthday run is so much fun, cool as May all th08-21-204.89 mi0:3761.73156.3
Dropped car in the shop, ran from there - so just 08-19-202.73 mi0:1925.31151.7
Fetch the car, it’s not so far, by foot is the way08-19-202.83 mi0:2330.29155.7
Ride to work to get things done, ratio cars to bik08-18-2018.24 mi1:05243.43121.2
Longwood Garden, rhymes like makes your wood harde08-15-2061.12 mi3:34130.30113.2
Duo Tri Thing Leg 208-14-200.51 mi0:230.000
Duo Tri Thing Leg 308-14-201.04 mi0:088.06133.6
Duo Tri Thing Leg 408-14-209.11 mi0:3421.29115.8
Duo Tri Thing leg 508-14-203.67 mi0:3229.62130.8
Humid and foggy with my doggy, but buggy and muggy08-11-204.38 mi0:3239.78136.7
oops, forgot to start the Garmin08-10-202.99 mi0:2443.40153.3
miussing miles08-10-200.50 mi0:040.00138.653
For today, mud is the word, or was that a tornado 08-08-2080.23 mi5:10222.24114.4
5k and was done, Garmin under reported, missing mi08-07-201.74 mi0:1228.47150.8
Lost mile Garmin stole for training log08-07-201.20 mi0:080.00138.653
Dinah-Moe-Hum part two, generators - I heard a few08-06-2025.54 mi1:3861.17114.7
Not in vain, only a downrated hurricane, as engine08-04-202.87 mi0:2125.08146.1
Shorter run, testing hip issue.08-03-202.87 mi0:2028.23142.6
Ladderback, Ladderback where did you go, fellow ri08-01-2047.05 mi2:55101.11111.9
Yee ha, goose has fled, is what was in my head. N07-31-207.29 mi0:5973.90144.1
This rhyme is as short as this run, on an off day,07-30-202.12 mi0:1823.77145.4
Pause the Garmin if you wish, but if you do that y07-29-204.24 mi0:3344.13140.1
missing miles for training log when Garmin was pau07-29-200.50 mi0:040.00141.269
If you run in the morning, it should be a warning,07-29-2024.35 mi1:3463.54112.4
When its 80 before breakfast, 7 mins per mile is t07-28-203.07 mi0:2435.99149.7
When listening to Blitzkrieg Pop, you will never w07-27-2010.01 mi1:1895.03144
I write this little ditty, to explain on this ride07-26-2051.15 mi3:07123.13116.1
Riding in the rain, will cause you no pain. Water07-24-2036.19 mi2:1069.37108.1
Run with hound. When there was no one else around07-23-204.47 mi0:3440.31140.1
35 mile heat sufferfest. Do Garmins is ever lie?07-22-2026.98 mi1:3681.65125.2
Missing miles for training log that Garmin stole07-22-208.00 mi0:280.00123.514
Ariel attack by flesh eating bugs07-21-204.50 mi0:3640.97133.6
No good getting up early to run when it’s cool if 07-20-202.01 mi0:1713.65121.1
Got lost in a graveyard before found the back way 07-19-2010.29 mi1:23100.38139.7
Ladder back v2.0. Nice and relaxed. 07-18-2061.41 mi3:33144.15116.6
What’s the story, morning glory07-17-205.01 mi0:3946.86140.7
Business trip to ....... er, my office and ride ho07-15-2018.21 mi1:04238.25117.1
Same run Friday without shin deep water by the cre07-14-204.21 mi0:3545.96138.4
Wakey wakey run07-13-202.90 mi0:2121.51134.8
Humid ride with Rich and Daniel. Drank 4 bottles 07-11-2037.78 mi2:21107.26121.3
Mud run. No good waiting for it to stop raining. 07-10-204.17 mi0:3748.94144.8
It was raining on the far side of VFM, but not my 07-08-2014.51 mi1:1151.65115.3
Getting a 5k done in luxurious 64F conditions07-07-203.12 mi0:2229.26145.5
It was 85, and I’m still alive. Also a managed to07-05-2010.24 mi1:25102.18141.8
Blowing away the beery overhang07-04-202.04 mi0:1619.42143.7
Deathly Hallows07-03-2042.17 mi2:36106.30116.4
Mill Road, welsh Valley with Nia. 07-01-206.01 mi0:4651.20141.2
Who loves the wind?07-01-2036.04 mi2:0550.54121.514
Tripping in a rock!06-30-204.62 mi0:4052.49146.6
Cheslen with Wyatt. Awesome preserve not run in be06-28-2012.01 mi1:56127.06137.3
Somewhere behind Phoenisville06-26-2036.79 mi2:09101.35126.5
Morning cobwebs across the face and stinging nettl06-25-202.29 mi0:1820.22134.4
Every way up VFM I could think of. 60 miles worth06-25-2030.09 mi2:0691.38118.6
Trail run before breakfast with my dog06-23-204.34 mi0:3546.24143.2
Orienteering and beer. 06-21-204.91 mi0:5746.60127.6
Second group ride of the season and it’s already J06-20-2046.90 mi2:40121.60122.5
33 before tea06-17-2033.02 mi2:1079.00110.1
quick blast round local trails after ridiculous da06-16-202.04 mi0:1519.61140.6
VFP loop and Mt Misery. KH’s back in force. Lucki06-14-2012.02 mi1:37117.43144.2
Seven stars, but not so far, we were a lot, and it06-13-2043.10 mi2:31120.47123.9
Riding around with Rich wherever the turns took us06-12-2031.21 mi1:5669.37113.2
Gotta love the summer06-10-204.29 mi0:3429.22125.7
KHs have all disappeared. Poof. Just like magic,06-09-203.73 mi0:3629.75119.9
Easy leg spin after yesterday’s long run. Except t06-08-2023.52 mi1:3633.82125.236
This course is sadly no longer runable. Especially06-07-2011.62 mi1:36130.67145.1
6 mile orienteering scramble, and caught corona at06-07-205.45 mi1:1646.28114.7
Afternoon Ride06-06-2024.18 mi1:3063.83119
Dinah-Moe Humm. Generator hum and fallen trees, l06-04-2018.34 mi1:1761.85123.6
Quick blast after all day in video meetings 06-02-202.35 mi0:1821.64141.4
My Joy long loop. Ticky ticky from running through05-31-2012.38 mi1:37126.51145.7
Not sure why 67y, more like 0.5m. Swam with Kylo.05-30-200.04 mi0:090.000
Lots of close by roads we never did05-29-2027.68 mi1:4668.22115
Afternoon Run05-27-204.38 mi0:3847.10153.1
My running partner was a fungi and took a mud bath05-25-203.79 mi0:3233.43127
Bollocking the knob heads05-24-2046.31 mi2:31101.76118
Sweaty Betty just after the rain stopped05-23-204.31 mi0:3531.94130.5
F***ing Springs loop. 05-21-2031.18 mi1:5781.67121
Trail run with doggy05-19-203.69 mi0:3341.08138.2
‘Electric head- I’m already dead, I’m already dead05-17-2012.21 mi1:39111.80138.3
Exploring Marsh Creek while the girls open water s05-16-204.06 mi0:3141.58152.9
Nothing much. Cooling off after run05-16-200.05 mi0:030.000
Sweet roads. Seriously overcooked for time of the05-15-2050.60 mi2:58137.91124.3
Afternoon Ride05-13-2025.50 mi1:3265.82121.1
Local trails since dogs paws got worn sore on asph05-12-203.57 mi0:3542.57150.9
I think we might have had a tail wind on Goshen...05-12-2030.03 mi1:5182.60122.4
Flowing Springs, for no really good reason 05-10-2034.00 mi2:0389.66121
Knob heads don’t like the rain I guess. 05-08-203.92 mi0:3136.88138.3
Too many knob heads out. 05-07-204.63 mi0:3847.12139.9
Full stomach and trails05-05-204.53 mi0:3648.43144.3
Love the wiiiiiiiiiind05-04-2032.91 mi2:0379.33153
Orienteering scramble. 05-03-204.95 mi0:4744.32125.7
Watching all the poseurs out joy riding in their f05-02-2042.62 mi2:33100.42114.9
Poking the bear. Close up with the offending goos05-01-208.00 mi1:1070.69133.1
Dirty dawg04-30-202.83 mi0:2234.54160.1
Ride with my daughters 04-28-2026.22 mi1:3078.37130.9
Run with dog which would not upload right04-27-202.90 mi0:200.00140.907
Wet muddy local trails. Surprising a lot of people04-26-204.54 mi0:3646.10143.6
Family ride04-25-2047.56 mi2:50132.35120.6
Conspiracy of One. Just me, one dog, saw one perso04-24-204.34 mi0:3442.79143.4
Only nice thing about light rain and 50F is no oth04-23-202.10 mi0:1518.55140.5
Nia’s recovery run. Unfortunately no dog on this 04-22-204.02 mi0:3230.31133
Ran with Nia, but she had headphones in, so went a04-20-204.32 mi0:3340.33143.8
Family ride to St Peters. Hilly and windy. Sunny a04-19-2047.45 mi2:57147.46147.2
