Tyler's Activities

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ActivityDateDistanceTimeTSSAve HR
Lunch Run04-20-195.70 mi0:360.000
Evening Ride04-18-1931.33 mi1:100.000
Morning Swim04-18-190.62 mi0:12-1.000
Morning Ride04-14-1929.04 mi1:180.000
Afternoon Ride04-13-195.86 mi0:220.000
Morning Ride04-13-198.41 mi0:220.000
Afternoon Run04-12-194.94 mi0:360.000
Evening Ride04-11-1929.86 mi1:150.000
Morning Run04-07-198.23 mi0:570.000
Afternoon Run04-05-193.12 mi0:190.000
Afternoon Ride04-02-1915.13 mi1:100.000
Afternoon Run03-31-193.01 mi0:160.000
Afternoon Ride03-30-190.89 mi0:050.000
Afternoon Ride03-30-1924.10 mi1:000.000
Afternoon Run03-30-190.97 mi0:060.000
Afternoon Run03-29-194.96 mi0:340.000
Base 3.4A - 4X4min - 2x8min SubLT Sweet Spot03-26-1920.85 mi0:550.000
Evening Ride03-24-1925.10 mi1:150.000
10-12wk FTP Builder Week 8 Day 203-24-1916.46 mi1:0047.810
Evening Swim03-24-191.55 mi0:45-1.000
Afternoon Ride03-23-1926.00 mi1:090.000
Build 1.1B - 4X6.5min_1.5min Muscle Strength and L03-21-1918.92 mi1:010.000
Evening Ride03-19-1918.10 mi0:500.000
Evening Run03-19-196.30 mi0:400.000
Afternoon Swim03-18-193.17 mi1:30-1.000
Afternoon Ride03-18-1931.00 mi1:200.000
Morning Run03-16-193.10 mi0:180.000
Afternoon Ride03-15-1916.56 mi0:550.000
Base 3.4B - 4X5min_2min Muscle Strength and Leg Sp03-14-1911.23 mi0:400.000
Base 3.3A - 4X5min - 1x8min SubLT Sweet Spot03-12-1915.36 mi0:490.000
NYC03-11-1917.55 mi1:0023.120
Afternoon Run03-10-193.00 mi0:160.000
Evening Swim03-06-193.10 mi1:45-1.000
Evening Swim03-06-193.10 mi1:45-1.000
Base 3.7A - 4X9.5min Sweet Spot Over Under03-05-1923.52 mi1:000.000
10-12wk FTP Builder Week 1 (Skip if you are in sha03-03-1923.37 mi1:1473.120
Afternoon Swim03-03-192.10 mi1:00-1.000
Afternoon Run03-02-194.50 mi0:290.000
Morning Ride03-02-1927.10 mi1:100.000
NYC03-01-1920.98 mi1:0045.410
Evening Swim02-28-192.30 mi1:15-1.000
Base 3.9B - Towers of Muscle Strength 302-28-1922.95 mi1:010.000
Base 3.6A - 2X5min - 2x10min SubLT Sweet Spot02-26-1915.71 mi0:570.000
Afternoon Swim02-24-191.24 mi0:25-1.000
Afternoon Swim02-24-190.62 mi0:14-1.000
Afternoon Ride02-23-1923.80 mi1:000.000
Afternoon Run02-23-193.27 mi0:170.000
Afternoon Run02-21-194.87 mi0:310.000
10-12wk FTP Builder Week 1 (Skip if you are in sha02-20-1926.61 mi1:2982.270
Afternoon Run02-19-194.01 mi0:230.000
4wk FTP Booster Week 1 Day 1 - HIT 80% FTP #102-18-198.97 mi0:2829.270
NYC02-12-1918.43 mi1:0039.480
London02-10-1940.49 mi2:0095.530
London02-09-1919.91 mi1:0033.010
Evening Run02-08-196.80 mi0:450.000
Evening Swim02-08-192.50 mi1:00-1.000
