Julia's Activities

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ActivityDateDistanceTimeTSSAve HR
Those completely slanted hills tho????09-14-197.94 mi1:0583.38173.2
That was the best run of the entire season09-13-196.45 mi0:5555.23149.8
Springton Workout09-11-197.66 mi1:05100.92163.8
that one hurt a little09-09-199.15 mi1:1593.53169.2
Chick Ride09-08-1937.47 mi2:0875.83132.6
Morning Run09-07-192.07 mi0:1817.91146.2
Shakeout09-07-190.53 mi0:055.75122.7
Cooldown09-07-192.41 mi0:2331.76154.3
Unionville 2 Mile Bash09-07-192.00 mi0:12-1.000
Easy Pre Meet09-06-194.75 mi0:4039.09146.2
Afternoon Run09-04-192.11 mi0:1820.63153.7
“Workout” and Cooldown09-04-194.91 mi0:4270.58171
Easy Pre Meet Run09-03-195.40 mi0:4559.32161.9
Long Run in Trails09-02-197.40 mi1:0888.75162.9
what my watch didn’t get09-02-190.67 mi0:06-1.000
Labor Day Ride!!08-31-1949.80 mi3:050.000
Easy Shakeout08-30-191.04 mi0:107.74139.3
Afternoon Run08-30-192.15 mi0:1926.18155.3
Oakbourne Relays08-30-192.00 mi0:1315.54141.71
Easy Pre Meet08-29-193.76 mi0:3135.25147.2
Medium Long Run08-28-197.10 mi1:0067.01161.5
2x3k workout08-27-196.47 mi0:5161.88152.6
Easy Run08-26-195.26 mi0:4546.54154
Long Ride08-25-1933.20 mi2:0591.71138.2
Morning Run08-24-197.50 mi1:0582.87148.9
Testing the Hamstring08-23-191.34 mi0:1216.84134.1
3k, 2k, 1k workout 08-22-195.60 mi0:4355.51155
Richmond08-21-1918.56 mi1:0035.41127
super easy recovery run08-21-191.98 mi0:1913.38137.7
Morning Run08-20-195.67 mi0:4652.35159.7
All Trails and Rocks??08-19-198.20 mi1:2099.47165.2
Watopia08-18-1914.09 mi0:4527.150
Easy shakeout ride post morning workout 08-17-199.70 mi0:3022.02141.2
Morning Run08-17-197.90 mi1:0586.79159.4
Elliptigo08-16-1913.66 mi1:0050.41144.8
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)08-15-1915.56 mi0:4842.720
cooldown08-14-192.34 mi0:2130.59157
Workout (blister hurt so couldn’t finish)08-14-193.33 mi0:2336.25177
warmup08-14-191.41 mi0:1216.85142
Easy Run08-13-195.01 mi0:4150.69159.4
“Time Trial” (went @5k pace ~ time: 6:23 ~ )08-12-191.00 mi0:066.46157.7
warmup08-12-190.59 mi0:043.63139.7
Afternoon Run08-11-192.27 mi0:2020.14151
Morning Run08-10-191.86 mi0:1715.25142.8
Morning Run08-09-197.04 mi1:0186.46172.8
Lunch Run08-07-195.14 mi0:4554.32161.3
Afternoon Run08-06-192.51 mi0:2226.67154.4
Evening Run08-05-193.24 mi0:3029.23149
MTR Run Portion08-04-190.80 mi0:043.3192.9727
MTR Bike Portion08-04-193.10 mi0:082.13126.6
Morning Swim08-04-190.16 mi0:03-1.000
Tri Nationals Swim Portion08-03-190.47 mi0:11-1.000
Tri Nationals Bike Portion08-03-1913.17 mi0:313.63127.05
Tri Nationals 5k Run Portion08-03-193.11 mi0:2023.65144.331
EZ Shakeout Run08-01-193.01 mi0:2524.39149.3
super EZ spin07-31-198.69 mi0:3012.12113.5
Intervals07-30-194.63 mi0:4039.32151.2
Make A Break For It07-30-1917.18 mi0:5053.80150.7
Marsh Creek Trail Run07-29-194.95 mi0:5061.01154.6
Brick Run07-28-191.00 mi0:073.3192.9727
Brick Ride07-28-1918.14 mi1:0048.93140.9
Morning Run07-27-196.01 mi0:5265.50150.8
some trails, some path07-26-196.74 mi1:0054.60149
Make A Break For It07-25-1917.10 mi0:5054.70143.2
*not my run* timber top workout07-24-197.68 mi1:0755.79137.056
Watopia07-23-1930.05 mi1:3085.62134
Easy Trail Run07-23-194.80 mi0:5039.15142.2
Long Run in Trails 07-22-197.61 mi1:1588.44163.5
SKE Dark Tunnels07-21-1940.36 mi2:00116.86136.1
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)07-20-1919.53 mi1:0061.60139.3
Hottt!! ??07-20-195.17 mi0:4559.88155.2
Brick-ish Bike Workout07-19-1910.50 mi0:3029.860
Morning Easy Run w/ Saw & Chris07-19-195.15 mi0:4548.59158.5
Afternoon Interval Run @ Peak Heat07-19-194.06 mi0:3540.46160.9
thought the headwind was bad last time...07-18-1918.55 mi1:0953.33142.4
Morning Run07-17-190.11 mi0:010.63132.5
felt absolutely atrocious07-17-197.27 mi1:0076.35169
Beach Ride 1 (ft. MASSIVE headwinds)07-16-1917.37 mi1:0062.55156.5
Recovery Run07-16-193.79 mi0:3533.13152.4
Flatlands Cup Race Bike07-14-1912.40 mi0:313.63127.05
Morning Run07-13-192.55 mi0:2122.30154.6
Afternoon Ride07-12-1914.84 mi0:5744.68140.7
Easy Shakeout Run07-11-194.00 mi0:3428.01145.2
Timber Top Tempo 07-10-194.50 mi0:4048.54162.1
Make A Break For It07-09-1916.49 mi0:5056.47151.8
Super Hilly07-08-197.35 mi1:0671.08157.2
Brick Ride07-07-1918.97 mi1:0252.64146.7
Brick Run (1 min after ride)07-07-193.17 mi0:2534.16163.3
Afternoon Run07-06-196.21 mi0:5273.84159.3
Easy Run @ VFP07-05-196.32 mi0:5632.1697.5849
