Athlete Overview

Athlete: Evangeline

USAT Number:2100259551
Racing Age:14 years
Height:0 inches
Weight:0 lbs
FTP:0 watts
Max HR:0 bpm
FTP calculated with formula and coach adjusted in some cases.
Please note: Contact Coach Richard with updates to the above data.

Heart RateBPM
Zone1 - Active Recovery 0 to 0
Zone2 - Moderate0 to 0
Zone3 - Tempo0 to 0
Zone4 - Threshold0 to 0
Zone5 - Anaerobicover 0

Cycling PowerWatts
Z1 - Active Recovery less than 0
Z2 - Endurance0 to 0
Z3 - Tempo0 to 0
Z4 - Threshold0 to 0
Z5 - VO2Max0 to 0
Z6 - Anaerobic0 to 0
Z7 - Neuromuscularmore than 0

Breakdown of weekly progress towards training volume
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StartingTSSNum ofHoursDistanceNum ofHoursDistance