Wet dog run04-16-202.31 mi0:1724.95153.1
Bright and sunny made up for cold wind and snow fl04-16-2026.20 mi1:3168.12123.8
Trails near my house. Muddy trails makes dirty da04-14-204.01 mi0:3238.96136.3
Washing my bike in fine, wet and windy conditions.04-13-2025.95 mi1:3865.56117.5
Trail 10 miler with Nia. Saw someone else get att04-12-2010.08 mi1:2187.41138.5
Yellow Springs. Sunshine, wind and a couple of sno04-10-206.43 mi0:4952.62141.1
COVID. Careful Of Virally Insane Ducks. Attacked 04-08-204.62 mi0:3945.19142.9
Dog run04-07-201.97 mi0:1418.18141.1
Birchrunville loop04-06-2032.45 mi1:5389.53168.5
Solo. Gay Bakery, Flowing Springs loop. Roads as q04-05-2030.33 mi1:5240.24121.948
Up Mt Misery and Joy. A lot of people considering 04-02-206.37 mi0:5768.41145
Waterfall and back with Nia. Not many KH’s, since 04-01-206.28 mi0:5063.70156.5
Too many KHs out03-30-202.75 mi0:2129.49148.3
Corona rules. Family only. Ride with both daughte03-29-2035.51 mi2:0947.53120.403
Trails near my house not done for 10y. Too many ru03-27-203.24 mi0:2732.23142.3
Trail 5k near me. Saw people. Did not touch them03-26-203.08 mi0:2431.10146
Saw no one. Touched no one. 03-25-202.91 mi0:2128.45156.5
On my own plus a dog of course03-24-202.03 mi0:1522.47145.5
Little bit of SKE and a little bit of Ladderback03-22-2040.79 mi2:20108.75122.3
SK ride. Lovely English summers day. 20C and rain03-20-2032.22 mi1:5490.84122.9
Muddy puddles and dirty dawgs03-19-202.07 mi0:1516.99134.3
Ghost town03-17-2017.90 mi1:05229.35126.2
Slow out, catching the rabbit back03-16-205.05 mi0:3951.49154.2
Afternoon Ride03-15-2026.26 mi1:3263.80117.8
Most of 55 mile Ladderback ride. If everything wa03-14-2044.30 mi2:31126.34128.8
Not a Trump hoax. Rumor is true. CVT closed. App03-14-2046.96 mi2:50132.97126.4
8x600m on 400m easy. 03-14-204.94 mi0:5164.86136.9
Soaking wet and dark am. Sunny pm. 03-13-2017.61 mi1:06222.29141.1
Brick. And doggie was bad03-13-202.15 mi0:1821.63139.4
Morning Ride03-12-2017.79 mi1:05235.09122.2
Run with Nia. 03-11-208.64 mi1:0880.93146.3
Never too early or cold for a morning swim03-10-202.27 mi0:1823.38143.8
Nothing much. No kudos for this 03-10-201.98 mi0:145.3499.7
Afternoon Ride03-09-208.60 mi0:3130.72139
No complains about headwind when it’s 72F03-09-2017.40 mi1:01242.14132
First brick of the season. Kylo was happy03-09-202.07 mi0:1420.56151.7
Afternoon Ride03-08-2027.10 mi1:4383.12130.8
Get ‘er done. Rain or shine. 03-06-2017.45 mi1:04225.54123.2
Mt Joy and Misery x4 in nice weather. 03-05-206.87 mi1:0177.05150.8
Downed trees and sticks03-04-2017.62 mi1:06232.19111.9
Dressing for 30 in the morning and 60 in the after03-02-208.75 mi0:3010.35122.81
Warm and busy03-02-208.73 mi0:3210.98122.81
Short run from Springhouse 02-29-203.91 mi0:2837.40154.4
Afternoon Run02-28-202.08 mi0:1520.42153.2
Here at the Brasserie, home of the .....02-20-205.12 mi0:3849.54152.9
Medieval city, Roman amphitheater, cathedral, 400 02-19-205.21 mi0:4461.56156.5
Lyon02-18-205.01 mi0:3848.48150.2
Tail wind there. Freezing cold headwind back. 02-14-2017.45 mi1:05212.70118.9
Did it again. More mud and slippery on VFM02-13-204.93 mi0:4359.81158.2
Morning Ride02-12-205.71 mi0:2530.16119.9
If waited for it to stop raining, would not have d02-11-2017.43 mi1:02175.37126.4
4xMt Joy and Misery in slithery rain. For some re02-10-206.93 mi1:0670.07140.6
Love the groundhog. Shorts and T in Feb again02-09-205.21 mi0:3649.21154.6
Some more off-road by my house02-08-204.18 mi0:3340.11145.6
Morning Ride02-07-2017.48 mi1:06195.69124
Had a great route planned but forgot about Florida02-06-205.06 mi0:3752.23148.3
SLC in light snow. Slow and slippery, but 22F felt02-05-204.73 mi0:3648.43152.5
2 miles, 6000 feet and soft padded underfoot02-03-201.61 mi0:1215.89137.1
Forgot I could join these 5 miles of trail togethe02-02-205.30 mi0:4451.91143.6
Dreaded trail both ways01-31-2017.47 mi1:02227.48126.6
Perfect winter riding weather01-30-2018.69 mi1:12237.34124.2
Single track in VFP and the chain Jason tried to j01-29-205.60 mi0:4360.74160.9
Morning Ride01-28-2019.42 mi1:14239.67129.4
Just too warm this morning for hills01-24-2019.40 mi1:13231.44129.9
Morning Ride01-22-2018.03 mi1:07225.97127.7
Might have been 13F, but was warm by the summit of01-21-2018.99 mi1:13232.72128.2
All good until Kylo wiped out on the ice, snow plo01-20-202.07 mi0:1719.30144.5
In the bleak mid winter....01-20-2017.65 mi1:05209.53123.3
It’s obvious that they put these white lines down 01-17-2017.85 mi1:08214.01116.7
Would have run further but was in shorts and t-shi01-17-201.32 mi0:0912.29147.2
Not as bad as I thought considering how windy it w01-16-2017.47 mi1:03231.67121.7
Welsh valley, even though there is easier way to w01-15-2019.47 mi1:16229.74129
Knight rider01-13-2017.28 mi1:05243.31119.3
SK ride. Nice outside. Not a Zwift in sight01-12-2025.38 mi1:3838.88126.875
Work with tired legs01-10-2017.62 mi1:06160.72124.5
Morning Ride01-09-2017.99 mi1:10233.07124
Ice spy01-08-2013.69 mi0:59213.75120.3
VF mountain running. Made the mistake of reversing01-07-204.90 mi0:4146.79144.4
Morning Ride01-06-2020.96 mi1:16990.07122.8
Shorts in the afternoon sun01-05-203.38 mi0:2434.54154.4
Waterfall run with Nia and Kylo12-31-195.01 mi0:3951.37147.8
Historic Guildford. Getting rid of excess gin tast12-29-195.15 mi0:3952.71149.1
Afternoon Run12-28-195.08 mi0:3948.93148.2
Run with Nia along canal. Trails continue to very12-26-197.20 mi0:5680.62149.5
Muddy run on the Downs with Nia. Scenery was A1 t12-24-196.46 mi0:5175.00156.6
Small part of long walk on downs12-23-191.24 mi0:220.0073.2
Run with Nia to the house I grew up in12-22-197.01 mi0:5483.43161.9
Stumbling around neighborhoods in Guildford to fin12-21-194.19 mi0:3346.15158.8
Test run12-20-192.13 mi0:1618.09139.8
Jumbo go away!11-26-1918.61 mi1:10196.72132.6
So that’s what it is like to ride in daylight. 11-25-1918.11 mi1:07257.85119.9
Night trail run with Kylo. How he sees without a 11-25-192.10 mi0:1620.24145.3
Should’nt be getting trophies in the dark11-24-1914.71 mi0:5363.38124.4
Ride to Rich and Janets house and back in light ra11-23-1914.52 mi0:5078.13134
Knight rider11-22-1918.00 mi1:07251.61120.7
Very dark ride home. But 2 magic shines took care11-21-1916.95 mi1:01243.58118.7
Good swimming weather apparently. If you are a do11-20-193.00 mi0:2432.23148.6
My boss made me ride in the dark11-19-1914.69 mi0:53231.69123
Missing miles11-19-194.00 mi0:150.0099.7
Got a little too dark at the end for a second lap.11-18-193.71 mi0:3336.48142.2
Morning Ride11-15-1918.02 mi1:07235.16126.3
What type of person hits a deer and leaves it stil11-14-1918.14 mi1:08240.15125.5
Night trail run in the woods. Thank god for magic 11-14-192.10 mi0:1720.11143.3
And so it begins. First ride below 20F. Dodging 11-13-1917.34 mi1:03228.63127.7
60-32=wrong bloody clothes for way home11-11-1917.39 mi1:01219.90119.2
Half with Rich and Janet. Bye bye leaves. They a11-09-1913.04 mi1:51120.95138.3
Lyon, the bitch and her wardrobe11-06-196.60 mi0:5057.43144.5
Half in VFP 11-02-1913.03 mi1:51149.19153.4
Deep leaves and and swirly breeze11-01-1917.53 mi1:03215.64124.072
Spooky 5k in Baltimore Harbour. 10-31-193.05 mi0:2430.56149.6
Sneaking a couple in before sunrise. 10-30-191.94 mi0:1417.55143.7