Morning Ride07-04-1940.06 mi2:27102.99134.5
Progression Run07-03-195.48 mi0:5060.02158.6
pt. 1 of more trails07-02-191.05 mi0:119.86140.6
pt. 2 of more trails07-02-193.37 mi0:3034.52156
Death Ride07-02-1912.59 mi1:0868.85143.5
Trails07-01-196.12 mi1:0064.60158
damn, that was one hell of a good ride06-30-1940.38 mi2:16111.83141.5
Morning Run06-29-193.66 mi0:3341.10157
Morning Run06-28-194.80 mi0:4043.36162.1
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)06-27-1919.74 mi1:0058.9494.8
tempo intervals06-26-195.02 mi0:4143.04151.3
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins06-26-1924.54 mi1:1571.503.2
Hills06-25-194.14 mi0:3734.33152.7
Marsh Creek Trails06-24-195.88 mi0:5560.87156.6
super lit & fun ske ride (ft. a lot of ingested su06-23-1938.46 mi2:23120.69142.2
Easy Run06-22-193.50 mi0:3033.25153.1
Easy Run06-21-194.02 mi0:3535.78155.8
London06-20-1927.26 mi1:3064.43137.1
Morning Run06-19-193.13 mi0:2837.27159.8
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)06-19-1919.13 mi1:0044.930
Chase dropped a box turtle on me06-18-192.93 mi0:2830.18152.8
Marsh Creek Trail Run06-17-194.20 mi0:4045.07153.9
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins06-17-1924.62 mi1:1567.15142.8
Marsh Creek Trails Run06-17-194.70 mi0:4540.15138.154
location: Gucci 06-16-1930.07 mi1:4886.30141.7
Easy Run06-15-193.12 mi0:2829.10148.5
322 Trails Easy Run06-14-192.88 mi0:2521.54140
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)06-13-1920.37 mi1:0059.50143.5
Timber Top “easy” run06-12-192.66 mi0:2524.73155
Skelp Level06-11-194.54 mi0:4039.90151.1
Watopia06-10-1922.38 mi1:1554.75134.8
Marsh Creek Trails Run06-10-192.82 mi0:2631.34165.8
work & corrections on my running form06-08-191.00 mi0:0710.44161
Walk in VFP06-07-194.43 mi1:27-1.0098.9
Scavenger Hunt Day w/ Freshman06-03-192.83 mi0:2227.40147.2
race cooldown06-02-191.36 mi0:1211.18144.5
race warmup06-02-190.91 mi0:079.49160.4
pre race day run06-01-192.06 mi0:1719.19142.6
race course preview06-01-197.74 mi0:2712.53120.8
so much weed I can barely see05-31-193.00 mi0:2629.89150.3
Afternoon Run05-29-194.08 mi0:3339.57162.1
Afternoon Swim05-29-191.30 mi0:40-1.000
Make A Break For It05-28-1916.91 mi0:5049.78136.6
Afternoon Swim05-28-191.18 mi0:38-1.000
Afternoon Run05-27-193.00 mi0:2625.18146.9
Brick Run (right after ride- 60 sec for transition05-26-192.85 mi0:2527.64156.8
Zones Ride05-26-1918.36 mi1:0045.18140.8
Mono Run05-25-195.35 mi0:4259.59157.7
this was just to get some lactic acid out of the l05-24-198.20 mi0:309.32112.5
lol I died at the end05-24-195.51 mi0:4452.14160
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)05-23-1918.73 mi0:5551.95140.3
Evening Run05-23-192.38 mi0:2022.98151.2
part of easy run when I forgot to start watch05-23-190.34 mi0:023.1387.9952
Run w/ intervals05-22-195.32 mi0:4345.85154.3
Watopia05-22-1915.40 mi0:4534.0358.8
Easy Run05-21-194.01 mi0:3432.86148.1
Make A Break For It05-21-1920.16 mi1:0058.32140.2
Morning Ride05-19-1934.73 mi2:12102.09135.3
Morning Ride05-18-191.75 mi0:084.27126.6
Morning Run05-18-190.77 mi0:076.66151.2
Morning Run05-18-191.04 mi0:099.85152.2
Mighty Moraine Man Bike05-18-1912.43 mi0:380.000
Mighty Moraine Man Run05-18-193.10 mi0:2122.38141.282
Evening Run05-17-192.37 mi0:2019.08151.9
Evening Run05-15-195.01 mi0:3948.46169.4
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)05-15-1920.45 mi1:0060.85140.1
Early Morning Run05-14-194.09 mi0:3534.88150.8
Vo2max05-13-1921.11 mi1:0470.97143.1
Easy Run05-13-193.44 mi0:3025.26143.4
RIDE LIKE KING 11 Training Ride - Women Only05-12-1916.08 mi0:4539.100
Watopia05-12-1941.17 mi2:00114.41150.8
hip said no05-10-192.00 mi0:1215.59141.662
race warmup05-08-192.25 mi0:1926.26145.7
Pre-Meet05-07-192.86 mi0:2522.48145.8
day after triathlon race recovery run05-06-193.00 mi0:2721.65138.1
5k Run during triathlon05-05-193.10 mi0:2122.44141.017
mixed team relay warmup05-05-190.35 mi0:021.1493
race warmup05-05-190.37 mi0:032.71149.5
Pre-Race Shakeout05-04-191.50 mi0:1214.62160.8
Course Recon05-04-194.99 mi0:2216.52133.3
Afternoon Run05-03-192.15 mi0:1819.41153.2
Easy Spin w/ the Chicks?? (ft. 420 sign!!!)05-02-1916.54 mi1:0040.63135.8
Interval Thing05-01-194.90 mi0:4041.43153.6
Make A Break For It04-30-1916.29 mi0:4957.98142.4
Afternoon Run04-29-195.09 mi0:4241.47146.9
brick runs04-28-191.50 mi0:1015.39141.159
Morning Run04-28-190.45 mi0:032.7680.9867
Morning Ride04-28-1918.53 mi1:0061.32137.7