Evening Run02-02-199.20 mi0:590.000
Evening Ride02-02-1924.40 mi1:010.000
Base 3.5B - 4X5min_3min Muscle Strength and Leg Sp01-31-1917.51 mi0:540.000
Leg Speed Set 101-29-1912.26 mi1:00-1.000
10-12wk FTP Builder Week 2 (Skip if you are in sha01-27-1924.60 mi1:0984.510
Afternoon Run01-27-198.33 mi1:000.000
Afternoon Run01-26-192.86 mi0:200.000
Base 3.4B - 4X5min_2min Muscle Strength and Leg Sp01-24-1916.26 mi0:590.000
Afternoon Run01-19-195.38 mi0:330.000
Build 1.1B - 4X6.5min_1.5min Muscle Strength and L01-17-1919.34 mi1:030.000
Strength Reps - Set 301-15-1920.92 mi1:0048.790
Night Swim01-15-191.54 mi0:41-1.000
MAP Tewst Warm-up01-13-197.03 mi0:2012.910
MAP Test 25 with 60 second intervals01-13-197.09 mi0:1919.620
Afternoon Run01-13-1911.00 mi1:160.000
Lunch Swim01-12-191.27 mi0:26-1.000
Afternoon Run01-11-193.67 mi0:220.000
Base 3.3B - 4X5min_2min Muscle Strength and Leg Sp01-10-1926.12 mi1:030.000
Afternoon Run01-10-196.36 mi0:460.000
Afternoon Ride01-06-1927.93 mi1:440.000
Afternoon Run01-06-195.68 mi0:400.000
Afternoon Run01-05-194.14 mi0:290.000
Base 3.3B - 4X5min_2min Muscle Strength and Leg Sp01-02-1919.87 mi1:030.000
Afternoon Run01-01-194.40 mi0:310.000
Morning Swim12-31-183.90 mi3:00-1.000
Afternoon Swim12-30-181.49 mi0:49-1.000
Lunch Run12-30-184.94 mi0:320.000
Lunch Ride12-29-1855.08 mi3:040.000
Lunch Run12-28-186.45 mi0:370.000
Base 3.1B - 4X8min Muscle Strength Leg Speed - 8X412-26-1815.64 mi1:080.000
Watopia12-26-1828.43 mi1:29199.410
Lunch Run12-25-186.52 mi0:510.000
Watopia12-24-1824.35 mi1:29127.670
FTP Test12-22-1819.02 mi1:00-1.000
Base 2.1A - 1X5min Sub LT/LT - 2X6min Leg Speed -12-18-1816.26 mi0:590.000
London12-16-1836.09 mi1:44-1.000
London12-16-1841.70 mi1:59124.080
London12-15-1835.26 mi1:27168.110
Base 2.1B - 4X6.5min Muscle Strength Leg Speed - 812-13-1823.14 mi1:000.000
Base 1.3A - 2X5min Sub LT - 2X6min Leg Speed - 1212-11-1825.99 mi1:080.000
Watopia12-09-1814.57 mi0:5264.420
Base 2.1B - 4X6.5min Muscle Strength Leg Speed - 812-06-1827.15 mi1:090.000
Base 1.4A - 2X5min Sub LT - 2X6min Leg Speed - 1212-04-1825.85 mi1:030.000
Lunch Run12-02-184.96 mi0:330.000
Morning Run12-01-187.25 mi0:510.000
Base 1.3B - 4X5.5min Muscle Strength 8X OLD11-29-1817.57 mi1:010.000
Base 1.2A - 4X6min Leg Speed - 4X OLD11-27-1818.56 mi1:040.000
Morning Run11-22-184.94 mi0:310.000
Base 1.2A - 4X6min Leg Speed - 4X OLD11-20-1819.38 mi1:040.000
Morning Run11-17-182.66 mi0:160.000
Base 1.1A - 4X6min Leg Speed - 2X Criss-Cross11-13-1817.50 mi0:560.000
Base 1.2B - 4X5.5min Muscle Strength 3X Cross-Cros11-08-1820.97 mi0:590.000