Spit, swallow and drizzle 10-29-1917.37 mi1:01231.90122
Joy and Misery. Smashing weather to run with shirt10-28-193.76 mi0:3338.35146.8
I was going to cut it short, but I forgot to turn 10-26-1970.63 mi4:12204.98123
Unlikely story10-25-1917.44 mi1:02239.47119.8
Afternoon Run10-23-192.06 mi0:1617.94136.3
2x mount Joy, 2x mount misery in pouring rain10-20-196.78 mi1:0271.57143.1
Survived the most boring run on the planet10-19-193.37 mi0:2432.99155.2
Ride to work, hopping over various twigs and branc10-18-198.72 mi0:2922.09124.2
Dodging the squirrels that were playing their nuts10-18-198.71 mi0:3521.60110
Morning Run10-16-192.77 mi0:2121.99132.2
High knees. Short run in the dark woods with Kylo 10-14-191.95 mi0:1722.56144.1
VFP with Janet and Rich. Finished on some overgrow10-13-198.12 mi1:1198.23151
Upstate PA for some decent climbing, bad roads and10-12-1960.77 mi3:56175.56113.7
Upstate PA. Hills and even a long section of grave10-11-1945.15 mi2:46130.59121.5
Morning Ride10-09-1917.41 mi1:04218.82124.072
Dead slow. Recovery after yesterday’s 50k run10-07-1917.46 mi1:08207.1498.3
50k/31m Blues Cruise trail race. Should have real10-06-1929.90 mi5:10287.37132.7
Cruising ready for a blues’in10-05-192.11 mi0:1921.70140.7
Ride to dentists, then to work and back10-04-1919.63 mi1:14217.11121.515
Taper. Slow 10k bugs a biting at dusk10-02-196.15 mi0:4958.91142.7
Morning Ride10-01-1943.57 mi2:31284.68118.8
Morning Run09-30-193.51 mi0:2932.23141.2
Morning Run09-29-1912.48 mi2:01111.70130.6
Morning Run09-28-193.01 mi0:23123.05127.7
Morning Ride09-27-1918.17 mi1:06212.61129.3
Afternoon Run09-26-198.26 mi1:1768.81126.6
Afternoon Run09-25-193.05 mi0:2429.65143.6
Morning Ride09-24-1943.90 mi2:31299.04120.9
Morning Ride09-23-1917.56 mi1:03221.49108.8
Dark tunnels and friends09-22-1936.60 mi2:1376.09112
Broken brick. Long run over My Misery with Rich af09-22-1911.33 mi1:48107.30130.6
Afternoon Run09-21-195.02 mi0:3845.93146.1
Nuclear treadmill, believe it or not. 09-20-192.00 mi0:1518.80140.093
Afternoon Run09-16-192.12 mi0:1620.95149.9
Hi Pedro!09-13-1917.62 mi1:01212.98122.7
Morning Ride09-12-1916.99 mi1:01248.69119.9
Nice safe place!09-09-195.04 mi0:3646.71146.9
Burning off the Heineken I drank all day on the 3 09-08-192.01 mi0:1416.31144.9
Morning Run09-06-193.28 mi0:2430.60143.9
Morning Ride09-04-1917.25 mi0:59229.38122.9
Evening Run09-04-195.20 mi0:4051.57146.4
Tue night shop ride and more09-03-1948.39 mi2:41321.02123.8
Morning Ride08-31-1951.06 mi3:08129.15114
Most of 4.5 miler beach brick after ride08-31-193.81 mi0:3334.62130.4
Morning Run08-30-194.55 mi0:4049.91144.1
Beautiful day for ride to work08-29-1917.63 mi1:01240.49117.8
Evening Run08-28-195.04 mi0:3948.69147.8
Rode to work, then to Wayne, did shop ride, then r08-27-1948.57 mi2:43325.24124.4
Morning Run08-26-192.91 mi0:2124.32138.7
Morning Run08-25-191.19 mi0:089.62143
Morning Ride08-25-1932.11 mi1:5677.71117.1
Morning Run08-23-192.89 mi0:2124.62134.4
Morning Run08-21-192.04 mi0:1518.28140.8
Morning Run08-19-193.18 mi0:2431.63144.9
Waiting till the hottest part of the day to run08-17-194.18 mi0:3535.63134.2
Morning Ride08-16-1911.42 mi0:42236.63119.5
Morning Run08-15-191.92 mi0:1518.63142.6
2nd run of the day. Nia made me go08-15-194.01 mi0:3337.98143.7
Morning Ride08-14-1917.60 mi0:59250.36124.236
Morning Ride08-12-1917.58 mi1:02205.39112.4
First lap with Nia. Second was ruff only08-12-192.00 mi0:1616.84133.7
Morning Ride08-11-1937.74 mi2:0984.98116.9
Evening Run08-09-192.09 mi0:1620.14147.1
My Joy and Misery in a thunderstorm. Was going to 08-07-196.28 mi0:5563.46137.7
Morning Run08-06-192.13 mi0:1719.14136.1
Cluster of a Tuesday night ride, then computer die08-06-1915.26 mi0:5246.23123.6
Missing miles for log, after computer ran out of b08-06-1910.00 mi0:3020.69122.895
10 k before heat of day. Saw Connie and ran with 08-05-196.13 mi0:4858.60146.8
Lunch Run08-02-195.01 mi0:3844.59140.6
my data analytics conference call. Awesome way to 08-01-194.04 mi0:3040.84153
Dodging the thunderstorms on way home. Should real07-31-1918.19 mi1:03244.43126.9
Run at dusk with my dog who got very muddy after t07-31-191.99 mi0:1516.99137.5
Morning Ride07-30-1917.91 mi1:01253.82128.8
Half the functioning wheels. Half the ride. Chain 07-28-1919.24 mi1:12254.39121.612
Morning Run07-27-192.04 mi0:1614.93131.5
Ruff morning, but too beautiful along the Mississi07-26-192.68 mi0:2021.81134.6
Pyramid, but not Memphis Egypt. 07-25-193.27 mi0:2327.37139.1
Exploring Titans stadium and other parts of downto07-24-194.41 mi0:3745.66142.8
Morning Run07-23-193.05 mi0:2229.79145.9
One way, got to fly to Nashville later07-22-198.95 mi0:3019.85118.9
Morning Ride07-21-1943.28 mi2:28128.74123.9
Morning Ride07-19-198.90 mi0:3026.60130.3
Get out of the kitchen07-19-198.72 mi0:3325.23121.8
Exploring downtown Troy07-18-192.23 mi0:1723.16151.2
After 48 hours of driving in the last week, needed07-18-195.03 mi0:4156.71154.1
Morning Ride07-16-1917.61 mi1:01221.73125.9
Run halfway round the lake and back07-13-192.50 mi0:1920.35140.4
Run round the lake in Iowa07-12-193.17 mi0:2530.64147.8
OWS in Iowa07-12-190.27 mi0:12-1.000
Morning Ride07-09-1917.64 mi1:01251.73124.8
Morning Run07-08-192.03 mi0:1518.16144.2
When it’s 85 at 9am, must be time for Turtle Soup!07-06-192.20 mi0:2021.39134.8
Morning Ride07-04-1944.77 mi2:44129.00122
Morning Ride07-03-1917.63 mi1:01252.70124.321
Afternoon Ride07-03-190.00 mi0:000.8699.7
Morning Ride06-30-1938.97 mi2:11103.80120.5
Morning Run06-29-192.11 mi0:1918.60131.8
Morning Ride06-27-1917.12 mi0:58253.97130
Short trail run at dusk. Stinging nettles, cobwebs06-27-191.59 mi0:1215.55139.6
Morning Ride06-26-1917.69 mi1:02225.29120.8
Morning Ride06-25-1917.73 mi1:03242.71118.8
Afternoon Run06-24-192.32 mi0:1825.20150.8
Morning Ride06-23-1942.75 mi2:34128.52124.1
Evening Run06-18-192.10 mi0:1720.81143.3
Morning Run06-17-192.01 mi0:1720.17136.4
Afternoon Run06-16-192.10 mi0:1520.29148.8
Afternoon Run06-15-192.10 mi0:1619.75146.3
Morning Run06-11-192.03 mi0:1621.14148.8
Afternoon Run06-08-192.60 mi0:1626.97133.8
Fast ‘walk’. 06-07-194.12 mi0:4549.67137.6
Afternoon Run05-31-193.40 mi1:0933.0280.7
Mt Joy and Misery with Nia and Gossows05-27-194.03 mi1:1431.4696.3
until my arm hurt05-26-197.14 mi0:3134.43148.2
Morning Run05-25-193.63 mi1:0827.7083.9
Can do this!05-24-1920.12 mi0:5357.86133.3
This pace is about all Nia and I are good for05-23-191.25 mi0:249.4386.1
Morning Ride05-19-1934.75 mi2:1190.29110.5
Run with Kylo, who went in the creek for first tim05-15-192.29 mi0:1820.74138.8
Morning Ride05-14-1931.97 mi2:20265.45115.5
Morning Run05-13-193.74 mi0:3342.11151.1
Easy metric mile plus05-11-1966.99 mi4:02198.35124.1
Slow brick after 67 mile ride05-11-191.31 mi0:1010.89129.1
Dog had a happy run, and my other running partner 05-10-192.04 mi0:1614.84124.8
Morning Run05-09-192.08 mi0:1616.45134
Afternoon Swim05-09-190.75 mi0:23-1.000
Morning Ride05-07-1920.30 mi1:20244.16121.2
Morning Ride05-06-1917.49 mi0:59253.01124.347
Lucky dog got a run05-06-191.33 mi0:0911.09134.5
Morning Run05-04-194.49 mi0:3742.58139.6
Morning Ride05-02-1917.97 mi1:05234.72119.1
Strava says this brick was too easy05-02-191.34 mi0:0911.05138.9