Super windy run04-27-197.19 mi1:0068.79160.2
Afternoon Run04-26-191.81 mi0:1516.15148.6
Afternoon Run04-26-192.10 mi0:1723.54146.3
Afternoon Run04-25-193.66 mi0:3129.56148.1
Make A Break For It04-24-1918.08 mi0:5356.76153.8
Easy Run04-23-194.74 mi0:4047.85162.4
Afternoon Run04-22-197.43 mi1:0178.84153.9
Make A Break For It (OUCHHHH!!)04-22-1916.32 mi0:5053.67159
800 race04-22-190.50 mi0:022.7680.9867
super easy spin post plan ride04-21-1918.52 mi1:0135.260
Long Run04-20-198.46 mi1:1080.67163.8
attempted workout until my grandma hauled me back 04-19-194.79 mi0:3848.18158.6
spin04-19-1923.10 mi1:0536.96117.057
well, i finished the workout... only 9 hours later04-19-194.03 mi0:3039.35160.7
another spin class04-18-1930.30 mi1:2448.04120.2
recovery run04-17-194.01 mi0:3533.86148
spin class04-17-1920.60 mi1:0036.96117.057
spin workout post lift04-16-1920.00 mi1:0136.96117.057
florida workout: random dirt circle thing edition04-16-198.52 mi1:1082.16151.6
Morning Run04-15-194.80 mi0:4145.07155.4
Morning Run04-14-197.87 mi1:0585.87167.2
good move- run at peak of florida heat04-13-194.09 mi0:3537.68159.6
post-ride bricks04-12-192.21 mi0:1619.39161.2
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)04-12-1920.90 mi1:0054.96149.7
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins04-11-1924.24 mi1:1558.48133.7
warmup & cooldown04-10-193.89 mi0:3446.46138.5
3200 race04-10-192.00 mi0:1215.26140.968
6wk Beginner FTP Builder Week 2 Active Recovery04-08-1912.21 mi0:4023.28132
Morning Ride04-07-1941.39 mi2:25130.43145.4
5:33 MILE PR!!!!!!!04-06-191.00 mi0:052.7680.9867
warmup04-06-192.09 mi0:1720.63148.2
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)04-04-1919.76 mi1:0054.79133.6
Post-Meet Ride.......4wk PRL Prep Week 3 Day 6 - C04-03-1919.47 mi1:0050.57145.5
3200 workout (7:08 ish pace) + cooldown 04-03-193.06 mi0:2430.08154.3
Afternoon Run04-02-193.95 mi0:3523.88122.8
Afternoon Run04-01-195.25 mi0:4535.82131.1
Morning Run03-30-197.89 mi1:0578.83164.7
Afternoon Ride03-30-1917.00 mi1:0860.94131.5
Afternoon Run03-29-197.10 mi0:5860.11140.4
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins03-28-1921.41 mi1:1262.49137.3
Afternoon Run03-27-194.44 mi0:4029.67139.3
Afternoon Run03-26-197.07 mi0:5753.97139.7
Afternoon Run03-25-195.06 mi0:4146.78155.3
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)03-25-1919.18 mi1:0050.83155.3
SKE Ride after transition practice, skills, and dr03-24-1917.56 mi1:0548.48135.4
Morning Run03-23-194.81 mi0:4243.37148.9
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)03-22-1915.60 mi0:4941.69150.8
Afternoon Run03-22-197.02 mi0:5949.02133.3
Afternoon Run03-21-194.50 mi0:4037.55149.8
Afternoon Run03-19-198.19 mi1:0665.01142.4
Afternoon Run03-18-195.33 mi0:4540.54145.8
Lunch Ride03-17-1939.54 mi2:30141.72148.1
Morning Run03-16-193.91 mi0:3527.18140
Afternoon Run03-15-193.23 mi0:3028.33148.7
Afternoon Run03-14-193.52 mi0:3030.88156.3
Afternoon Run03-12-195.58 mi0:4638.23131.9
A: Tempo: 3 x 12 Increasing Bursts (<130%)03-11-1920.14 mi1:0155.70150.5
Long Run03-11-198.01 mi1:0562.67152.8
Watopia03-10-1928.62 mi1:3084.47145.1
Morning Run03-09-195.04 mi0:4133.29140.6
800s Workout03-08-196.01 mi0:5036.56128.9
Afternoon Run03-06-194.82 mi0:4037.80146
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins03-05-1924.21 mi1:1163.33141.1
Progression Run03-05-195.37 mi0:4141.27146.4
Leg Speed Set 103-04-1910.11 mi0:2918.38131.7
Leg Speed Set 103-04-1910.39 mi0:3016.21126.5
First Run of Outdoor Track03-04-193.96 mi0:3525.98141.5
New York03-03-1930.10 mi1:2890.190
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins02-27-1924.59 mi1:1560.06142.3
Leg Speed Set 102-25-1918.81 mi1:0034.83144.1
USA National Championship - WOMEN02-24-1937.83 mi1:39150.56169.9
New Workout02-24-191.79 mi0:073.49128.4
Afternoon Run02-22-193.40 mi0:3016.94126.8
Afternoon Run02-21-194.51 mi0:3725.98129.1
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins02-21-1921.95 mi1:0652.52148.1
Morning Run02-20-193.59 mi0:3932.61146
Treadmill Run02-20-193.82 mi0:3525.28131.072
Leg Speed Set 102-20-1916.40 mi0:5032.22130.8
Mile Workout w/ Reagan!!02-19-196.72 mi0:5550.70139.7
Lunch Run02-18-195.15 mi0:4660.52155.3
Afternoon Ride02-17-1932.74 mi1:55101.07146
Mileage between everything02-16-195.50 mi0:5057.22153.525
Morning Run02-16-197.01 mi1:0048.33139.6
Pre Meet02-14-193.60 mi0:3021.08130.2
Afternoon Run02-13-195.56 mi0:4540.02136.6
Extra Recovery Ride02-13-199.18 mi0:3614.10123.3
