How to Dress for Cold Weather Riding

Temperature Clothing
65°–70° Start with base layer; short-sleeved jersey; shorts; shortfinger gloves; socks
60°-65° Add arm warmers; full-finger gloves
55°-60° Swap in knickers or knee warmers; thicker socks
50°-55° Swap in leg warmers; Add a vest
45°-50° Swap in thicker gloves; a long-sleeved jersey; Add toe covers; a sock layer; ear covers (if you prize comfort over style)
40°-45° Swap in tights; long-sleeved base layer; a thin hat (you may need to loosen your helmet) Tip: Bring rain gear: Forty degress and drizzle will chill you faster than 15 degrees and snow.
35°-40° Swap in shoe covers or winter shoes; thick hat or balaclava
30°-35° Swap in heavier tights; lobster gloves or mittens
25°-30° Add a second long-sleeved jersey; a midlayer sock
below 25° Add base-layer short and/or knee warmers under tights (TIP: Be creative: Wrap your feet in plastic bags before putting on your shoes; drop hand warmers into mitten.)