Morning Run05-01-193.74 mi0:3237.76146.8
Morning Ride04-30-1917.88 mi1:03227.58130.8
Afternoon Run04-30-191.29 mi0:0911.32138.2
Morning Ride04-29-1917.33 mi1:04221.53120.4
Short run with my cat, Richard04-29-191.32 mi0:0911.02138.2
Lunch Run04-25-194.01 mi0:2936.62147.8
Morning Ride04-23-1918.00 mi1:02243.59117.6
Short brick run with Kylo dog04-23-191.28 mi0:0912.34150.1
Morning Ride04-22-1918.19 mi1:07235.74126.2
Afternoon Run04-22-191.30 mi0:0911.21141.7
Morning Run04-21-192.93 mi0:2231.69140.6
Morning Swim04-20-190.82 mi0:31-1.00102.5
Missing swim start04-20-190.11 mi0:06-1.000
Super strong wind. Killer one way and I swear we 04-20-1931.19 mi1:4484.29120
Morning Run04-19-190.40 mi0:033.18133.6
Beach 5k race. Hot and crazy strong wind. Sand sto04-19-193.29 mi0:2633.98155.3
Afternoon Swim04-19-190.68 mi0:20-1.000
Morning Swim04-18-190.85 mi0:25-1.000
Swim warmup04-18-190.28 mi0:07-1.000
OWS with my running partner. Super rough waves04-18-190.52 mi0:21-1.00106.6
Afternoon Run04-18-193.42 mi0:2929.10132.9
Morning Ride04-17-1950.45 mi2:42114.21116.9
Morning Ride04-16-196.36 mi0:2020.35122.667
Run on beach with Janet and Richard04-16-195.01 mi0:3950.83151.6
In the pool again. What’s up with that?04-16-190.85 mi0:25-1.000
Morning Swim04-15-190.57 mi0:16-1.000
There is minimal drafting when it’s 25 mph cross w04-15-1934.24 mi1:42107.43119.195
Run with SK kids at Corolla04-14-193.26 mi0:2528.78136.6
Hanging poultry with Ladderback group04-13-1944.86 mi2:30142.30132
Wet on way back. But at least my chain did not sn04-12-1918.42 mi1:08209.34120.7
Made it back. After some surgery on a broken chain04-11-1918.15 mi1:12238.50122.7
Morning Ride04-09-1917.73 mi1:03253.75124.435
Morning Ride04-08-1917.87 mi1:04219.66125.2
SK ride 04-07-1941.38 mi2:19132.40130.4
Lehigh robot competition. Run included part of fam04-06-192.51 mi0:1821.90146
Run between more robot competitions04-05-192.33 mi0:1720.27142.2
Evening Run04-01-192.43 mi0:1722.71146.3
Morning Run03-31-193.34 mi0:2428.90144.1
Short run between robot matches. 03-30-191.93 mi0:1315.77145.8
Morning Ride03-29-1917.37 mi1:02204.72120.3
Short run in NJ after getting off plane from Franc03-22-192.32 mi0:1614.42127.8
Afternoon Run03-19-194.95 mi0:3748.58150.8
SK ride. Hilly in second half. Windy in first half03-17-1940.24 mi2:26111.84122.2
Superb super swirly winds. 03-16-1948.57 mi3:00169.65132.9
Morning Ride03-14-1917.35 mi1:00253.99129.2
Morning Ride03-13-1917.40 mi1:01229.05119.1
Afternoon Ride03-12-198.10 mi0:2928.28134.4
Afternoon Ride03-12-198.44 mi0:3029.07134.3
13F in light snow home03-08-1917.61 mi1:03245.92125.7
Morning Ride02-27-1917.97 mi1:06245.93126
Morning Ride02-26-1917.44 mi1:03236.36126.4
Morning Ride02-25-1917.44 mi1:04232.76123.7
Morning Ride02-22-1917.62 mi1:03255.20124.449
Afternoon Ride02-17-1933.12 mi1:5390.83124.9
Morning Ride02-15-1917.35 mi1:01220.42127.7
Morning Ride02-11-1910.36 mi0:5650.53130.7
Afternoon Ride02-11-198.70 mi0:3530.64129.7
Morning Run02-10-192.10 mi0:1622.81151.8
3 flats, rain and stomach ache. Some days best tak02-08-1912.15 mi0:54203.38116.1
Morning Ride02-07-1917.96 mi1:05217.94119.3
Getting back to running the hard way. Also saw Wy02-06-194.21 mi0:3548.65154
Morning Ride02-05-1918.51 mi1:07230.32132.1
Lunch Ride02-04-1918.44 mi1:07129.08126.8
Trail run with my cat01-27-192.12 mi0:2424.83148.4
Afternoon Ride01-27-1927.05 mi1:39102.42135.2
Run with DJ, who complained half the run before ch01-17-192.07 mi0:1618.12134.3
Morning Ride01-16-1917.90 mi1:08230.42123.8
Morning Ride01-15-1918.21 mi1:07256.15121.45
Lunch Run01-13-192.10 mi0:1618.06141.3
Morning Ride01-11-1917.96 mi1:07188.59130.3
Morning Ride01-10-1917.57 mi1:04404.92125.4
Morning Ride01-09-1917.33 mi1:02223.71124.7
Morning Ride01-08-1917.41 mi1:02224.49122.3
Morning Ride01-07-1917.58 mi1:06225.20121.5
Pre ride run. Super muddy sliding getting dog all 01-06-191.92 mi0:1411.36124.5
Afternoon Ride01-06-1927.99 mi1:4992.42127.4
Morning Ride01-04-1917.35 mi1:03233.08120.6
Morning Ride01-03-1917.76 mi1:04255.20124.449
Morning Ride01-02-1917.42 mi1:04255.20124.449
Afternoon Ride01-01-1933.71 mi2:09141.40121.29
Short run with tall dog12-26-182.01 mi0:1518.33138.2
7 miler with friends and kids - big crowd12-24-186.56 mi0:5786.39152.1
Afternoon Ride12-23-1837.33 mi2:10141.40121.29
Actually had energy, so first exercise for 2w12-22-183.90 mi0:3446.09142.8
Not so far, impossible to ask for directions when 12-11-182.50 mi0:1921.16135.6
Same run as yesterday, but backwards and somehow e12-08-184.93 mi0:3446.45156
Run turned out a real weird shape on the map12-07-184.93 mi0:3448.69155.7
Afternoon Run12-05-182.05 mi0:1518.69145.8
Morning Ride12-03-1818.21 mi1:07250.24120
Some interesting roads we don’t normally ride on12-01-1848.05 mi2:55142.18125.5
Afternoon Run12-01-183.49 mi0:3041.25150.8
Niagara. Probably one of nicest runs in the world11-27-188.70 mi1:0889.55152.8
Afternoon Ride11-25-1830.32 mi1:4870.59115.6
Morning Ride11-24-1860.62 mi3:35172.07124
SK run. Broken brick. Some tough running for the 11-24-183.60 mi0:3136.10133
2x Mt Joy and 2x Mt Misery. Saw about 40 dogs up t11-23-186.85 mi1:0086.93157.7
Run with my dawg11-21-183.69 mi0:3031.99135.1
Morning Ride11-20-1817.62 mi1:06227.72122.6
30s and damp. Just like England11-19-1817.85 mi1:05216.80125.2
Nice run with Rich and Janet. Little soggy but jus11-18-184.93 mi0:4653.85134.6
Afternoon Ride11-18-1820.27 mi1:09256.15121.45
And so winter rides start. But roads not too bad. 11-17-1828.06 mi1:4389.00128.7
Afternoon Swim11-17-180.37 mi0:11-1.000
Morning Run11-15-183.74 mi0:3238.67148.2
Morning Ride11-12-1818.37 mi1:08226.95121.5
Morning Run11-11-182.11 mi0:1620.10149.1
Short ride with Rich after XC banquet11-11-1818.61 mi1:15256.15121.45
Morning Run11-09-183.78 mi0:3240.28153.2
Oops I did it again11-06-183.76 mi0:3342.36154.3
Morning Run11-05-183.76 mi0:3238.78146.9
Morning Ride11-04-1844.44 mi2:37144.10131.2
Afternoon Run11-01-181.30 mi0:1010.98137.6
A story about a run over squirrel and a flying sna11-01-1833.05 mi1:59250.59118.7
Morning Ride10-31-1817.83 mi1:04255.20124.449
Morning Ride10-30-1818.15 mi1:03239.80128.8
Afternoon Run10-30-182.03 mi0:1419.34151.7
Morning Ride10-29-1817.39 mi1:02232.69120.8
Last few trail brick runs before clocks change10-29-181.99 mi0:1418.97151.6
Not quite the meaning of life. Wet roads with leav10-28-1841.36 mi2:22181.25121.425
Kylo forgot his leash again. My Joy/Misery in the 10-27-183.58 mi0:3143.43157.3
Downtown Mobile. Mid afternoon sun. Nice. 10-24-186.01 mi0:4357.24152.3
Morning Run10-22-182.17 mi0:1519.28142.1
Business trip to Key Largo. 10-21-184.77 mi0:3846.99141.5
Afternoon Swim10-21-182.77 mi0:36-1.000
Morning Ride10-16-1817.78 mi1:02237.32129.5
Evening Ride10-16-1818.01 mi1:02958.73128.1
SK ride. Cold. 10-14-1831.04 mi1:58141.40121.29
Took it easy on speed and distance. And Kylo was i10-13-183.76 mi0:3544.22151.1
Afternoon Run10-13-182.92 mi0:2740.26128.4
Morning Ride10-12-1817.44 mi1:01255.20124.449
Evening Run10-12-181.26 mi0:088.71132
Morning Ride10-11-1818.01 mi1:04242.78124.7
Morning Ride10-10-1817.98 mi1:02235.42125.7
Dead slow since it was pitch dark in the woods and10-09-182.07 mi0:1619.95145.5
Morning Ride10-08-1817.43 mi1:01229.89116.6
Afternoon Run10-08-181.29 mi0:0811.66146.2