Leg Speed Set 102-12-1922.50 mi1:2048.15125.9
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins02-11-1925.38 mi1:1561.71140.6
Easy Run02-11-193.96 mi0:3321.35132.7
Good Ride (didn’t die)02-10-1925.18 mi1:3848.04120.2
Long Run02-09-197.35 mi1:0039.46130.1
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins02-07-1925.29 mi1:1568.93150.7
Warm Up Laps02-07-190.50 mi0:054.14138.5
Mile Workout02-07-197.62 mi1:0151.77139.7
Lauren = Brain Surgery02-06-194.09 mi0:3628.09114.8
Evening Run02-06-190.50 mi0:040.000
Afternoon Run02-05-194.01 mi0:3522.97132.8
Afternoon Run02-04-194.45 mi0:4029.86137.9
Leg Speed Set 102-04-1919.01 mi1:0036.15135.8
Afternoon Run02-03-1935.01 mi2:17125.80146
Run around Neighborhood02-02-195.22 mi0:4548.07155
3k Race!! PR!02-01-191.86 mi0:1110.83138.75
Cool Down02-01-192.72 mi0:2523.72152.1
Warm Up02-01-192.29 mi0:1919.24134.6
Shakeout Thingy02-01-190.50 mi0:040.000
Cold Run (Pre Meet)01-31-192.16 mi0:2013.81128.5
Afternoon Run01-30-193.70 mi0:3025.67147.6
SKE Strength Builder 75 mins01-30-1925.44 mi1:1556.01144.6
Treadmill Run01-29-192.10 mi0:1815.10137.1
Leg Speed Set 101-29-1924.12 mi1:1344.21138.3
Strength Reps - Set 201-28-1928.25 mi1:3052.88131.7
Mile Race01-27-191.00 mi0:054.14138.5
Race WarmUp01-27-192.10 mi0:1815.79144.1
Race Cool Down01-27-192.03 mi0:2018.96145.7
Morning Run01-26-193.42 mi0:3026.82143.5
Getting back01-24-193.00 mi0:2521.39138.92
Leg Speed Set 101-23-1917.26 mi1:0134.48132.4
Oof01-22-193.00 mi0:2827.22147.9
Treadmill Run01-21-195.50 mi0:4732.09121.55
SKE Dark Tunnels01-21-1924.57 mi1:1164.78146.7
London01-20-1929.77 mi1:3097.33147.7
Watopia01-19-1918.31 mi1:0023.470
Morning Run01-19-197.04 mi1:0345.35136.1
Evening Run01-18-192.23 mi0:1914.65131.6
Cool down01-18-192.33 mi0:2021.11155.9
3k Race01-18-191.86 mi0:1110.83138.75
Afternoon Run01-17-193.41 mi0:3020.75137.8
(Workout 2) Strength Reps - Set 201-16-1910.84 mi0:4221.37120.6
(Workout 1) Strength Reps - Set 101-16-1913.68 mi0:5026.490
Afternoon Run01-15-196.59 mi0:5542.85134.5
Medium Run01-14-195.80 mi0:500.000
Strength Reps - Set 301-14-1919.58 mi1:0038.02134.1
MAP Test 15 w 60 s01-13-197.38 mi0:2126.08143.2
Watopia01-13-197.09 mi0:2015.870
Workout01-12-195.69 mi0:4825.41120.5
Afternoon Run01-11-194.20 mi0:3528.02135.2
3. Thursday - SST: 4x601-10-1920.36 mi1:0045.500
3k Warm Up01-09-192.32 mi0:1915.10137.1
3k Cool Down01-09-191.60 mi0:1513.04143.92
3k Indoor Race01-09-191.86 mi0:119.87141.85
400 Warm Up and Cool Down01-09-192.18 mi0:2015.56130.517
400 Guesstimate01-09-190.25 mi0:010.3479.3
Pre-Meet Run01-08-193.60 mi0:2927.78144.367
Easy Run01-07-194.60 mi0:4041.28151.74
Strength Reps - Set 101-07-1915.03 mi1:00-1.000
HILLEST RIDE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE THAT WAS SO HARD01-06-1928.03 mi1:53101.07146
Recovery Run01-05-196.40 mi1:0043.43126.18
DMR 1600 (not sure what exact/actual time was just01-04-191.00 mi0:054.14138.5
Warm Up and Cool Down01-04-194.94 mi0:430.000
Watopia01-04-1915.14 mi0:48-1.000
Pre Meet Run01-03-193.20 mi0:3027.78144.367
200s01-02-194.89 mi0:4041.28151.74
Afternoon Ride01-01-1931.50 mi1:590.000
The Lumberjack12-31-188.80 mi1:0770.95160.3
Superrrrr Windy Ride12-29-1836.76 mi2:25125.80146
Long Run12-29-188.23 mi1:0523.0973.4
NYC (had to stop bc it was getting super laggy)12-28-187.84 mi0:27-1.000
Ok Zwift hates me12-28-186.49 mi0:22-1.000
Easy Run12-28-184.06 mi0:3528.02135.2
Watopia12-27-1830.18 mi1:34-1.000
1200/400 workout12-26-186.80 mi0:5419.8393.8
Christmas Run (@ 10 PM!!) ????????????⭐️12-25-183.67 mi0:3121.76131.985
Trail Run12-24-183.24 mi0:3021.76131.985
SKE December Ride 112-23-1828.77 mi1:44101.07146
Long Run12-22-187.09 mi0:5930.13119.7
Tour of London - Stage 5 (A)12-21-1823.10 mi1:11-1.000
Hill Endurance Circuit12-21-186.50 mi0:5661.55158.6
Easy Run12-20-184.56 mi0:4041.28151.74
Welcome Workout12-20-1822.19 mi1:10-1.000
London12-19-1831.89 mi1:35-1.000
Watopia12-18-1827.50 mi1:23-1.000
Workout Day12-18-187.33 mi0:5830.13119.7
Easy Run + Strides12-17-184.61 mi0:3628.02135.2
Tour of London - Stage 3 (C)12-17-1830.39 mi1:26-1.000
Warm Up before Ride12-17-182.04 mi0:06-1.000
Morning Run12-15-187.37 mi1:0043.43126.18
Tour of London - Stage 2 (C) (LOVE WHEN ZWIFT QUIT12-15-1812.87 mi0:40-1.000
London (pt. 2 to finish)12-15-1820.12 mi1:01-1.000
800 workout12-14-186.68 mi0:5544.10128
Easy Run12-13-184.17 mi0:3628.02135.2
London12-13-1824.99 mi1:11-1.000
London12-12-1825.06 mi1:14-1.000
Watopia12-11-1829.76 mi1:28-1.000
Actually a 50 min 6.2 mile run12-11-185.60 mi0:4544.84149.775
Easy Run12-10-184.11 mi0:3528.02135.2
Watopia12-09-1831.02 mi1:30-1.000
Long Run (we meet Santa)12-08-186.87 mi1:0043.43126.18
Workout (200m Hill Repeats)12-07-185.64 mi0:4544.84149.775
Watopia12-06-1821.11 mi1:03-1.000
Watopia (Did this activity on Friday, but computer12-06-1825.13 mi1:16-1.000
Easy Run12-05-184.49 mi0:4041.28151.74
London12-04-1820.46 mi1:05-1.000
Workout12-04-186.62 mi0:500.000
Welcome Workout12-03-1815.78 mi0:50-1.000
Easy Run (first run back)12-03-184.20 mi0:3423.57124.35
Watopia12-02-1827.11 mi1:32-1.000
Warm Up11-24-181.89 mi0:1814.91137.42
NXR11-24-183.10 mi0:2226.65153.8
Pre-Meet11-23-183.33 mi0:3523.57124.35
Afternoon Run11-21-183.39 mi0:3021.76131.985
Afternoon Run11-20-183.24 mi0:3021.76131.985
Afternoon Run11-19-180.47 mi0:054.14138.5
Afternoon Ride11-18-1819.37 mi1:140.000
8wk Race Day Prep Week 2 Hill Reps11-16-1814.04 mi0:55-1.000
Watopia11-15-1815.95 mi0:52-1.000
Warm-Up11-14-180.50 mi0:040.000
Henderson 2 Mile11-14-182.00 mi0:129.87141.85
Afternoon Run11-14-181.95 mi0:2226.65153.8
Evening Run11-14-181.19 mi0:1513.04143.92
Afternoon Run11-13-180.46 mi0:040.000
Afternoon Run11-13-181.65 mi0:1425.25153.6
Easy Run11-13-183.50 mi0:3027.78144.367
Afternoon Run11-13-181.83 mi0:1915.10137.1
Easy Run11-12-183.20 mi0:3027.78144.367
Afternoon Run11-12-183.07 mi0:5544.10128
Workout11-11-186.80 mi0:5519.8393.8
10-12wk FTP Builder Week 3 Day 411-11-1829.32 mi1:30-1.000
This was a 35 min. run... not sure why my watch up11-09-182.96 mi0:2521.39138.92
Fartlek11-07-186.59 mi0:5544.10128
Easy Run11-05-184.12 mi0:3528.02135.2
4wk PRL Prep Week 1 Day 6 - 40/20's #111-02-1815.08 mi0:51-1.000
BRUTAL WORKOUT IM DEAD NOW11-01-188.44 mi0:31-1.000
Easy Run10-31-185.01 mi0:4041.28151.74
Starr Farm Pickups10-30-185.79 mi0:4957.22153.525
Easy Run10-29-185.03 mi0:4141.28151.74
Superkids Ride10-28-1823.47 mi1:3348.04120.2
Hilly Easy Run10-27-185.76 mi0:500.000
Shakeout10-26-180.40 mi0:030.000
Warm-Up10-26-182.17 mi0:1714.91137.42
Cool Down10-26-182.59 mi0:2521.39138.92
Districts10-26-183.11 mi0:2015.56130.517
Pre-Meet10-25-183.52 mi0:2621.39138.92
Afternoon Run10-23-186.08 mi0:500.000
Recovery Run10-22-184.37 mi0:3721.92103.05
Forgot my watch10-20-186.56 mi0:5519.8393.8
Afternoon Run10-19-181.81 mi0:1614.91137.42
Cool Down10-18-181.07 mi0:1010.83138.75
Warm-Up10-18-182.06 mi0:1815.10137.1
2 mile race (fell twice)10-18-182.00 mi0:129.87141.85
Pre-Meet10-17-183.65 mi0:2727.22147.9
Very very very muddy and slippery run10-16-184.83 mi0:440.000
Long Run10-15-188.05 mi1:0523.0973.4
Race Morning Shake-out10-13-180.63 mi0:054.14138.5
Warm-up10-13-182.37 mi0:1915.10137.1
Cool-Down10-13-182.31 mi0:1915.10137.1
Manhattan XC Invite10-13-182.49 mi0:1614.91137.42
Pre-Meet10-12-183.90 mi0:3121.76131.985
XTrain10-11-1818.07 mi1:00-1.000
Quick Little Ride10-10-185.08 mi0:20-1.000
Easy Run w/ some pickup things10-10-184.88 mi0:4041.28151.74
Easy Run10-09-184.84 mi0:4041.28151.74
Ches-Mont Champs Race10-08-183.10 mi0:2126.65153.8
Cool-Down10-08-182.58 mi0:2126.65153.8
Warm-Up10-08-182.15 mi0:1814.91137.42
Shakeout10-08-180.53 mi0:054.14138.5
Pre-Meet10-07-183.54 mi0:2627.22147.9
Friday Long Run10-05-188.74 mi1:120.000
XTraining Day10-04-1818.87 mi1:00-1.000
Race + Post-Race Workout + CD10-03-185.08 mi0:3323.57124.35
Warm-Up10-03-182.36 mi0:1814.91137.42
Pre-Meet (pace is off) 10-02-184.75 mi0:3621.92103.05
Easy Run10-01-186.25 mi0:500.000
Pre-Race Shakeout09-29-180.63 mi0:064.14138.5
Race Warm-Up09-29-182.20 mi0:1814.91137.42
Post-Race Cool Down09-29-181.77 mi0:1814.91137.42
Carlisle Invitational (ft. 3 rivers to jump throug09-29-183.10 mi0:2115.56130.517
Afternoon Run09-28-183.60 mi0:2627.22147.9
Easy XTrain Day09-27-1810.43 mi0:40-1.000
Starr Farm Workout09-26-185.84 mi0:430.000
Night Run09-25-180.50 mi0:040.000
Long Run09-24-188.99 mi1:100.000
Strides09-22-180.52 mi0:010.000
Easy Run09-22-184.97 mi0:4041.28151.74
Recovery Run09-21-184.08 mi0:3528.02135.2
East & Avon Grove Race09-20-183.10 mi0:2226.65153.8
Race Cool-Down and Workout09-20-182.27 mi0:1915.10137.1
Race Warm-Up09-20-182.12 mi0:1915.10137.1
Easy Run + Hill Sprints09-19-185.42 mi0:4141.27146.3
Easy Run09-18-186.73 mi0:5544.10128
Fartlek 09-15-187.23 mi1:0043.43126.18
Easy Run09-14-184.76 mi0:4041.28151.74
Recovery Run09-13-184.05 mi0:3423.57124.35
Tempo Workout09-12-186.90 mi0:5544.10128