SK ride. Kept it relatively flat. 10-07-1835.57 mi2:1278.50108.9
Messing with metronome at track10-07-180.27 mi0:013.2389.5
Morning Run10-06-184.17 mi0:3346.59144.6
Morning Run10-05-181.96 mi0:1411.23125.1
10 mins notice from Rich. Will you ride with me?10-05-1834.52 mi2:0082.44118.3
Morning Ride10-03-1826.83 mi1:37232.75129.4
Afternoon Run10-03-181.10 mi0:1116.91140.1
Ride to work, then to an offsite hotel meeting, ba10-02-1822.09 mi1:23240.94114.1
Almost went down on sand10-01-1818.16 mi1:05208.91118
Happy dog got a run10-01-181.22 mi0:0911.22144.4
Morning Ride09-30-1834.14 mi2:03103.04123.6
Super muddy slippery slither before surgery. And g09-19-182.03 mi0:1519.19147.2
Morning Ride09-18-1818.18 mi1:07255.37111.4
Did not feel like riding, but did anyway09-17-1817.96 mi1:07227.87109.5
Foggy ride to French Creek, last long ride before 09-16-1856.55 mi3:12161.51126.2
Morning Run09-15-186.25 mi0:5564.59138.3
Wet roads all the time= too many flats09-14-1818.26 mi1:07218.04117.2
Morning Ride09-13-1820.07 mi1:11256.15121.45
From hot dog to dirty dog. Muddy trail run up Mt J09-09-186.65 mi1:0072.32143
Impromptu ride with Nia in light rain, because the09-08-1816.79 mi0:5927.48106.8
Took it easy because I was tired09-07-1818.41 mi1:07217.03110.2
Easy run with my hound, who went for a swim09-07-182.29 mi0:1820.30136.5
Morning Ride09-06-1818.15 mi1:02238.32119.1
Another hot ride09-05-1818.05 mi1:00244.81120.1
Hot dog. So kept it short and slow. 09-05-181.30 mi0:0913.39151
Morning Ride09-04-1817.77 mi1:04234.06115.2
Morning Ride09-03-1845.34 mi2:37111.38119.8
These are not the miles I was looking for!09-01-18111.30 mi6:18349.87122.6
Did not want to run after all those bike miles, bu09-01-181.24 mi0:0910.09131.8
Morning Ride08-31-1817.48 mi1:02255.20124.449
Morning Ride08-30-1818.32 mi1:05243.82118.5
Hot run with hot dog08-30-182.21 mi0:1821.90148.4
Morning Run08-29-182.14 mi0:1721.52140.6
Morning Ride08-27-1818.12 mi1:07221.53108.8
Bad dog sneaked off for a swim on my brick run. 08-26-182.03 mi0:1820.42138.4
Everything good until my pedal fell off. 08-26-1848.02 mi2:51111.76113.1
Morning Ride08-25-1864.90 mi3:46267.14122.6
Low 50's, refreshing08-24-189.36 mi0:3376.50117.175
Evening Run08-24-183.01 mi0:2129.31142.5
Morning Ride08-23-1813.52 mi0:50255.20124.449
Ride to doctors, then messed my ekg up due to elev08-22-1820.81 mi1:16256.15121.45
Another wet one. 08-21-1818.16 mi1:03217.33121.9
Muddy run with my dog. Best thing to do on birthd08-21-181.96 mi0:1418.36149
Ha, you think it’s tough to dump your diesel on a 08-20-1817.99 mi1:02255.20124.449
Those that run too slow get stung on the butt by y08-20-182.03 mi0:1419.94147.7
Lunch Run08-18-183.01 mi0:2438.01142.9
Morning Run08-17-182.01 mi0:1519.23141.7
Morning Ride08-16-1818.07 mi1:02240.13124.9
Afternoon Run08-16-181.28 mi0:0912.42144.8
First ride to work for weeks. Not so easy. 08-15-1818.09 mi1:02239.89122.9
Afternoon Run08-14-182.83 mi0:1817.17121.9
Afternoon Run08-13-182.91 mi0:2523.00130.5
Run on part of triathlon nationals course. 08-11-184.59 mi0:3451.56137.3
Short swim ahead of long drive to Cleveland08-09-180.47 mi0:19-1.000
Trail run in Cuyahoga National Park with Nia and R08-09-182.06 mi0:1516.14139.3
Afternoon Ride08-08-1812.98 mi0:4228.78118.7
Afternoon Run08-08-182.53 mi0:1920.77129.2
Hot dog took a swim, then crashed out on the floor08-07-182.39 mi0:1815.57125.9
Kylo got too hot. But it was good to chillax after08-06-182.09 mi0:1517.30136.4
Hot run with Rich at tri Nats. 08-03-185.22 mi0:4454.74149.7
Lunch Run08-02-181.49 mi0:1113.53146.1
Nice and slow and relaxing08-01-1817.98 mi1:06205.70114.4
Morning Ride07-31-1817.77 mi1:01245.15116
Even found a few drops of rain on a clear forecast07-30-1817.95 mi1:02241.91120.8
Pruning run. Which was the most dangerous beast to07-30-182.01 mi0:1520.27134
Long ‘40 mile’ ride with Ladderback team07-28-1853.23 mi2:59145.67125.3
Little post ride trail run with my dog07-28-181.25 mi0:0912.33139
Afternoon Run07-28-183.52 mi0:2831.35133.4
dry both ways - did not feel right07-27-1816.72 mi1:03255.20124.449
2 mile brick with Kylo, still muddy07-27-181.94 mi0:1419.36142.3
Morning Ride07-26-1817.99 mi1:03230.17121.8
Morning Ride07-25-1817.88 mi1:05230.72120.7
Evening Run07-25-185.07 mi0:4444.26134
Morning Ride07-23-1818.09 mi1:06255.20124.449
Evening Run07-23-182.00 mi0:1519.20143
Morning Run07-22-182.45 mi0:1524.37120.4
Afternoon Ride07-22-1822.26 mi1:1870.46128.7
Afternoon Run07-22-180.50 mi0:033.77147.7
Run with Janet at NJ State race site07-20-183.64 mi0:2934.40142.3
Morning Run07-18-182.01 mi0:1619.23141.5
Morning Ride07-17-1818.31 mi1:07256.15121.45
Running off the 18 hour drive back from Iowa. 07-16-182.33 mi0:1820.87139.3
Run with Rich before days festivities in Des Moine07-14-185.57 mi0:4748.00132.2
Afternoon Run07-12-182.24 mi0:1817.50121.4
Morning Ride07-11-189.25 mi0:3225.01124.8
Track workout after beers watching England game. ?07-11-184.74 mi0:4250.40136.2
Drove to work, rode home only07-10-189.06 mi0:3224.09121.6
Beautiful weather for riding to work07-09-1818.01 mi1:03255.20124.449
Afternoon Run07-08-180.27 mi0:012.24160.2
SK ride. Some fast sections too07-08-1828.60 mi1:4686.65116.2
Dusting off a couple of cobwebs with a run in the 07-07-183.05 mi0:2326.54136.3
Morning Ride07-06-1817.95 mi1:05228.38116.8
Morning Run07-04-184.17 mi0:3642.46138.1
Afternoon Ride07-04-1831.90 mi1:5867.45104.7
Short but toasty trail run to celebrate England wi07-03-182.32 mi0:1821.45139
Morning Ride07-02-1818.07 mi1:05227.78113.5
Morning Run07-01-181.87 mi0:1315.25146
Morning Ride07-01-1815.57 mi0:5434.22112.5
Unfixed potholes in summer. 06-30-1860.35 mi3:29168.85122.7
Morning Ride06-29-1833.17 mi2:06107.57127.5
Afternoon Run06-29-184.16 mi1:0065.55134.7
Afternoon Run06-27-182.00 mi0:3718.86104.2
2nd half of run to Pike Falls after watch ran out 06-27-181.92 mi0:1519.00140.141
1st half of run to Pike Falls in the rain with DJ06-27-181.84 mi0:1414.82135.6
Morning Ride06-26-1830.98 mi1:5699.13137
Run with DJ. No doggie, paws are still sore.06-26-182.35 mi0:1919.39133.7
Afternoon Run06-25-183.02 mi0:2226.86137.8
Afternoon Run06-20-183.47 mi0:2536.15149.3
Part of bricks that got recorded06-17-180.96 mi0:0617.05156.7
Ride with SK, then some loops of crit course follo06-17-1832.09 mi1:5396.66115.1
Managed to get to 50 after 2 flats 06-16-1851.60 mi3:02174.44130
Evening Run06-13-184.06 mi0:3039.29148.5
Morning Ride06-09-1861.83 mi3:38175.24122.6
Trail brick with Kylo. Slower after long ride befo06-09-181.24 mi0:0913.27147.4
Morning Ride06-07-1831.75 mi2:01266.24118.8
Evening Swim06-07-180.37 mi0:11-1.000
Morning Ride06-06-1818.19 mi1:06231.89125
Afternoon Ride06-06-185.48 mi0:1912.90118.4
Evening Ride06-06-184.86 mi0:1811.75116.8
Evening Run06-06-183.64 mi0:3234.90141
Morning Ride06-05-189.25 mi0:3118.96120.72
Run with Nia, substitute for swim practice. which 06-05-182.90 mi0:2225.50145.9
Lunch Ride06-04-1818.34 mi1:04255.20124.449
Evening Run06-04-181.25 mi0:0913.55147.6
Lake Andrea, WI. 06-02-184.54 mi0:3241.99145.3
Run round Notre Dame with SK06-01-181.84 mi0:1613.31123.5
Morning Ride05-31-1819.57 mi1:13219.14115.1
Evening Swim05-31-180.62 mi0:20-1.000
Morning Ride05-30-1817.41 mi1:01255.20124.449
Morning Ride05-28-1823.20 mi1:25137.78126.875
Lunch Run05-28-183.21 mi0:2428.09140.4
Afternoon Swim05-28-180.34 mi0:09-1.000
Afternoon Ride05-27-1828.32 mi1:45108.47118.838
Morning Ride05-25-189.38 mi0:3676.50117.175
Afternoon Ride05-25-188.09 mi0:3118.96120.72
Morning Ride05-23-1817.41 mi1:00255.20124.449
Morning Run05-22-183.29 mi0:2429.60145.1
Afternoon Ride05-20-1825.04 mi1:4064.87105.8
Afternoon Run05-19-180.54 mi0:044.16124.3
Trail run with the SK05-18-185.01 mi0:4044.75138.9
Lunch Run05-17-184.24 mi0:3542.22146.7
Really nice ride - well apart from the pouring rai05-16-1818.32 mi1:06255.20124.449
Wild run during the start of the storm. Kylo did n05-15-181.29 mi0:0911.93142.4
Garmin=bullshit. Second time in a week where it on05-15-1810.07 mi0:38185.9976
Just riding back after taking car to garage05-14-186.46 mi0:2318.96120.72
2.5 mile warm up followed by 7*200m sprints05-13-183.66 mi0:2730.00127.5
SK ride. Prep for next race. 05-12-1843.98 mi2:39191.50122.62
SK ride. With HR this time. 05-12-1837.39 mi2:2083.84112.4
Brick trail run after long ride. With the dog of c05-12-181.22 mi0:0811.97143.9
Up Welsh Valley, then met Rich and rode with lapto05-11-1839.12 mi2:21261.58143.4
Brick run with Kylo. Without a laptop!05-11-181.26 mi0:0812.00148.3
Morning Ride05-09-1818.03 mi1:03226.80131.3
Welsh Valley and VFP, then met up with Nia for rid05-08-1819.39 mi1:08223.52123.4
Brick on trail with Kylo, who ran very fast today 05-08-181.23 mi0:0811.98149.7
Ride to work, then met up with Nia on the way home05-07-1818.10 mi1:03234.08136.6
Brick trail run with Kylo, who could not keep up a05-07-181.26 mi0:0812.77150
Morning Run05-05-182.96 mi0:2128.99151.2
Second run of the day, ran to usat meeting and bac05-05-182.79 mi0:1934.87146.8
Windy ride to work, like the heat05-03-1818.96 mi1:06243.08122
Brick run with doggy. Now a hot dog. 05-03-181.29 mi0:0912.16151
Bird survived hitting the wheel05-02-1818.07 mi1:02260.62148.5
Brick run with Daniel and the dog05-02-181.32 mi0:1013.24145.7
Morning Ride05-01-1820.79 mi1:19247.17120.9
Morning Ride04-30-1817.44 mi1:01213.46144.2
Morning Run04-28-1823.52 mi4:570.000
Detroit river walk. Almost made it to Canada.04-27-185.12 mi0:3644.60142.1
Afternoon Run04-25-182.81 mi0:2025.79151.6
Afternoon Swim04-25-180.20 mi0:13-1.000
Some signs should be ignored. 04-23-183.36 mi0:2529.95141.4
Zipped round dark tunnel route with Nia, and if th04-22-1825.36 mi1:2867.02157.2
Morning Ride04-21-1833.90 mi2:05113.54129.4
Afternoon Run04-20-182.05 mi0:1518.37141.8
Lyon. Cure for jet lag and 100 aerobic according 04-15-184.07 mi0:2934.76143.5
Short ride before flight to France ???????? 04-14-1873.76 mi4:29234.70126.6
Might be warm but it’s a suuuuper headwind home04-12-1818.11 mi1:07230.23146.5
Some speed sets with Nia on our private track, sin04-11-183.71 mi0:2731.22135.6
Wide to rork. 04-10-189.36 mi0:3424.51108.6
Ride home04-10-188.88 mi0:3522.35111.3
Brick trail run with my dog04-10-181.26 mi0:0810.46143
Cut short to fix a flat, on my daughters car. 04-09-1814.14 mi0:49217.38122.6
Morning Ride04-08-181.26 mi0:3776.50117.175
SK ride. Warm up and some speed sets on crit cours04-08-1814.75 mi0:5057.65146.5
2 runs on brick set. Keeping up with the teens04-08-181.53 mi0:0918.81157
Lehigh. Rail to trail. When will it warm up?04-07-186.15 mi0:4462.85154.9
Morning Run04-06-182.01 mi0:1522.42144.2
Afternoon Run04-05-183.80 mi0:3140.50151.8
Evening Run04-04-184.20 mi0:2949.38146.6
Morning Ride04-03-1818.23 mi1:08228.04112.1
Morning Ride04-02-1817.69 mi1:09249.26126.1
Morning Ride04-02-1817.63 mi1:03255.20124.449
Brick workout - (Bike ~6 + run 0.8) * 203-31-1813.56 mi0:4648.64133.6
Cooldown03-31-180.60 mi0:020.8699.7
Bike leg of brick03-31-1812.64 mi0:3838.94127.8
rest of OWS, somehow got a reset in while waiting 03-31-180.06 mi0:03-1.000
Short cold OWS in OBX. Had to keep stopping for K03-31-180.24 mi0:08-1.000
Last tempo run before home.03-31-186.77 mi0:4963.23146.7
Morning Swim03-30-180.71 mi0:22-1.000
Wore the dog out 03-30-184.39 mi0:3540.17139.8
Morning Swim03-29-180.60 mi0:26-1.000
Afternoon Ride03-29-1814.37 mi0:5937.73109.4
Not high tide, so run on the beach03-28-185.45 mi0:4462.39150.5
Afternoon Ride03-28-1833.55 mi1:4398.88133.8
Morning Swim03-27-180.57 mi0:17-1.000
SK ride. NC OBX03-27-1823.20 mi1:1856.81120.7
Afternoon Run03-26-184.96 mi0:4060.45149.8
Same run as yesterday. But zero % anaerobic by Gar03-21-183.05 mi0:2128.14152.2
Bummer. Freezing cold here too. Should just stay i03-20-183.06 mi0:2229.67156.1
By the chateaux. Same run as yesterday but without03-18-184.70 mi0:3347.93161.4
Lunch Run03-17-184.67 mi0:3446.67151.5
Morning Ride03-14-1817.79 mi1:03236.04132.3
Morning Ride03-13-188.44 mi0:2921.07122
Evening Ride03-13-188.96 mi0:3521.72106.6
Sneaked a 5 k in between swim referee sessions03-11-183.01 mi0:2128.45150.5
14 mph on flat. Windy03-09-1818.12 mi1:05240.75132
Morning Ride03-08-1818.14 mi1:07326.25127.5
Morning Run03-07-182.85 mi0:1929.98153.1
Morning Ride03-06-1817.95 mi1:06229.00125
Morning Ride03-05-1817.96 mi1:03228.70127.6
Lunch Swim03-04-180.57 mi0:18-1.000
Morning Run03-03-182.89 mi0:2027.68153.1
Morning Ride02-28-1817.58 mi0:59243.98128.1
Evening Run02-28-181.42 mi0:0912.01154
shorts weather, sure brought the knobheads out02-27-1817.42 mi0:59242.49129.4
Faster foxy faster02-27-181.38 mi0:0911.70155.3
Morning Ride02-26-1817.62 mi1:00237.24127.7
First brick for while02-26-181.39 mi0:0911.96153.7
Expected dry and paved. Got rain and mud. But it w02-24-186.01 mi0:4665.75153.7
Morning Ride02-23-1817.60 mi1:01255.20124.449
Afternoon Run02-22-184.70 mi0:3642.67145.1
Morning Ride02-19-1817.82 mi1:02255.20124.449
Sunny run. Gotta love running in the snow with sh02-18-182.94 mi0:4533.10140.3
Few laps of trails near my house with Kylo02-17-182.84 mi0:2229.95154.6
Groundhog was wrong today. But is it too early to 02-15-1817.70 mi1:04255.20124.449
another uneventful ride to work02-13-1817.65 mi1:03255.20124.449
Morning Ride02-12-1817.42 mi1:01255.20124.449
Nia and I in the heaviest rain ever. Gotta love th02-11-182.89 mi0:2237.89172.5
Ladderback group. Too much Mardis Gras in Mobile l02-10-1842.67 mi2:35142.06129.1
From 64F to 42F this morning, yuk02-08-183.57 mi0:2534.18152.2
65F and high humidity- not used to that02-07-183.12 mi0:2228.69143.1
Gotta love shorts and T-shirt. 02-06-185.95 mi0:4357.13152.5
Run with Kylo, who did not give a crap about the c02-03-186.07 mi0:4457.68146.5
Tough day. Crunchy ice and frozen puddles AM and 02-02-1817.48 mi1:07225.53126.9
Morning Ride02-01-1817.52 mi1:04232.85127.6
Got my dog dirty on this muddy little brick02-01-181.27 mi0:0912.20141.6
Bridge can freeze!01-31-1817.44 mi1:03226.13120.7
Morning Ride01-29-1817.36 mi1:03223.11122.1
Morning Ride01-29-1816.09 mi1:00220.94121.4
Not quite 60. But not too shabby for time of the y01-27-1858.24 mi3:33176.45125.1
Afternoon Run01-27-185.32 mi0:4151.22144.9
Afternoon Run01-26-183.06 mi0:2428.67143
Morning Ride01-25-1817.48 mi1:09615.91128.8
Wide to rork01-25-1817.35 mi1:04255.20124.449
Morning Ride01-24-1817.44 mi1:03236.16129.5
Morning Ride01-22-1817.40 mi1:01255.20124.449
First brick of the year01-21-181.03 mi0:078.78150.8
SRT with SKE01-21-1830.47 mi1:4680.26120.1