Afternoon Run09-11-184.63 mi0:3423.57124.35
Solo Long Run09-10-188.84 mi1:100.000
Race Warm-Up09-08-182.02 mi0:1714.91137.42
Race Cool-Down09-08-182.48 mi0:2413.00124.5
Unionville Two Mile Bash09-08-182.00 mi0:1325.25153.6
Easy Run09-07-183.73 mi0:3027.78144.367
Warm-Up Run09-06-181.73 mi0:1613.04143.92
Race and Cool Down09-06-183.63 mi0:3134.37136.7
XTrain: Swim + Aqua Jog (pace not right)09-05-181.29 mi1:1726.0974
Afternoon Run09-05-185.15 mi0:4041.28151.74
Afternoon Run09-04-186.45 mi0:500.000
Tour de Oakboure09-03-188.35 mi1:1339.71124.475
Long Ride (ft. dead man)09-01-1841.84 mi2:310.000
Recovery Run09-01-184.47 mi0:4041.28151.74
Race Cool-Down08-31-181.92 mi0:2015.56130.517
Race Warm-up Run08-31-182.11 mi0:1915.10137.1
Pre-Race Shakeout08-31-180.54 mi0:054.14138.5
Afternoon Run08-30-183.78 mi0:2927.78144.367
Afternoon Run08-28-186.63 mi0:5644.10128
Afternoon Run08-27-184.86 mi0:4141.27146.3
Morning Ride08-26-1831.15 mi1:54101.07146
Morning Run08-25-188.43 mi1:0770.95160.3
Morning Run08-24-185.26 mi0:4141.27146.3
I died a little08-22-187.07 mi0:5419.8393.8
Long Run (watch didn’t load for run)08-21-188.26 mi1:0536.58109.6
Easy Run (+ strides that I forgot to add)08-21-185.25 mi0:4544.84149.775
Strides08-21-180.39 mi0:010.3479.3
Morning Run08-12-182.15 mi0:1814.91137.42
Afternoon Run08-12-182.00 mi0:1814.91137.42
Morning Run08-11-187.08 mi1:0262.22149.35
Long Run (Mile Splits in Picture)08-11-187.31 mi1:0043.43126.18
Morning Run08-10-181.96 mi0:2015.56130.517
Shakeout Run08-09-182.17 mi0:1814.91137.42
Afternoon Run08-09-184.81 mi0:4041.28151.74
Morning Run08-08-184.46 mi0:4141.27146.3
Morning Run08-07-185.46 mi0:5057.22153.525
Morning Run08-06-184.20 mi0:4041.28151.74
Taper Workout08-01-182.53 mi0:1714.91137.42
8wk Race Day Prep Week 8 Taper Intervals07-31-1811.27 mi0:3818.830
Prediction Run07-31-183.50 mi0:3027.78144.367
Marsh Creek Trail Run07-30-185.01 mi0:4241.27146.3
The U-Turn and Dead Ends Ride07-29-1822.99 mi1:2748.04120.2
Post-Ride 1km Run07-29-180.64 mi0:040.000
Hill Endurance Circuit07-28-185.14 mi0:4632.09121.55
The Greasy Trail Run07-27-185.60 mi0:4957.22153.525
Long Ride07-26-1830.55 mi1:54101.07146
Post-Ride 1/4 mile Run07-26-180.26 mi0:020.000
Didn’t Upload for some reason (swipe for watch pic07-25-186.30 mi0:500.000
The Rainbow Speaker Run07-24-185.83 mi0:4644.84149.775
Power Surges #207-24-1818.74 mi1:0040.020
The Bunny Run07-23-188.38 mi1:100.000
SKE Ride07-22-1820.83 mi1:130.000
Run + Hill Sprints07-21-185.27 mi0:4957.22153.525
Morning Run07-20-185.86 mi0:500.000
Trail Run07-19-183.35 mi0:3528.02135.2
Afternoon Ride07-19-1826.55 mi1:45101.07146
Quick Run off the bike (7:24 pace)07-19-181.04 mi0:074.42134.033
Timber Top tempo workout 07-18-185.77 mi0:500.000
Huge climb up mountain07-17-1820.34 mi1:3071.910
Morning Run07-17-184.02 mi0:3528.02135.2
Easy Run07-16-183.07 mi0:2727.22147.9
Morning Run07-15-180.45 mi0:030.000
Easy Ride w/ Mounts and Dismounts07-14-184.72 mi0:200.000
Run before race tomorrow07-14-181.02 mi0:089.02149.05
Little Shakeout Ride07-13-183.76 mi0:160.000
Trail Running- rolled my ankle!07-12-181.81 mi0:2115.56130.517
Pre-Race Speed Workout07-11-183.80 mi0:2313.00124.5
Taper? Ride07-10-1817.88 mi0:5539.500
Easy Run + Strides07-10-184.57 mi0:3721.92103.05
Morning Run07-09-187.00 mi1:0043.43126.18
Really Hilly Ride (i mean it is PA...)07-08-1825.84 mi1:48101.07146
Hilly Run w/ 8x45 sec hill repeats07-07-185.08 mi0:440.000
Morning Run07-06-184.61 mi0:4041.28151.74
Morning Run07-05-183.18 mi0:2727.22147.9
Morning Run07-04-185.58 mi0:4644.84149.775
Morning Run07-03-185.23 mi0:4341.27146.3
Morning Run07-02-187.15 mi0:5930.13119.7
Morning Ride07-01-1813.26 mi0:5135.03114
Ride #207-01-1814.69 mi0:5735.03114
Morning Run06-30-180.15 mi0:010.3479.3
Morning Run06-30-182.98 mi0:2326.65153.8
Morning Ride06-30-188.60 mi0:280.000
Morning Run06-30-180.21 mi0:010.000
Morning Run06-28-183.03 mi0:2521.39138.92
Morning Run06-27-184.92 mi0:4041.28151.74
Activity06-26-184.47 mi0:3628.02135.2
Morning Run06-25-186.16 mi0:520.000
Morning Ride & did some mile repeats at around 20 06-24-1821.55 mi1:2648.04120.2
Great Ride! And we got caught in a torrential down06-23-1824.42 mi1:3448.04120.2
Morning Run06-23-184.46 mi0:3528.02135.2
Morning Run06-22-184.07 mi0:3528.02135.2
Morning Run06-21-184.05 mi0:3528.02135.2
Progression Run06-20-184.52 mi0:3628.02135.2
Afternoon Ride06-20-185.65 mi0:200.000
Morning Run06-19-183.03 mi0:2521.39138.92