Morning Ride01-19-1817.48 mi1:04255.20124.449
Afternoon Ride01-19-188.77 mi0:3431.83131.9
Nice night run with my dog01-18-182.95 mi0:2128.05154.2
Icy run with DJ. But no one went down. 01-17-181.95 mi0:1416.58144
Morning Ride01-16-1817.42 mi1:03255.20124.449
Morning Ride01-15-1817.44 mi1:04255.20124.449
Zwift 2* 15 mins ~ FTP01-14-1821.95 mi0:5559.64132.3
Morning Run01-13-186.08 mi0:4665.10154.5
Extension of galloping gutrot01-11-1815.04 mi0:4239.62131.9
Short run with Nia01-11-181.92 mi0:1517.58146.9
Evening Run01-10-182.90 mi0:2124.61139.1
Ice run with Nia, Daniel and Kylo. Coats froze up01-08-183.72 mi0:2838.36150.6
Morning Run01-07-181.97 mi0:1616.54135.7
Freezing, slow and steady on icy trails. 01-06-182.93 mi0:2227.39149.8
2. Wednesday - T: 3x10 @65-75 RPM01-04-1816.27 mi1:0570.17124.5
Zwift custom workout01-04-1816.27 mi1:0539.21124.5
Outside at last. Even if 2F first thing. Followed 01-03-1817.49 mi1:05255.20124.449
Running for real this time. Snowy trail run with 01-02-182.04 mi0:1520.08141
Zwift FTP booster01-01-1821.55 mi0:5642.22127.1
Garmin test01-01-180.78 mi0:145.1984.5
Garmin version of Zwift ride to cross check watts12-30-170.00 mi1:3538.41104
Zwift one off the ....trainer12-30-1722.79 mi1:3340.00115.1
Zwift one..... Not allowed outside on the bike in12-29-1722.06 mi1:0048.35132.5
Fast walk, all I am good for nowadays12-28-171.28 mi0:207.6683.6
Last ride before surgery. With Mike and John. 12-17-1734.65 mi1:53182.03128.4
some serious GPS error, for 5k run with Nia12-16-172.78 mi0:2530.82143.35
Ice Ice Bikey, little too deep for narrow road tir12-15-1717.96 mi1:14256.15121.45
2 steps forward 1 back on a slippery VFM12-14-176.98 mi1:0422.44104.103
Soft surface sprints with Nia12-11-173.92 mi0:3948.09142.4
Most of 8.5 miler with Richard and Janet12-09-177.75 mi1:0225.37104.103
lollipop in VA12-08-172.85 mi0:1922.79135.087
Morning Ride12-06-1718.54 mi1:09256.15121.45
Dusk and deep leaves on VF mountain. Could not see12-05-174.08 mi0:3240.42149.333
Morning Ride12-04-1717.98 mi1:06255.20124.449
Trail run in the dark, with Kylo who has a better 12-04-171.45 mi0:1112.58143.133
10k with Kylo, and he cut his paw and it was bleed12-03-175.95 mi0:4258.48154.9
Morning Ride12-01-1718.13 mi1:08256.15121.45
Morning Ride11-30-1720.25 mi1:16256.15121.45
Morning Ride11-29-1717.59 mi1:04255.20124.449
Too much sauce! Hilly 10k in VFP11-27-176.75 mi1:0174.93145.133
Sneaked in 1000y while waiting for Nia11-27-170.57 mi0:30-1.000
Just Nia, Sara and I. Late PM ride.11-26-1726.82 mi1:42123.03113.6
Sneaked in a quick ride with Nia. Was not much tim11-25-1715.26 mi0:5179.25136.3
5.5 miler with DJ, lost GPS on Mt Misery11-23-174.13 mi0:3618.86104.2
Short run with my dog in the woods11-21-172.07 mi0:1519.00140.141
Morning Ride11-20-1718.06 mi1:06256.15121.45
MTB with Bruce, Rob and Rich11-19-1711.55 mi1:13256.15121.45
Cold ride with Nia, couple of hill repeats in VFP11-19-1720.32 mi1:2399.52114.8
You know you Garmin is bad when it Power saves bef11-18-175.33 mi0:3718.86104.2
Morning Ride11-17-1718.46 mi1:12256.15121.45
Paradise Valley with work colleague. Beautiful ul11-15-173.68 mi0:3340.42149.333
AZ. Saw 2 sunrises. One on the top of the hill, 11-14-173.78 mi0:2833.21131.225
85F and slight altitude after all day on a plane k11-12-173.75 mi0:2733.21131.225
Shorts and t shirt Monday, thick winter coat tonig11-10-1717.97 mi1:08256.15121.45
First ride back when fully dark 11-08-1718.03 mi1:07256.15121.45
Deep leaves and loose rocks and a rude lady11-07-174.35 mi0:3543.57145.271
trail run in the dark- hate it when the clocks cha11-06-171.24 mi0:1012.58143.133
Love when you can ride both ways in summer gear af11-06-1718.21 mi1:06255.20124.449
Ride with Nia, Rich, Daniel and Michael. Nice for 11-04-1736.06 mi2:11245.49126
Enjoying 72F ride home11-03-178.82 mi0:2918.96120.72
Ride to work, nothing exciting happened except sun11-03-178.74 mi0:3218.96120.72
Short brick with DJ and Kylo11-03-171.28 mi0:0912.18146.255
Brick with dog11-02-171.24 mi0:0812.18146.255
Morning Ride11-02-1717.37 mi1:00255.20124.449
Wind, rain and wet leaves - what could possibly go10-30-1718.28 mi1:10256.15121.45
6 miles in the rain. Saw Alturo10-29-176.04 mi0:4356.90149.4
SK ride10-28-1723.43 mi1:24143.01122.3
Faster than yesterdays race....10-24-172.69 mi0:1820.08139.229
Houston corporate 5k run. First race since broke 10-23-173.15 mi0:2123.71138
Ride with our SK team10-22-1723.38 mi1:28127.94118.7
5k before breakfast10-21-173.15 mi0:2128.73149.8
Came and got my dog after the 5k for a short trail10-21-171.31 mi0:0912.18146.255
Wide to rork10-20-1718.33 mi1:06255.20124.449
Morning Ride10-19-1717.95 mi1:02255.20124.449
38F in the morning and 70F for ride home!10-18-1717.51 mi1:01255.20124.449
Love the first run in new shoes. Feel like flying.10-17-171.86 mi0:1216.37157.6
SK ride with Rich and Janet then kids ride on trai10-15-1734.30 mi2:19179.38107.9
Watching XC Centrals and running from view point t10-14-175.24 mi0:4356.56148.214
No time to go longer10-11-172.09 mi0:1415.49136.545
Stumbling around in 80F 7am fog trying to find the10-10-173.07 mi0:2228.73149.8
Nia, Yash and Andrew. 2,000 feet is not what Yash10-07-1721.69 mi1:29122.40116.3
Overall conclusion is that CVT is just more danger10-05-1717.47 mi1:01255.20124.449
Barium x-ray and esophageal manometry10-03-172.90 mi0:2022.79135.087
Rode to doctors, then to work, then to PT, then ho10-02-1722.92 mi1:29137.78126.875
SK ride, with Janet. Girl power today!. Happy bi10-01-1726.91 mi1:41148.52112.3
ride to beer mile and back10-01-179.37 mi0:35217.410
Ladderback group. Then peeled off for a windy solo09-30-1751.74 mi2:59285.96123.6
Riding in Maria’s wind09-28-1718.03 mi1:06255.20124.449
Run with Kylo on XC course09-27-172.17 mi0:1620.08139.229
Morning Ride09-27-1718.01 mi1:05255.20124.449
Not a walk in the park 09-26-175.17 mi0:3848.09142.4
Did not want to run, but my dog made me09-25-171.26 mi0:0811.26142.8
Dodging tree fall09-25-1718.16 mi1:07243.82115.2
10 kids in tow. Ramping up the distance. 09-24-1743.28 mi2:43238.00113.5
Jaywalking on a crossing. Welcome to PA. 09-23-1758.00 mi3:11337.46130.8
Shorter and slow on trail because still tired afte09-23-171.30 mi0:0912.18146.255
Hot dog not in the city09-22-171.27 mi0:0912.12150.4
Wide to rork09-22-1717.99 mi1:00943.08126.7
Morning Ride09-20-1718.35 mi1:02924.350
Morning Ride09-18-1718.31 mi1:05498.160
SK ride. Top tip. Don't park your bike on a yell09-17-1742.14 mi2:38234.51119.5
Trail run before dinner with my dog. Who was naugh09-16-173.08 mi0:2228.73149.8
Run with my dog - who ran with a large stick09-14-172.12 mi0:1619.00140.141
pre dawn run in the woods with my dog09-13-171.25 mi0:1112.58143.133
rest of trail run, after computer reset09-13-170.70 mi0:0517.05156.7
Girls power today. 4 girls 2 boys. SK ride. And wh09-10-1728.35 mi1:51111.65104.4
Route 100 highway - revisited. 09-09-1750.37 mi2:47275.83125.5
Ride to work, still can't get the tar off my tire09-08-1718.28 mi1:06255.20124.449
gotta love this type of dog walk09-08-171.32 mi0:0912.18146.255
Turned road bike into fat tire bike by riding over09-07-1718.54 mi1:09256.15121.45
Short trail run with my dog09-07-171.28 mi0:110.8699.7
Cut short, sprain in the xxx09-04-172.01 mi0:1519.00140.141
Slight butt sprain....09-03-173.92 mi0:2839.22145.75
Lost in France09-02-174.69 mi0:3446.92148.886
Hot in the city, hot in the city tonight - so took08-29-174.04 mi0:2939.22145.75
Ride looks funny because rode with Ladderback, wen08-27-1754.84 mi3:18311.22122.4
1 mile continuous swim08-25-170.99 mi0:25-1.000
Morning Ride08-24-1716.41 mi1:04255.20124.449
Ride to work, then did track workout, then rode ho08-23-1721.21 mi1:22256.15121.45
8*800m fast + 200 slow on 3mins per 80008-23-175.10 mi0:4356.56148.214
Morning swim , felt crap, so cut it short08-22-170.75 mi0:25-1.000
Ride to work. Caught 4 Diglett. 08-21-1717.78 mi1:09256.15121.45
Bricking it with my dog08-21-172.14 mi0:1519.27143.9
Ladderback group. Peeled of early. Met Cam and Dan08-20-1739.51 mi2:16200.20122
2nd ride of day with Nia. Fast average for Nia on 08-20-1725.58 mi1:23118.25121.8
50m pool swim - serious gps error08-19-171.48 mi0:38-1.000
Humid run with Janet08-18-175.56 mi0:4863.23146.7
short quick trail brick with my dog08-17-171.22 mi0:0912.18146.255
Ride to work and back, nothing interesting happen08-17-1718.33 mi1:08256.15121.45
Ride to work, then to Deuce, then home08-16-1720.09 mi1:16256.15121.45
1600m at UMLY 08-15-170.99 mi0:30-1.000
Burning out a cold08-15-176.00 mi0:4557.65151.7
100 sneezes and snot08-14-1718.53 mi1:07622.510
Runny nose run with my dog08-14-171.31 mi0:1012.58143.133
Lots of snakes on route08-13-1766.80 mi3:46359.030
Short ride, dodged the rain, just missed 20mph08-11-1712.31 mi0:3776.50117.175
Lake Mullett trail again. Beautiful.08-11-175.01 mi0:3618.86104.2
OWS with Nia, Rich and Daniel (for last time) :-(08-11-171.44 mi0:32-1.000
Lake Mullett run with Michael08-10-174.01 mi0:2939.22145.75
OWS. Mullett Lake, with Nia, who was scared of al08-10-171.11 mi0:26-1.000
Run with kids along lake08-09-172.92 mi0:2428.54141.843
Morning OW swim with Richard, no drowing!08-09-170.79 mi0:18-1.000
Afternoon OWS08-09-170.50 mi0:15-1.000
Flatted. Piece of metal in the tire. Got value fo08-09-1712.95 mi0:54255.20124.449
Between the lakes, northern MI08-08-1713.08 mi0:4876.50117.175
Swim with Rich, cramped up after 0.75 miles. Made08-08-170.66 mi0:19-1.000
Evening 4 miler along lake. Slow with Nia for 1st08-08-174.01 mi0:2733.21131.225
Swim in the dusk on Mullet Lake08-07-170.58 mi0:09-1.000
5k with DJ08-05-173.14 mi0:2328.54141.843
Mega windy 5 miler in OH08-04-175.01 mi0:3543.57145.271
Recce. Kids bike course. 08-04-172.30 mi0:080.8699.7
Track work out. 1,000s and 400s. 08-02-175.38 mi0:3848.09142.4
Ride to work, met with Nia and Gossows, did some i08-01-1722.76 mi1:19256.15121.45
Geometry dash - with Kylo08-01-171.26 mi0:0812.18146.255
Ladderback group. Easy pace. 07-30-1755.59 mi3:05333.19125.5
5k with Janet07-30-173.02 mi0:2324.04136.8
Kids paceline training by art museum07-29-1716.92 mi0:5188.150
Zwift Marsh Creek, not quite 20 all around. 07-27-1719.47 mi1:0094.690
Short taper bike to run practice07-27-170.51 mi0:033.08132.467
Pre run ride with SK team07-26-1714.34 mi0:52101.180
5*(1000+400) round and round07-26-174.83 mi0:3138.76146.083
Mobile - hot and humid.07-25-174.82 mi0:3446.92148.886
Few hill repeats up Cassatt, then rode to Consohoc07-23-1739.33 mi2:40278.960
Afternoon swim at Y, water is about 90F in the out07-22-171.24 mi0:45-1.000
Ride to work 07-21-1718.42 mi1:05255.20124.449
short quick trail brick with my dog07-21-171.33 mi0:0912.18146.255
Ride to work. Live the weather07-20-1718.51 mi1:03609.690
Ride to and from track workout07-19-1710.31 mi0:4286.69107.4
18*(200 fast + 100 walk). Distance includes walk07-19-173.29 mi0:4236.11132.5
Ride to work07-18-1717.67 mi0:59255.20124.449
Quick trail run with my dog07-18-171.30 mi0:0912.18146.255
Swim07-18-170.62 mi0:20-1.000
Morning Ride07-17-1718.01 mi1:00255.20124.449
Joined Nia for her recovery run07-17-172.34 mi0:1720.08139.229
Quick run from Y - between refereeing swim meet se07-16-172.81 mi0:1820.08139.229
Lunch Swim07-16-170.70 mi0:20-1.000
Afternoon Swim07-15-170.60 mi0:20-1.000
6 mile run with Nia. DJ joined and did 407-14-175.93 mi0:4456.56148.214
Ride to work. Rained on the way home. 07-13-1717.73 mi0:59255.20124.449
Tour de Bucknell07-12-173.19 mi0:2228.73149.8
Run with Janet and Rich, then picked up Nia for la07-08-175.03 mi0:3849.19143.3
Half of run at race site07-07-170.96 mi0:076.85132.4
(1000+400 fast)*5 + warmup and cooldown07-05-175.67 mi0:3618.86104.2
Ride to work, nothing exciting except my bike soun07-05-1718.29 mi1:07680.960
Short ride with kids - getting ready for Iowa race07-04-1721.19 mi1:2385.260
Most of post ride 5k with kids07-04-172.72 mi0:2228.73149.8
Post swim run - slow :-(07-03-172.77 mi0:2023.71138
Morning Swim with Richard07-03-171.14 mi1:00-1.000
Unofficial COS Monday, B'ish ride. 07-03-1731.18 mi1:48165.57123.5
Downingtown, Flowing Springs with Mike and Pete an07-02-1756.58 mi3:20310.68126.7
Easy run with Janet and Hiko07-02-172.01 mi0:1619.00140.141
Some sweet XC ski trails close to our rental. Shor06-30-1713.67 mi1:28137.78126.875
Single track behind our rental, then it got really06-30-173.55 mi0:4456.56148.214
Started off on single track, but rain came down so06-29-174.47 mi0:2518.96120.72
DJs first 10k. Franconia falls and back in heavy 06-29-176.07 mi0:5325.54114.52
Trail run with DJ behind our rental. Eating butter06-28-172.34 mi0:2530.82143.35
Some of yesterdays Kayak, but not so technical on 06-28-173.21 mi0:58-1.000
Trail run / fast scramble up Mt Washington > 4,00006-27-177.79 mi2:470.000
Some sweet single track in NH, until my son found 06-26-1710.74 mi1:07256.15121.45
Most of 4 mile run with DJ and Kylo - who swam hal06-26-173.74 mi0:3240.42149.333
Morning Ride06-23-1713.70 mi0:52255.20124.449
Morning Ride06-22-1718.74 mi1:10256.15121.45
Downtown Montreal - St Laurence River and found th06-19-174.32 mi0:3346.92148.886
Taking kids for hilly spin06-18-1724.73 mi1:43108.47118.838
If we started 15 mins earlier would have stayed dr06-17-1737.47 mi2:08141.40121.29
Slow run with Rich, Janet, Nia and Michael06-17-174.78 mi0:3848.09142.4
Easy ride to work. Nothing exciting happened. 06-15-1718.47 mi1:11256.15121.45
Dog felt like running even if I did not06-15-171.24 mi0:0912.18146.255
Warm ups on track06-14-170.85 mi0:1922.79135.087
Very hard track workout. 5*1000+4*40006-14-174.44 mi0:2733.21131.225
Ride to work, then took kids to Sugartown, then ro06-14-1729.35 mi1:48108.47118.838
Welsh Valley - for no good reason06-13-1719.75 mi1:11256.15121.45
First day with a car to work since April. :-(. So06-12-173.13 mi0:2530.82143.35
2*400 + 8*300 fast + 2* 40006-12-172.47 mi0:1720.08139.229
Should get a Gopro to record the crazy car drivers06-09-1718.51 mi1:08256.15121.45
Slow trail run with doggy06-09-172.06 mi0:1519.00140.141
Mulleott lake. Run with kids06-09-173.03 mi0:2418.96120.72
Car service day06-08-1725.51 mi1:28137.78126.875
Ride to work, then ride to Stoga, then training ri06-07-1730.85 mi1:57141.40121.29
4*1200+8*20006-07-174.11 mi0:2630.82143.35
Raining again06-06-1718.62 mi1:07256.15121.45
Wet trails, wet dog 06-06-172.12 mi0:1415.49136.545
Running with Nia who was doing a recovery run afte06-05-171.93 mi0:1820.08139.229
Easy slow run in Wisconsin06-02-174.82 mi0:4052.14144.533