Morning Run06-18-184.74 mi0:4041.28151.74
Morning Ride06-16-1830.48 mi2:030.000
Morning Run06-16-183.25 mi0:2521.39138.92
Morning Run06-15-183.54 mi0:3021.76131.985
Super Easy (and lonely) Ride06-15-1820.96 mi1:3148.04120.2
Ride around the Hood w/ some nice thunder and rain06-14-186.55 mi0:260.000
Morning Run06-14-183.06 mi0:2521.39138.92
Morning Run06-13-183.69 mi0:3021.76131.985
Morning Run06-12-185.11 mi0:430.000
Morning Run06-11-183.53 mi0:2927.78144.367
Morning Ride06-11-1817.20 mi1:2748.04120.2
Afternoon Ride06-10-189.12 mi0:5235.03114
Morning Run06-09-185.11 mi0:4141.27146.3
Afternoon Run06-08-184.24 mi0:3528.02135.2
6wk Beginner FTP Builder Week 2 Strength06-08-1817.34 mi1:02-1.000
Afternoon Ride06-07-1818.70 mi1:190.000
Afternoon Run06-06-185.15 mi0:4241.27146.3
Pt. 1- Needed to keep the streak alive of somethin06-06-186.85 mi0:22-1.000
Pt. 2- Fixed It and Finished Up06-06-182.45 mi0:08-1.000
Afternoon Run06-05-183.21 mi0:2727.22147.9
First XC Practice- Easy Run06-04-183.18 mi0:2827.78144.367
Morning Run06-03-180.37 mi0:020.000
Lunch Run06-02-180.45 mi0:030.000
Morning Ride06-02-185.15 mi0:180.000
Notre Dame Campus Run06-01-181.91 mi0:1613.04143.92
Run part of Bricks05-31-181.38 mi0:099.02149.05
Afternoon Ride (full thing was 10.1 miles)05-31-185.41 mi0:170.000
8wk Race Day Prep Week 8 Taper Intervals05-30-1813.27 mi0:47-1.000
Lunch Run05-28-183.13 mi0:2727.22147.9
Morning Run05-28-1822.77 mi1:2848.04120.2
Bike Ride (actually 26 miles- started watch late)05-27-1824.81 mi1:3148.04120.2
DEATH BY HEAT05-26-184.06 mi0:3021.76131.985
Afternoon Run05-25-185.32 mi0:4632.09121.55
Evening Run05-23-1810.11 mi1:0262.22149.35
TT#3 Dynamic TT Course Work- Trainer decided not t05-22-188.98 mi0:2820.070
Afternoon Run05-21-183.13 mi0:2621.39138.92
WU, 7x(100 sprint, 100 jog), CD05-19-184.00 mi0:3235.90144.1
Afternoon Run05-18-186.51 mi0:5555.92147.4
TT#3 Dynamic TT Course Work05-17-1817.32 mi1:0140.79146.8
Afternoon Run05-17-181.00 mi0:086.93144.8
WU, 4x (600, 2 min. jog), 200, CD05-16-185.01 mi0:4040.53151.6
TT#1 The Polish05-15-1823.28 mi1:2144.240
Run + Hill Sprints up the STEEPEST HILL I HAVE EVE05-14-184.00 mi0:3536.99152.5
WU, 7x200, CD05-13-183.01 mi0:2522.02139.5
Afternoon Run05-11-184.00 mi0:3435.11152.7
The Gorby05-10-1814.20 mi1:0040.80139.3
Afternoon Run05-09-182.12 mi0:1817.89152.4
Afternoon Run05-09-181.99 mi0:1320.96191.6
Evening Run05-09-182.80 mi0:2935.32156.2
Afternoon Run05-08-183.52 mi0:3033.89157.3
Watopia05-03-188.29 mi0:3011.110
Evening Run05-02-182.14 mi0:1820.46163.6
8wk Race Day Prep Week 7 Day 4 - Taper Intervals05-01-1816.32 mi0:5626.710
Afternoon Run04-30-183.76 mi0:2934.16153.9
Run part of Bricks04-29-181.99 mi0:1451.07171.8
Afternoon Run04-28-182.23 mi0:1522.43181.7
Afternoon Run04-27-185.04 mi0:4241.27146.3
2018 PRL100 Prep Week 2 Day 5 - Power Surges #104-26-1814.51 mi0:5944.43128.1
CD04-25-181.00 mi0:088.74149
1600 Race04-25-181.01 mi0:053.46131
WU04-25-182.02 mi0:1811.69130.3
8wk Race Day Prep Week 5 Day 4 - Z6 Intervals04-24-1816.29 mi0:5034.910
Afternoon Run04-21-182.78 mi0:1818.60119.4
Afternoon Run04-20-185.31 mi0:4540.65147
2018 PRL100 Prep Week 12 Day 6 - XX SST 2 x 20min04-19-1821.00 mi1:1652.38154.5
Evening Run04-18-181.00 mi0:099.31149.1
Afternoon Run04-18-182.01 mi0:139.15138.7
Afternoon Run04-18-182.01 mi0:1713.90137.3
2018 PRL100 Prep Week 12 Day 2 - 6x3min Vo2 increa04-17-1823.43 mi1:1450.430
Afternoon Run04-16-184.00 mi0:3136.33130.9
CVR World Cup Training Race: Crit04-15-1823.59 mi1:1853.350
London04-15-183.68 mi0:125.070
Afternoon Run04-14-183.00 mi0:2237.00167.1
Afternoon Run04-13-183.14 mi0:2728.75144.1
Day 5 - Neuromuscular Power #104-12-1821.03 mi1:0253.890
CD04-11-181.42 mi0:1413.24149.1
WU04-11-182.05 mi0:1715.63144.2
3200 Race04-11-182.00 mi0:1210.59145
Recovery Run04-10-183.05 mi0:2619.94128.8
Afternoon Run04-09-184.19 mi0:3243.88139.1
2018 PRL46 Prep Week 6 Day 5 - 5 x 5min 100rpm (Fi04-09-186.40 mi0:2016.430
2018 PRL46 Prep Week 6 Day 5 - 5 x 5min 100rpm (pt04-09-1812.70 mi0:3926.340
Run part of Bike/Run04-08-181.58 mi0:1115.66145.3
Easy Run04-07-184.00 mi0:3631.12139
Very easy cool down04-06-181.46 mi0:1615.44144.1
1600 Race04-06-181.01 mi0:054.81146
Race Warm-Up04-06-182.01 mi0:1712.17131.5
4wk FTP Booster Week 4 Day 4 - Sub-threshold XX #204-05-1814.46 mi0:4845.73144.9
Afternoon Run04-04-184.85 mi0:4150.55152.6
4wk FTP Booster Week 4 Day 1 - Progressive 11's #204-03-1820.16 mi1:0147.520
Morning Run04-02-184.01 mi0:3535.05150.7
Morning Run04-01-186.67 mi0:5558.66152.4
Morning Run03-31-183.01 mi0:2625.68151.7
Morning Run03-30-186.00 mi0:4956.95160.5
Morning Run03-29-186.00 mi0:4751.52149.4
Afternoon Run03-27-187.68 mi1:0279.09162.6
Afternoon Ride03-27-1811.30 mi1:0226.1695.2
Afternoon Run03-26-182.00 mi0:1810.13130.7
WBR 3 Volcano Flat Lap Race03-25-1820.67 mi1:0051.780
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 7 - Max Aerobic declini03-24-1819.27 mi1:0049.530
Long Run w/ Aerobic Threshold03-24-187.00 mi0:5761.55158.6
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 5 - 40/20's #203-23-1818.77 mi0:5846.370
Easy Run03-23-183.34 mi0:3030.25152.4
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 4 - Endurance (about ha03-22-189.48 mi0:3022.110
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 3 - Tempo with Finale!03-21-1819.65 mi1:0048.000
4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 2 - HIT 45sec #203-20-1816.63 mi1:0044.310
Afternoon Run03-19-182.01 mi0:2413.00124.5
Afternoon Run03-19-182.76 mi0:1811.01125
Afternoon Run03-19-180.92 mi0:106.00132.2
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 6 - Tempo with accelera03-17-1817.23 mi0:5243.120
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 5 - 40/20's #103-16-1816.23 mi0:5138.250
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 4 - Endurance03-15-1814.88 mi1:0028.120
Afternoon Run03-14-185.50 mi0:4937.44137.8
Zwift Ride03-14-188.39 mi0:3016.940
Zwift - 4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 2 - HIT 45sec #03-13-1817.60 mi0:5632.76131.2
Lunch Run03-12-185.59 mi1:1334.16120.7
Zwift - Watopia03-12-188.55 mi0:3011.140
Zwift - Watopia03-11-1825.02 mi1:3042.280
Morning Run03-10-188.00 mi1:0770.95160.3
Lunch Run03-08-186.03 mi1:1449.27133.5
Zwift - Microbursts03-07-185.99 mi0:219.250
Zwift - London03-07-187.82 mi0:3011.890
Lunch Run03-06-185.05 mi1:1329.82112
Lunch Run03-05-184.56 mi0:3915.60113.2
Zwift - 4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 1 - HIT 80% FTP03-05-1816.30 mi0:5222.620
Morning Run03-04-182.89 mi1:2328.1172.2
Morning Activity03-04-180.18 mi0:45-1.00119.6
Morning Run03-03-180.78 mi0:206.9670.4
Morning Activity03-03-184.66 mi0:40-1.00169
Lunch Activity03-02-180.24 mi0:39-1.00130.7
Morning Run03-02-182.11 mi1:2127.0968.8
Lunch Run03-01-181.75 mi0:5321.75105.4
Lunch Run03-01-180.65 mi0:062.75125
Night Ride02-28-1813.55 mi1:0343.91132.8
Lunch Run02-27-181.45 mi0:1423.96118.2
Morning Run02-26-183.25 mi0:3020.44134.5
Morning Ride02-26-1824.24 mi1:150.000
Lunch Run02-26-181.75 mi0:5418.1873
Afternoon Run02-25-180.00 mi0:010.3479.3
Morning Run02-25-181.82 mi0:4716.1881.3
Morning Run02-24-185.19 mi0:4039.68151.8
Morning Run02-24-182.20 mi0:5419.56103
Lunch Run02-23-182.38 mi1:1826.0974
Lunch Run02-23-183.35 mi0:3013.70124.3
Lunch Run02-21-184.47 mi0:4045.77164.8
Afternoon Ride02-21-1815.42 mi1:0035.03114
Lunch Run02-20-182.41 mi1:0623.0973.4
Morning Run02-19-182.31 mi1:0020.2166.6
Lunch Run02-19-185.00 mi0:4550.62160.5
Morning Run02-17-184.48 mi0:3517.00125.2
Night Run02-17-181.44 mi0:3010.1668.2
Lunch Run02-16-182.57 mi1:1445.60131.7
Lunch Run02-15-183.22 mi0:2813.86123
Lunch Run02-14-181.50 mi0:1512.65143.3
Lunch Run02-14-182.14 mi0:1816.21144.4
Lunch Run02-13-180.18 mi0:063.57132.3
Lunch Run02-13-182.90 mi0:2526.61145.9
Lunch Run02-12-181.94 mi0:2514.64128.3
Lunch Run02-12-181.94 mi0:1417.00137.3
Morning Ride02-12-1825.20 mi1:3048.04120.2
Morning Run02-10-187.15 mi1:0351.62143.4
Lunch Run02-09-181.57 mi0:157.28122.2
Lunch Run02-08-186.60 mi0:5930.13119.7
Morning Run02-07-182.40 mi0:5618.9777.7
Morning Run02-06-181.23 mi0:3712.7267.1
Afternoon Run02-05-182.05 mi0:1713.46135.7
Afternoon Run02-05-181.56 mi0:157.41128.3
Evening Ride02-04-1825.21 mi1:3048.04120.2
Morning Run02-04-182.50 mi0:2112.51128.5
Lunch Run02-02-183.50 mi0:3019.38135.8
Lunch Run02-01-184.89 mi1:0927.64112.9
Lunch Run01-31-182.73 mi1:1926.7480.6
Lunch Run01-30-185.27 mi0:4635.25135
Morning Run01-28-182.10 mi0:2020.00154.1
Morning Run01-28-182.13 mi0:1813.75134.9
Morning Run01-27-183.63 mi0:3123.19134.8
Lunch Run01-26-182.17 mi1:0421.5575.8
Lunch Run01-25-183.01 mi0:3015.72118.6
Lunch Run01-24-186.45 mi0:4952.03140.8
Lunch Run01-22-186.95 mi1:0057.37154.9
Morning Run01-20-186.00 mi0:4982.45175
Lunch Run01-19-181.57 mi0:3412.0396
Lunch Run01-18-183.55 mi0:3121.85130.8
Lunch Run01-16-182.11 mi0:2216.30140.5